‘We the People’ Fighting Democrats for Our Guns

For generations, the Left has been losing the battles of the gun control debate.

The funny issue is, they keep asking themselves “Why?”  The answer can be found in the heart of The Constitution and in its first line.

“We the People.”

“We the People” are the ones who refuse to give in to the big government taking over our rights.  Our right to bear arms is more than just carrying guns and using them for hunting, target practice, and self-defense.

It is about protecting the innocent, our loved ones, and ourselves.

This is what the Conservative brothers and sisters see in protecting our gun laws, and we are many.  This is what scares the Left, and they know they need to change the minds of the pro-gun conservatives, and they cannot.

The same liberal tactics have been used for decades.  There are plenty of Liberals opposed to guns, and they are the ones who cause the tension and stirs the pot.

The Left’s main agenda is to do away with the First and Second Amendment rights.  This will give them full control of the people.

Once the people lose their rights, then the Government can come in and take over.  It has already happened throughout history.

Nazi’s used the same tactics to take over Germany.  A few other countries had the same problems.

“We the People” cannot let this happen in the United States of America!

Liberals use fear as a tool to try and persuade gun owners to put down their guns.  It only worked for those against guns to step up and push for the Left’s agenda.

They use school and public shootings and other acts of gun violence to scare people into stepping into their insight on why they need to put down the guns.

This only infuriates conservatives more and gives us more reason to pick up and keep our guns. There is no backing down from Republicans who see the truth.

It is not the gun; it is the gun owner who needs background checks.

I agree that mentally ill people should not have a gun.  A person with a felony should not have a gun.

The way to make this work is to keep those people under tight ropes and leave the good law-abiding citizens alone.  Why should we lose our rights while they get to keep theirs and gain the upper hand over us?

Some more tactics the Liberals use are trying to make gun owners feel bad by saying they will hurt themselves like in the movie “A Christmas Story.”

They would say something like the famous line, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

The Left feels the gun owner is a danger to themselves.  Liberals try to make the gun out to be the culprit.

This is not true, because responsible gun owners take safety classes and have been taught safety all their lives even when the gun is not in hand.

When a person feels threatened, precautions are taken when being forced to shoot someone in self-defense.  The gun is the only object that will save the innocent bystander’s life in a threatening situation, not hurt them.

Today, the Liberals and the Left realize we are too many and will not back down.  We are not handing over our guns.  Period!

They cannot make us do anything, so their next step is telling us what type of guns we can own.  Some of which, they have already banned.

They would tell us we only need a shotgun or a six-gun shooter.  It suffices for a one-person intruder, but it does nothing for gangs or groups of people wanting to do us harm.  Responsible gun owners would be killed without a chance.

Our Second Amendment rights protect us from the Liberals standpoint.  Everyone who passes the background check should be allowed to purchase whatever type of gun they choose.

Everyone has a right to self-defense, and everyone has a right to speak and stand up for those rights.

If the laws are enforced for the criminals, then we are doomed.  This is what the Left and Liberals want.

Americans need to wake up and realize this is all a game to those who try to remove the Constitution.

So why won’t the Liberals win the debate on guns?  Because the people who own guns have the right to life and to protect it.

“We the People” will not be persuaded.