Looking Ahead to 2020

The election is becoming a hot topic in the media and in the news.

The Democratic Party is already claiming victory with statements about President Trump not going to be able to win the election in 2020. The Democratic Party is a group that bases their beliefs and agendas on polls.

A poll is a bad way to base agendas.

Polls are never all-inclusive, and they can be manipulated to show results that the polling agent wants to see.

The Democratic Party has become a group of people seeking their own desires.

Even within their own party there are those that are ready to betray their own to get what they want.

President Trump may not have to do anything to win in 2020 but just show up.

Things that Will Help President Trump Win in 2020

The American population is tired of politicians being unproductive.

They want to see results.

The President brought a new focus to what it means to be a leader in the United States of America.

It is called putting the people first and one’s own agenda last. Within the Democratic Party there are voters looking to vote outside of their ranks because they feel that the party has dropped the ball too many times.

The American people are looking for a leader that is true to their word and ready to put the American people first and not last in the world.

The nation is ready to see action and not words.

President Trump may have had a few set backs, but he keeps pushing for what he knows is the right solution to ignored problems. He pushes for what the people want as a majority.

He does listen to the minority but when the people speak as one he is quick to push for it.

The President needs to continue to push for his campaign promises and deliver on them all.

He needs to continue to push for improving the economy and for the ideas that help businesses grow.

Should the President continue to put the people first he will find his base of supporters grow at an alarming rate.

Some Democratic Party candidates for 2020 like Bernie Sanders seem to not know what is going on in his own district let alone around the nation.

The people want a president that is connected to the people and not someone that stands off at an arms distance.

They want a person that cares about the little guy or the one that society seems to have forgotten.

They want a person that is honest and true to their word. President Trump has been that person now for over two years.

The Democratic Party will pick their best to run against President Trump. The problem is that the ones that are competing against each other believe they are the best. The President has proven that he is not intimidated by other people. He can see through them, and he doesn’t back down to accusations and threats made against him. He wants to make sure that the people of the country get what they voted for, and he wants to see that it is done right.

When it comes down to what it will take to win the next election all the President has to do is keep on doing what he is focusing on for the country.

It is hard to win against a president when the economy is doing well and found to be telling the truth about accusations made against them.

To win in 2020 the President needs to continue to deliver on his campaign promises and seek to listen to those that oppose him.

He should listen because it enables him to know what they are thinking and how they will act.

This can give him a tremendous advantage during the election process.

The President of the United States is set to serve a second term.

His supporters need to rally behind him and give him their support.

People that are complacent in their thinking that they do not need to vote with everything going well needs to realize that it can all change for the worse in 2020.

President Trump is the best choice for the four-year term of the president’s office.