Leftists In Another Show of Political Correctness Run Amuck

The left in America is on a quest to fundamentally change the country forever. Many liberals think nothing of erasing hundreds of years of U.S. history.

To them, offending even one person, of course, unless that person is a conservative, is absolutely catastrophic. In the latest show of political correctness run amuck, leftists are calling the Massachusetts flag “racist.”

Earlier this month, Cambridge, Massachusetts leaders joined 30 communities in the New England state who support a bill that would eliminate the use of the current flag and state seal in favor of completely new ones according to Townhall. reported that “The symbol, stitched into the heart of the state flag, depicts Wampanoag Chief Ousamequin, also known as Massasoit, holding a bow.

Above him, an arm brandishes the sword of Myles Standish, a Mayflower passenger who served as the Plymouth Colony’s first commander and led attacks against local tribes.”

The flag also consists of the Latin phrase “Ense Petit Placidam, Sub Libertate Quietem.” The saying is frequently interpreted as “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”

Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern stated that his city’s leaders are joining the requests of indigenous people to remove symbols of “oppression and supremacy.”

McGovern remarked, “We really need to start dismantling all of this in our community … and grappling with our history, particularly with racism and genocide in this country, and this is one way to do that.”

Reportedly, Cambridge officials feel the violence European settlers acted out against native peoples is prevalent in the flag’s symbolism. reported that “Cambridge officials see the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower next year as an opportunity to reflect on centuries of mistreatment toward indigenous people and forge a new awareness and relationship between the state and the native nations.”

Councilor Denise Simmons feels the initiative is “rewriting the previous wrongs.” To illustrate her point, Simmons highlighted similar measures the council has recently worked on such as renaming any buildings, streets, and schools named after those associated with the slave trade.

While those who oppose The Bay State’s flag and seal view them as symbols of hate and oppression, Townhall’s Nicholas Waddy vehemently disagrees.

He said, “It is evident that the designers of the state flag and seal did not by any stretch of the imagination intend to celebrate the oppression of Native Americans, but that is how the snowflakes on the Left are choosing to take it today.”

Sarcastically, Waddy conjectured, “One can easily imagine the team of politically correct all-stars who these liberals would assemble to create a new flag for Taxachusetts, and the sort of monstrosity this left-wing brain trust would produce.”

Zeroing in on the left’s adoration for inclusiveness, Waddy stated the new Massachusetts flag would be “A nod to all the Left’s favored groups, defined by their race, ethnicity, religion, gender (not to be confused with biological sex), sexual orientation, disability, etc., would be obligatory.

Indeed, it is inconceivable that a single group would be left out.” He went on to say, “The class struggle, so beloved of Massachusetts luminaries like Elizabeth Warren, would have to be featured prominently in the new flag. Perhaps a hammer and sickle, or a heroic profile of Lenin?” Waddy remarked,

“The present flag’s white field — evocative surely of white supremacy — would have to be supplanted by a new rainbow color scheme. Meanwhile, the old motto, ‘By the Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty,’ is obviously passé.

Something more ‘progressive’ would be better: ‘In Political Correctness We Trust,’ or ‘Massachusetts: The Wokest State in the Union.’”

While changing the Massachusetts flag might seem like a small sacrifice to some, Waddy explained how it could have far more devastating long-term ramifications.

He said, “The banning of Robert E. Lee has led, in short order, to the disparagement of Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson.”

Waddy added, “Likewise, the proposed permanent furling of the flag of Massachusetts is small potatoes to most liberals, while the denigration of the Stars and Stripes itself — the most powerful symbol of America — is their ultimate symbolic goal.”

When the overzealous left repeatedly contrives controversy from symbols of American history that have stood unopposed for decades or centuries, conservatives might begin to feel jaded.

But, giving in to relentless liberals shouldn’t be an option.

If those on the right don’t stand up for American history, it might soon no longer exist in the hearts and minds of the country’s youth.