The White House Signs Unbelievable Conservation Bill

There is no debate with the idea that there needs to be land set aside for the development of National Parks.

There is no debate that protection of the environment needs to be a top priority. The debate comes up when it comes time to decide how things should be done.

When so many ideas get put on the table to discuss it seems like nothing gets done.

President Trump has been a person that has the ability to cut through all the red tape to get things done. He has signed into law one of the largest conservation bills seen in over a decade.

The new conservation bill protects millions of acres of land, rivers, natural habitats, wildlife, and everything else found within the protected areas.

The bill also has set up four new monuments that celebrate and honor Civil War Hero’s and civil rights activists.

These new areas are geared to attract new visitors and tourists to their boundaries when completed.

Looking at the Bill –

The bill itself was 662 pages long.

It passed with a vote of 92 to 8. This vote alone should encourage all lawmakers and prove to them that they can work together even on divisive issues.

There are a lot of people that stand to benefit from this new bill. It shows that people on both sides of issues really care about this country.

The bill is a counterbalance to the deregulating that President Trump has done in order to get a crippled economy moving again.

What this bill shows is that the President is concerned about the environment, and he cares for the economy.

He has shown that it is possible to advance development and at the same time protect the environment.

Within the conservation bill readers will find that 1.3 million acres of land have been protected.

There has been 370,000 acres of land designated as protected from mining operations. And it takes the revenue earned from offshore drilling and puts it to use on conversation programs and agendas. It really is a compromise that both sides can get together and celebrate over.

The conservation bill affects just about every state in the union. New Mexico will find 273,000 acres of land protected around two existing monuments.

The state of Alaska has the right now to allow natives that served in the Vietnam war to apply for approval of a land allotment.

This will allow them to enjoy their land in their home state.

The overwhelming support for the bill is found in the fact that it really hits home for a lot of people.

Every voter’s home state stands to benefit in some way from the bill. As stated above there will be four new monuments set up around the nation. Medgar and Myrlie Evers, civil rights activists, will have a monument set up in their honor.

The Mill Springs Battlefield located in the state of Kentucky will have a monument celebrating the first Union victory during the Civil War.

The bill also gives the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act more funding to the year 2022.

This law protects natural nesting grounds for more than 380 different kinds of birds.

It also empowers former President Obama’s program that allows fourth graders to visit national parks for free. Southern California will see its Joshua Tree parks expanded with added areas.

This legislative package does a lot for many groups of people. It affects a large land area across this great country.

People from every family and economic standpoint will stand to benefit in some way or form. The bill was not without its critics, but they too will benefit from this conservation bill.

The President of the United States has repeatedly put the American people and the country first place in his agenda.

He seeks to develop long-lasting decisions and actions that are geared to propel this nation into the future as the world’s leader in many areas.

This bill is another victory for him and all that supported the effort and law that is now in effect for the best of the United States.