Pelosi Is Not As Pro-Woman As People Want To Think

The Trump Administration can easily be viewed as one of the most pro-life administrations that the United States has ever seen. With more talk about banning abortions and taking away the rights of women who find themselves in an unwanted pregnancy, it’s easy to draw a line in the sand.

Pelosi likes to come across as “Pro-Woman,” which would go against Trump’s administration. She wants to prove that she is all about protecting women’s rights. However, she’s not quite as focused on women’s rights as she would lead people to believe. Her exchanges with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway confirms this.

How Pelosi Speaks

Pelosi refused to speak to Conway about what was going on. Conway also went on to say that Pelosi interacted with her in the same way that she would talk to her maid or her wardrobe manager. Conway sarcastically told her that it was very “pro-woman” of her to speak to her in the way that she did.

She has also been accused, on more than one occasion, of being condescending and arrogant when she speaks. She has done it when she has spoken to not only President Trump but also to many others within the White House. She talks to them as though they are below her intellectually and socially.

It’s only a matter of time before she does her condescending clap-back to someone other than Trump.

Pelosi’s View on Abortion

Pelosi seems to avoid being pro-choice when it comes to abortion, which, for many, is seen as not very pro-woman. The Catholics for Choice organization issued a letter to Pelosi in 2017 for her condemning remarks about pro-choice principles. The president of the organization, Jon O’Brien, identified Pelosi as being out of touch and self-serving.

She claimed that abortion is a fading issue, which shows that she’s completely out of touch with what’s going on in the United States. Further, Pelosi went on to assume that most Catholics are against the pro-choice stance. This is simply not the case. Catholic women’s abortion rates are the same as women of other faiths and no faith at all. It’s a moral choice, and many believe that it should be legal. They believe in being able to choose whether they should be able to abort the child or keep it.

O’Brien went as far as identifying Pelosi to wanting to take the Democratic Party back to rights similar to pre-Civil Rights. She goes to the complete opposite extreme of Trump on most issues and isn’t looking at the bigger picture.

The Female Agenda

Pelosi has, certainly gone far with her female agenda, talking about women’s rights. Her platform for congresswoman had a long list of things that she wanted to accomplish. In regards to women’s pay, she wanted paycheck fairness and to invest in job training and education opportunities. In work and family balance, she wanted paid sick leave and paid family and medical leave. In child care, she also wanted adequate funding of child care programs and to increase access to child support.

All of these sound great on paper. However, she hasn’t actively sought to accomplish any of these. Her list of accomplishments isn’t very long since most of what she’s done was part of group legislation, with many passed by Senate but not being signed into law. She raised the minimum wage, but it didn’t focus solely on women. She hasn’t pushed for anything to do with women since getting into the White House.

Instead, she helped to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to help the LGBTQ community. She also helped with the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. But, where’s the help for all of the women? Where are the laws being passed that help women get paid sick and family leave? Where is the job training?

Most of Pelosi’s time since becoming Speaker of the House has been fighting with Trump and focusing on the Mueller Report in order to get dirt on Trump.

If she were truly as pro-woman as she claims to be, she’d be using her power to make good on her platform promises. She’d be promoting women and focusing on ways to get more women into power. When pushed by female White House counselors, she’d also talk to them like an equal, not as some peon that isn’t deserving of her time.

Pelosi may need a reality check with how her actions align with what she likes to claim to be. Democrats and anyone who is supporting her as being pro-woman may need a fact check, too.