What Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Have Against Cauliflower?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a very effective member of Congress.

She is not informed on any of the subjects she claims mastery of, such as economics, sociology, or history.

She does not seem to be very intelligent. However, she makes up for all of that in entertainment value.

She is a dream for people who write about politics for a living. Her twitter account is a constant source of amusement and astonishment.

Fox News reports that AOC, as her fans and enemies both call her, has recently cut a rambling, stream of consciousness video when her musings turned to the subject of gardening.

“But when you really think about it — when someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows Yucca instead of, I don’t know, cauliflower or something — what you’re doing is you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism.”

To be sure, there is much to loath about cauliflower; raw, it is bland and crunchy and those with a sadistic frame of mind put them in salads instead of croutons.

When cooked, cauliflower tends to be bland and mushy. Most people who insist on adding cauliflower to their dishes add various sauces and spices to hide the lack of flavor.

One can even find a recipe for something called “General Tso’s Cauliflower,” something that the old Chinese commander who spent much of the later 19th Century slaughtering rebels against the Emperor, likely never heard of.

On the other hand, cauliflower is said to be very nutritious.

The plant is prized by vegetarians and vegans as a meat substitute

However, AOC’s objection to cauliflower seems to be less about its taste than something that has emerged from her politically addled mind. How can cauliflower be “colonial?”

Cauliflower, so much as is known, seems to have originated on the island of Cyprus and was first mentioned by Pliny in the 1st Century AD.

From Cyprus the plant spread throughout Western Europe and followed the first settlers to the Americas. So, in one way of looking at things, cauliflower could be seen as a colonial.

However, noting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ignorance of history, she likely did not mean the spread of cauliflower across the European and American continents.

Her mention of Yucca as a more appropriate plant to grow in a community garden provides the clue.

AOC represents, if such can be said, a heavily Hispanic district in New York.

Yucca is native to Latin America and in some places in the Caribbean. Now the source of Ocasio-Cortez’s musings begins to come into focus.

Food is traditionally considered to be cross-cultural, White people happily dine on TexMex and Chinese food while Japanese businessmen love steak. And, of course, fast food hamburgers can be found at any place on the planet.

However, AOC is part of a generation that have brought the politics of cultural identity to food.

Anyone preparing or even eating food that has not arisen from their own culture are guilty of “appropriation.”

The concept is surprising to chefs and restaurant owners, who borrow their menus from many cultures, mixing and matching to create new delicacies for the enjoyment of all. Millennials like AOC, on the other hand, think that this practice is a crime as great as dispossessing the Native Americans or holding African Americans in bondage.

The most eyebrow raising example of this attitude took place when two ladies from Portland, Oregon visited the Mexican resort town of Guadalajara and noticed how tasty that the tortillas being used to create street food were.

They queried the women who made the tortillas about their culinary secrets.

They then returned to Portland and opened their own popup food truck called Kook’s Burritos using the tortilla recipe they discovered south of the border.

At first, Kook’s was a big hit. But then the two ladies were incautious enough to reveal how they came about the art of tortilla making.

The protests and even online death threats over “cultural appropriation” were so intense that the two unfortunate ladies were forced to close down their food truck and go into hiding.

Such is the source of AOC’s antipathy for the humble cauliflower.

Her Hispanic constituents have no business cultivating or eating the humble cauliflower.

They need to stick to plants within their culture, such as Yucca.

This is the state of horticulture under the Green New Deal.