Washington and the Debt Crisis Battle

Every day the national debt grows larger and more extreme as the nation piles on new debt without any sight in end.

The scary part about the national debt crisis is that not one person is looking to solve it.

It is possible that no one even knows how to fix it.

Instead, lawmakers are focused on trying to impeach a President that has only the best intentions for the country.

With all the fighting going on in the House, there has been little to no attention given to developing a budget or even extending the option for the government to borrow before the September deadline arrives.

To not act means that the United States would end up enacting $100 billion in cuts and would default on all of its debts. This could have the potential of devastating economies around the world.

There is not a person in the government right now that even wants to focus on it and develop a plan of action that everyone would agree on.

One GOP congressional aide stated, “It’s one of those cartoon-ish anvil-over-the-head moments.

We all look around knowingly like ‘Man, we’re about to get crushed by this,’ but nobody’s really sure how to get out from underneath it right now.” This is an issue that is even dividing party lines into factions.

The faction thought is really becoming a reality for the public as they have watched lawmakers arguing back and forth about the amount of aid that needs to be given to areas hit hard by current natural disasters.

There are even fights breaking out as to should the aid be given to the United States or some other country.

As if to say that the other nations need it more than the country’s own people.

The Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman has stated, “If we can’t do this, what the heck can we do on something much bigger? I hope this is not a preview of coming events.”

He has also stated that, “This is the longest I remember I’ve ever seen something this important not be resolved. But I said ‘This is small — very important, but small — compared to what we’re going to have to face if we don’t get some direction.’”

One problem that keeps happening because there is not an organized plan in place is that the United States continues to experience financial crisis after crisis for the past 10 years.

President Trump has tried to get the funding he needs to start to fix the holes within the country and the House is fighting tooth and nail over it because they want to be the ones that are in control.

They have proven themselves unwilling to work with a President that is actually doing something to fix the nation.

Failure to work together means that the country will start operating at a 2011 budget level which means massive cuts in financing across the board.

The potential for another government shutdown is high as the September deadline gets closer.

The ridiculous actions of Nancy Pelosi to not allow the President to give a state of the union address from the chamber floor because she does not like him as a person shows the commitment that the Democrats have at working with the President.

Sadly, the President is being opposed by people that are blaming him for everything.

The blame is coming from people that have never offered a solution in place of the ones that the President is seeking to create.

They tell us that the President’s tax cuts have created a deficit within the budget. This may be true in the short term, but as companies grow and new businesses are started because they now have the money to do so; revenue will increase.

Because now there are more people and companies paying taxes from payroll and company taxes.

The White House needs to continue to set the standard for the right course of action that needs to be taken.

At some point someone is going to need to offer a workable solution to the pending problem. The party or person that does will receive the credit for solving a problem that no one else could and that would go a long way in their political career.