President Trump Turns Attention to the State of Florida

Panama City, Florida is a community that was hit hard when Michael, a Category 5 hurricane, surged through the region.

The city is still seeking disaster relief aid since the hurricane moved through.

The President has announced that he plans on stopping there and holding a rally pending the upcoming election in 2020.

This will provide the President a chance to view the community months after the hurricane has come and gone.

People within the community are excited and encouraged that the President is heading back their way.

Panama City Manager Mark McQueen has stated to the media that, “We’re just encouraged that [Trump] is going to spend his time back in this area. And maybe he can see progress of where we are but how much more we need to have from Congress.”

This is an opportunity for Congress to stop focusing on the President and start helping the people that elected them to office.

The week that the President is planning on visiting Panama City is the week of the National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

The theme of this week was initiated by the White House with the purpose, “to take the measures necessary to safeguard their families, homes, and businesses.”

Their aim is to help everyone take action that will best keep everyone safe during these terrible storms.

The President has stated that, “My Administration is continuing its efforts to enhance storm tracking and intensity predictions to help save lives and livelihoods by giving communities adequate time to prepare.”

“We are committed to ensuring that the United States will produce the best weather forecasting model in the world.”

His statement of having the best weather forecasting goes with his vision and campaign slogan to make America the greatest nation in the world.

The Mayor of Panama City has stated, “If you take Hurricane Irma that went through basically 15 counties of Florida, there was 2.3 million cubic yards of debris. In Panama City alone, we have picked up nearly 4 milling cubic yards so far, in our little 36-mile footprint.”

That is a huge difference for such a small area.

Wind speeds were clocked at 155-mph as it moved over the Panhandle of Florida.

Many people were hurt or killed and homes destroyed.

There were people that ended up trapped and finally had to take matters into their own hands in order to escape.

The damage to the area was extreme. Just to make it out to the main roads great care had to be followed to avoid injury.

The hurricane left 31 million cubic yards of debris to be picked up.

City officials have stated that it is enough debris to fill up 12 million trucks.

The city budget is already taking a hit by almost double the cost for removal of the debris.

Panama City is seeking help from the federal government to help with the cost of rebuilding and debris cleanup.

The President plans to visit the area soon in order to host a political rally.

He will see first hand that there is still much to do in order to see that the people of Panama City, Florida can get back their feet and on with their lives.

It is the focus of the city and its people to come out victorious as they finish rebuilding.

There is a lot of hope and enthusiasm as progress is being made in a community that was wiped off the map.

The City Manager has stated that, “The federal government needs to come to bear. The state, the county and the city need to apply resources, as well as private capital and philanthropic revenues that can help to change the outcome of Panama City.”

The city Manager and other officials recently traveled to Washington in an attempt to get more support in the efforts to fix the broken town.

McQueen stated about the visit that, “We met with a number of members of Congress, we met with a number of agencies. And the assessment is that we feel very optimistic that Congress will take up a supplemental that will help not just Panama City, but all of these disasters that took place in the United States.”

President Trump did visit the area after Hurricane Michael moved through.

His planned stop is gaining attention and looks good for him.

The President continues to care for the people of the country and he wants a country that is great because of the people that call it home.