Gingrich: “Trump will win if Dems don’t pivot”

The 2020 election is coming in hot and Democrats are dragging their skids as they push two losing issues; more impeachment hooey and radical socialist revisionism.

What they have on their hands are two losing issues and no new ideas.

They are running at full clip toward the edge of a cliff and refusing to slow down like a child determined to prove a point that can’t be proven.

Now, Donald Trump has announced that he will not cooperate with any further Russia conspiracy subpoenas.

He said; “I have been the most transparent president and administration in the history of our country by far. We just went through two years of the Mueller witch hunt, now the house goes and levels subpoenas- they want to know everything I’ve ever done. It’s enough!”

Trump has promised that he will resist any subpoena that the shambling corpse that is the Mueller probe levels at him or his people.

It’s a stance that Democrats and left-wing pundits are sure to call obstruction of justice. But it’s a stance that has plenty of legal precedents.

Newt Gingrich says he thinks Trump is right to give the stiff arm to any further attempts by the Mueller probe to investigate him.

He says, When Ken Star investigated Clinton, he proved 11 counts of wrongdoing, yet the Democrats insisted on keeping the man in office.

The Mueller probe has found nothing in two years of nonstop investigation and still, the Democrats won’t stop beating this dead horse.

But the left has nowhere to go without the vehicle of the Russia collusion accusation.

They simply cannot say that they were wrong. This is where you really get to see the coinage of the leftist mind.

Because if they could only see that most of America would look favorably on them if they would just say, “Look, we were wrong, Trump did not do what we said he did. We’re sorry.”

But the left does not think that way. They believe the only way to save face is to keep lying about the topic until the public eventually forgets.

They will achieve this forgetfulness by slowly warping the language.

When it comes to the Mueller report, they have already switched from “collusion” to “obstruction of justice.”

All they need to do is round one or two more corners and the public mind will have forgotten about the “peepeegate” dossier.

That is what they are pushing for.

But if you think that’s enough for Democrats to snatch humiliation from the jaws of defeat, they would disagree.

By the time they’re done Democrat voters are going to be so tired of losing they will probably start a nationwide suicide cult.

That’s because they are pushing for radical socialist transformation.

It’s like a one-two punch to their own face. We are reminded of the scene in “Liar Liar” where Jim Carry is beating himself up in a public bathroom and when confronted he exclaims, “I’m kicking my ass!”

But the Dems have always been socialist. It’s a part of their deep, abiding desire to rip the fabric of American society apart and rebuild it in the image of a satanic version of Ronald McDonald.

The first big whiff of socialist doubling down came from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she said that we only have 12 years to implement massive austerity programs before the planet turns into a piece of over-cooked fried chicken.

She was humiliated when her Green New Deal bill was roundly defeated with unanimous no votes coming from both sides.

Now we’ve got two severely anti-American middle eastern women pushing for impeachment and socialism at the same time.

Those two, along with AOC and Beto O’Rourk compose the “fresh new faces” of the Democrat party.

Together with their combined ability to ignore reality and embarrassingly mimic Martin Luther King in front of black audiences, these three are making the DNC into a mockery of itself.

As Gingrich puts it, the Democrats have precious little time to turn their act around if they are to have any hope of beating Trump.

In fact, their best hopes might lie in the likes of Tulsi Gabbard or Joe Biden. Either one of them might offer palatable ideas to Democrat and Republican voters.

Unfortunately, the left has linked arms in their effort to smear and demonize both Gabbard and Biden.

They smear Gabbard because she’s anti-war, and they dogpile Biden because… well, he’s a white male.

The one chance they have is that Trump’s supporters become overconfident and fail to vote.