Ilhan Omar Thinks Hispanics Won’t Be Able to Hack It

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn has stepped in it again.

According to Fox News, she offered a tweet, since deleted, that stated, “A ‘merit based’ immigration policy is fueled by racism towards the Latin community. Our immigration policies shouldn’t be based on discrimination, fear, or bigotry. We should welcome immigrants to our country and offer a simple way to citizenship.”

Recently, President Donald Trump suggested that American legal immigration law be amended to give preference to immigrants who display some kind of merit, doctors, scientists, engineers, and similar people.

Currently, immigrants who have family ties in the United States or who win a lottery are given preference. The idea is that the United States should admit more people who bring value to the country rather than random people who may or may not have marketable skins.

Rep. Omar appears to harbor a racial stereotype that holds that Hispanics do not by and large have professional skills.

In her view, a merit system is designed to keep out many of the low skilled Hispanics such as the ones who are pouring across the southern border.

Omar’s tweet roused the ire of Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas, himself the son of an immigrant from Cuba. He responded with his own tweet.

“As the son of a Cuban immigrant whose Dad came to get a math degree & become a computer programmer, I’m troubled that Dems seem to believe Hispanic immigrants can’t qualify for skills-based legal immigration. Bringing in more scientists, engineers & doctors is good for US jobs.”

Senator Cruz’s retort seems entirely sensible.

Both Australia and Canada, among other countries, have merit-based immigration systems.

However, a method to the madness of Democrats like Omar exists to explain their opposition to admitting immigrants according to merit, aside from the usual opportunity to play the race card.

The long-term survival of the Democratic Party requires a steady supply of low skilled, low paid workers.

The Democrats’ tolerance of illegal immigration is part of a strategy that involves flooding the country with illegals, eventually placing them on a path to citizenship, and then harvesting their votes.

The Democrats thrive on economic privation, a condition that makes people dependent on big government. A flood of low skilled, low paid workers also tends to depress wages for native born Americans who are at the bottom of the economic ladder, hence even more Democratic voters.

The last thing that Democrats want is an influx of people with professional skills, with the ability to not only make money but to create jobs.

Such people tend not to vote for Democrats. When people have more wealth to conserve, they are more likely to be conservatives.

The monkey in the wrench for the Democrats’ strategy to hold on to power through immigration has been President Donald Trump’s willingness to call them out on the scheme, undeterred by accusations of racism. He has stated that the torrent of illegal immigrants hurt native born Americans and legal immigrants by providing a drain on government resources and the economy.

He has proposed sensible solutions to the problem, including the Wall and a revision of immigration law to stem the flow. Trump’s merit-based proposal is also a great idea to strengthen rather than weaken the American economy through the right kind of immigration.

The problem is that Democrats, who hate Trump more than they love their own country, are compelled to oppose the president at every turn.

They have to play the race card, as Omar did, because that is their go to tactic.

Rep Omar messed up by implying that Hispanics, for whatever inherent reason, just won’t measure up in a merit-based immigration system.

She thus revealed herself to be a racist. Ted Cruz, one of the smartest people in the Senate, was understandably incensed.

Omar did the country a service, albeit unintentionally.

She revealed that liberals tend to regard minorities with a kind of paternalistic contempt, believing them to be incapable of achievement without the heavy hand of government.

The irony is fraught, since Omar is a refugee from Somalia and thus is herself a member of a minority group.

She clearly sees herself as one of the elites in a party that claims to be diverse but is poised to nominate an old, white guy as president in 2020.

But perception is more important that reality in this case.