Democrats Want to Overthrow the Electoral College

There have been many uproars throughout the years with the Electoral College votes which have been in effect since the Founding Fathers of our great nation has put together the Constitution.

As we know, the presidential election is the only election where the popular vote can be less than the Electoral College, and a candidate can win in the end.

The latest was the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald Trump with a lead in the popular vote by almost 3 million and lost in the Electoral College 232 to 306.

Today’s polls show there are people who wish to do away with the Electoral College altogether.

Democrats are still crying about the majority of the country landing in the Red with Republicans giving Trump the win.

Throughout the years, it has been a back and forth issue, but the only ones who seem to cry over it are the Democrats.

Let’s face it, if the popular vote went to Trump along with the Electoral, they would still find something to be upset about.  A Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll found 53 percent to 43 percent would like to see the Electoral College done away with.

But is this really the best thing to let happen?

There was a reason for the votes to be counted that way because the states would be counted due to the majority of the population is in the New England area and in California.

There are more people in those areas than in the entire country put together.

The polls also show there was 78 percent who voted for Clinton in the 2016 election who wanted the popular vote to count.

Republicans rebuke it because the majority of the people were not eligible to vote but voted anyway.

This is why the people feel the reason for all the illegal immigration and miscounts are happening in what seems to be every election.

Not to say it is definite, but it has always left the American citizens wondering.

The Democrats were once accused with proof of having “dead people” vote in the Obama elections.

Equally, 74 percent who voted for the president wants the Electoral College to remain in effect.

The Independents have fewer numbers showing 44 percent in favor of the Electoral College versus 49 percent want to change it to the popular vote.

What most people do not realize is the Electoral College is based on the popular vote according to how many people live in each state.

Each state has two senators automatically which count as two electoral votes.

The more people populate a state, the more Senators and representatives are allowed.  This raises the Electoral vote in the state.

The best example to give is California.  One electoral vote goes according to 712,000 people, whereas Wyoming will have one electoral vote per 195,000 people because the state is not as populated.

Most would argue their vote does not count which is not true because if the popular vote wins in the state, then the electoral votes are awarded to the candidate who won that particular state.

But if a person’s candidate did not win the election, they jump to blaming the Electoral College.

Not everyone will be pleased with the outcome.

The polls are often run through Democratic perspectives and projections.  The media exploits these numbers as though they are accurate.

This is what shocked the news anchors who covered the 2016 election.  Everything was based on inaccurate numbers from polls through the Democratic Party.  T

hey all thought Hillary Clinton would win the election before it even started.

Now the Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College because they cannot control it for their candidate to win.

Along with The First and Second Amendments, the Democrats want to get rid of the Electoral College.

Piece by piece they are trying to dismantle the Constitution.  Millions of immigrants were placed in the states where the Electoral College would matter.

The only good thing for them was winning the popular vote due to the excess of people who are still not recorded in the Census Report.

The other states are fighting to deport the illegal immigrants and enforce the ID laws by proving citizenship.

As the Republicans still hold the Senate, it seems there is hope for the Constitution to remain intact.

One can only imagine if the Democrats held the Senate what would happen to the heart of our nation.