The Undeniable Facts on Trump and Environmental Issues

The environment is on every person’s mind as it is constantly portrayed as sick and dying.

There are issues that need to be addressed but not the degree that is being portrayed by the liberal media.

President Trump has made a number of changes to the current environmental policies that the United States currently operates under.

Most of them have been better for the environment and for the country as well.

Tracking the Moves of the President

For every action that a person makes there is going to be consequences that are good or bad. The President has a track record that needs to be followed to show how what he is doing is best for everyone.

  • David Bernhardt was confirmed as the secretary of the interior by the Senate in April 2019. He is known for his support of fossil fuel mining and exploration. This worries environmentalist because they fear that he will expand the current market onto public lands. What needs to be considered at this point is the method of technology that is being used to extract the contents from the ground. There is technology being used today that minimizes the impact of mining on the environment.
  • President Trump decided to use his executive powers to pave the way to finish the pipelines that have been blocked and ridiculed for years. The President has the vision of “Energy Dominance” which removes the red tape and allows clear and easy movement of energy resources to market. He also sent directives to the EPA under the Clean Water Act to allow the states to issue certifications to any project that could potentially harm the region. President Trump has empowered the states to take an active role in the development of each project.
  • The Keystone AL Pipeline has been given the green light by President Trump to keep moving. Former President Obama delayed the building of the pipeline in an attempt to keep it from coming into use. Trumps first attempt to finish the project was blocked by the courts, but his new order allows it to continue. The President has the welling-being of the country in his mind. Nothing he has done so far has stepped outside of the goal to “Make America Great Again.”
  • Earlier this year the President saw to it to change the agreement that affects the Sage Grouse Habitat. This puts the power of what lands are used into the hands of the states. The states that make up the country should have more control over their own lands than that of the Federal Government. Big government has never been an effective way to run a country. Putting the power into the hands of the people and into the hands of the states is the best way.
  • To balance his approach to drilling and mining for new resources the President side a bill that protects 1.3 million acres of land in several states. The President does not just act as he chooses, but he does so with the best interests of the country in mind.
  • The President also signed an executive order permitting an increase of logging on federal lands. This was done to help prevent forest fires in areas that are susceptible to fires. Once again we see the balanced approach that the President has for this country.
  • President Trump also took action to remove the restrictions placed on the coal industry by former President Obama. The level of emissions that the plants could emit were strangling the industry. President Trump has since removed those restrictions. This has allowed more production of energy and an increase in coal usage which has only served to help the struggling coal industry.

Nothing the President has done has been harmful to the environment or to the people.

Everything he has tried to do is only better the economy and the way of life for people everywhere. Trump presents a balanced approach to keep things only improving.

With his protection of new lands and opening up current lands to mining and drilling, he has shown that he cares about the American people.

Time will be the judge that will prove once and for all that his goal is to only protect and make America stronger than ever before.