Why the Democrats Really Want Trump’s Tax Returns

After Mueller report was released there was a lot of speculation as to what the Democratic Party would do next.

There were a few that thought maybe they would call for his impeachment while others were looking for another avenue to try to find something wrong with President Trump.

It did not take all but a few days for the House to ask for The President’s tax returns. But one has to wonder what the motive is for them asking for such documents several years into his presidency.

When the request came out President Trump’s attorney made reference to the requests as not having any legitimate legislative purposes.

The person that is representing President Trump in this request is William Consovoy.

The House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, Democrat from Massachusetts was the one that made the request under the guise that the panel is authorized by the law to be able to view the tax returns in question.

Consovoy wrote in response to the requests, “That it is limited to a single President, seeks tax information from before the President took office, asks no questions about IRS policy, and does not even wait for the IRS to finish its ongoing examinations (and any resulting appeals) reveals that Chairman Neal’s request is nothing more than an attempt to exercise constitutional authority that Congress does not possess.”

He argues that Chairman Neal’s reasons behind the request to see the returns are lacking.

He believes that there is no legislative reason why the request was made.

So the question comes up as to what the reasons may be.

He goes on to say that, “Congress has no constitutional authority to act like a junior varsity IRS, rerunning individual examinations or flyspecking the agency’s calculations.”

On the other side of the request Neal has stated that all concerns about the request, lack merit.”

He then set another date and time for the returns to be handed over.

He went on to allude to the fact that they were wanting to see them because they are looking into a legislative proposal and oversight that relates to tax laws.

They also want oversight as to what the IRS enforces such laws against a president in office.

Another thought is that the House wants to see how much President Trump has benefited from the new tax laws that were put into effect.

President Trump has washed his hands of his personal business while he is in office.

There is not reason to believe that he would seek any kind of personal gain while being in office. He has been a persona integrity and honest with the American people so far.

There is no reason to believe that he would risk everything over a few minor benefits.

The President has made it all to clear that he will not give up his returns.

His reason behind the refusal is because he is in audit.

This refusal has broken the chain of all other presidents that gave up their returns for viewing. One thing can be said about President Trump is that he is not afraid to go against the norm.

This kind of leader is refreshing and new to the American people.

The American people are tired of cat and mouse games that seem to be played out in politics.

They want to see action and results from their leaders.

The request for the returns is interestingly placed just after the Mueller report came out and found President Trump to be innocent of everything he was being accused of.

It seems that the Democrats need another avenue to pursue in order to discredit this current President.

President Trump does not seem to really be bothered by their request.

The more they pursue the returns the more they will find out what their duties as Representatives really entail as elected officials.

The leaders of the United States need to stay focused on making America great and doing what is in the best interests of the people.