Obama Didn’t Expect Mueller to Release This!

For two years now there has been discussions, accusations, and rumors about the possibility that the Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

It is also believed by many that President Trump was in secret meetings with the Russians trying to get them to sway the election in his favor.

So the investigation went on and when the final report came out it shocked just about every single person that read it.

So what exactly was found in the what has become known as the Mueller report.

Looking at the Official Report

To sum up the report it points out that the Russians have been tampering and interfering with the American government since the days of former President Obama in 2014.

Part of the problem is that Obama did nothing about the Russians.

Obama’s National Security Adviser at the time was Susan Rice, and she is quotes as telling her staff to not do anything because there were plans in the works to get the matter to stop.

Another part of the problem was that the Obama administration never did anything about the issue.

They quietly let the issue stay dormant hoping no one would notice. There are some that speculate that Obama did nothing about the problem because he was being soft on Russia.

He wanted Russia to help with Iranian nuclear problem.

In his thinking he did not want Russia to stand against the United States, but rather to stand with him.

Others claim that Obama did in fact stand up to the Russians by issuing sanctions on them.

It was reported by the Washington Post that there were sanctions placed on Russia, but they were not really effective as they targeted specific things that really did not do any harm to the Russians.

There was no meat behind the disciple so it really did not good.

Even Congressman Schiff proclaimed loud and clear that collusion with the Russians was fact.

However, the report was clear that there was no collusion at all. Michael McFaul, who is Obama’s ambassador to Russia, stated, “The punishment did not fit the crime.”

A question that needs to be answered has been asked by the Republican Party is whether the issue of collusion was a story invented by the Democrats to cover up Obama’s failure.

Knowing it would hurt his parties nominations in future elections.

Where President Trump was seen as a cheater to the country is now laughing at the issue because the lie has been exposed.

The cover-up that the Obama administration tried to create has been exposed the truth is starting to come out.

It seems like the Democratic Party will stop at nothing to win an election.

They seem to invent stories that are reported on by the liberal news agency as truth and the people buy into them.

Then the rumors start. One person tells another and before anyone realizes it the story has been twisted even tighter still. By the time the truth is found out months or years have gone by.

It really seems like the Democratic Party tried to cover up their own failures by passing on lies as truth and even being so bold as to blame someone else.

There really is no other explanation that fits the puzzle of stories as well as this failure. To many people have bought into this cover-up that it will take months if not years for it all to be understood.

There will need to be more investigations into this problem that what has already been done.

The American people have the right to know if their own President lied to the or not. The Obama administration had some big failures.

Instead of talking about the problems that they had that tried to cover it all up. It would have been better for everyone involved to come clean about the failures and save millions of dollars spent trying to uncover the truth.

President Trump has been proven innocent in all that he has been accused of.

It is time that the liberal left stop trying to find something wrong and start working with him to make this country great again.