Democrats and The Department of Justice Sparring Over Obamacare

The crown jewel of the Democratic reign in the White House was Obamacare during Obama’s time as President.

There was not a more debated topic and heated arguments than that of replacing healthcare for people that needed it during Obama’s eight years as President.

The bill forced people to pay up their portion of the bill and forced people to signup or face heavy fees and fines.

The issue of Obamacare is whether it violates the constitution of the United States.

The Democrats in the House are preparing for a fight with the Justice Department over the issue of healthcare.

This time it will not be about Russia or some other issue, but one that affects a lot of other people. It is possible that there could be subpoenas issued over this issue.

There are rumors that the chairman could issue a subpoena for William Barr again regarding the issue of healthcare.

William Barr has been requested to provide any documents regarding the decision to no longer defend the Affordable Care Act. This bill has been around since 2010 and is approaching its tenth birthday.

Pat Cipollone is the chairmen sitting over this committee, and they have been requesting that Barr turn over the requested documents since last month.

The committee also wants to hear testimony from key people that are all wrapped up in the issue.

The Justice Department has refused so far to listen to the request of the House committee and all demands have fallen on deaf ears.

The White House has also been asked to turn over Russ Vought, so he can give testimony on the matter.

One has to really wonder if the House is being taken seriously on any issue at this point.

They have acted questionably regarding the Mueller report and now they are trying to get to Barr another way.

The House committee wrote in a letter, “If we do not receive a response by this date, we will have no choice but to consider alternative means of obtaining compliance.” This statement really seems like what has been stated on the House’s attempt to subpoena Barr on the Mueller report.

People like Jerry Nadler, the Judiciary Chairman, Bobby Scott, the Chairman of the Education and Labor committee, Richard Neal, who is over the Ways and Means committee, Frank Pallone Jr., from the Energy and Commerce, and Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the Oversight Committee have all signed the letter requesting the information.

These are all people that seem to be on the hunt to bring down any person supporting Trump and his administration.

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has already gone on the record and indicated that other committees are seeking to hold proceedings and investigations into other issues found in the government.

Many of the committees are seeking to hold key leaders in contempt if they do not comply with their wishes and get the documents and information they are looking for.

Another big issue that is plaguing the Democrats is the refusal by President Trump to release his tax returns.

There are a lot of issues that the House is seeking to look into, but they are not receiving any of the documents that they are requesting.

The problem might not be in the request but with what it is they are trying to find. So far everything that they have been seeking has not turned up any criminal activity.

The House has added the issue with the healthcare bill to the long list of requests that they have made.

Is there really anyone at this point taking them seriously anymore? Seeing that they have ignored the major findings on a two-year investigation that proved they had all the dealings with the Russians that they were trying to pin on the Republican President.

The vote on contempt is scheduled to happen latter this month. However, there is expected to be fights within party lines regarding all the issues.

The Democratic Party is even having a tough time getting all of its members on board to really get anything done before their two years are up.

The Democrats are mad that President Trump is seeking to change and eliminate much of what their party stands for in politics.

The issue of healthcare is a big issue but it should not be used to acquire other documents or to try to prove one department is guilty of an act of stonewalling.