Democrats Want to Remove God from Our Country

For years the Democratic Party has been trying to remove the phrase “so help me God” or, “God” in general from across the American landscape.

In every state, there are battles taking place to remove God and the essence of the Christian faith from the nations culture.

This past month, in the House of Representatives, as person raised their right hand to and swore to provide an honest testimony but the words “so help me God” were not spoken.

Since the House of Representatives switched hands this past year, they have changed much of what kind of procedures they follow.

It was decided that people did not need to use the phrase “so help me God” any longer.

The Democrats really control everything, and they have changed just about everything that defines American as a religious nation.

Steve Cohen of the state of Tennessee has stated, “I think God belongs in religious institutions: in temple, in church, in cathedral, in mosque — but not in Congress.”

He also stated, “And God doesn’t want to be used.” He believes that the Republicans are “using God.” Interesting to think through that one person knows how God wants to be used.

The Republican side of the House are protesting and are trying to point out each omission as it comes up.

Garret Graces of the state of Louisiana has gone on the record and said, “I am a sinner, I make mistakes every single day, but I do think that we could use a little more of God, not less.”

When one party is in control the other party can only sit back and hope they do the right thing.

This time the Democratic Party has failed in making the right decision.

To simply remove a phrase that has been part of this nation’s heritage on the grounds that it offends some person is crazy.

If every person demanded something to be done over things that offend them, then the nation would be experiencing massive amounts of hurt and movement of things all the time.

At least give the person the option of which phrase they want to use.

It is a sad day in politics when one branch of the government has to argue over things like French Fries and which type of flatware should be used in the dinning hall.

There are more important issues that need to be addressed long before such smaller decisions can be looked at.

So far the Democratic House has failed to do anything constructive.

They are so driven to find faults with other people that they are missing the reason why they were elected to serve.

Some other things that the Democrats have really focused in on are things like feminine products that are now free in political settings, gender titles of chairman and chairwoman, and many other small details.

It is time for the House to get to work and do the job they are being asked to do by the people of the United States.

The majority of the nation wants them to work with the Executive Office and get things moving in this country again.

The argument of what oath to use is a long time debate topic.

The Democrats want to avoid any type of wording that refers back to religion.

However by removing such statements and things from the scene they are in fact advocating for Atheism — the absence of God altogether.

This is the worship of self.

Mankind now is god, and he or she is the one that controls everything.

This is very opposite from what the country was founded on years ago.

The House of Representatives stands as the peoples voice.

It should reflect what the majority of the people want to see and hear coming from the floor.

To make changes based on what one or two people feel like doing is wrong and needs to stop.

The country should be thankful that there are two people of faith serving as President and Vice President and are looking out for the religious values that this country was founded on.