The DOJ Acting on Google…They’re Feeling Intimidated

There is no doubt that Amazon and Google are leaders in their own fields. They have become giants in the industry because they have done things right and grown over time.

Things might be starting to change for both companies. Lawmakers are taking an active interest in the companies size and the power they have in the technology industry.

The concern that the lawmakers have centered around other company’s ability to compete with such enormous competition.

So far lawmakers have divided which federal department is going to look into the antitrust matters of each company.

The Department of Justice will be looking into Google with Amazon being checked out by the Federal Trade Commission.

So far there have been no reports of investigations being opened as to their size. This move by the federal government is to watch each company to see if there is a need to open up the market for greater competition.

Both Google and Amazon have carved out an enormous part of the economy which they both now dominate.

Amazon deals with online sales and Google is the main search engine for most people when performing an online search. There has been a push for better oversight and investigations into the privacy laws of citizens and the information that these companies have by way of personal information.

Regulators are concerned that the companies have too much influence in certain areas of commerce that actually hurts other business.

They are also concerned with the potential of labor issues with employees. Consumer groups have gone so far as to complain that they have edged out competition and will continue to do so as they move into other retail and online areas.

As regulators dig into Amazon and Google more they may find things that warrant concern.

But so far what they have found has not been alarming yet. What could take place is a load of bad publicity and employee issues. Gene Kimmelman, who was a senior antitrust official with the Justice Department, has stated, “This is more of a warning to the companies that they’re being carefully scrutinized, and they need to be careful not to play fast and loose given their dominant positions in the digital marketplace.”

This is a similar picture of what happened to Microsoft in the 90s as their reputation was marred by allegations of being too large.

This led to Google becoming the dominant giant and now they are facing what Microsoft faced years earlier. There is an ever-increasing pressure from lawmakers declaring war on the technology giants.

Some Democrats have declared war on the giants and believe that it is time for them to be investigated and split up as a company.

Some lawmakers have claimed that Google has filtered out a fair balance of publicity for some conservatives as they have leaned more to the left with certain results. The Federal Trade Commission has begun to look at the technology industry to see if there is a concern or a cause for investigations. The Department of Justice is not too far behind.

President Trump has concerns as the reporting and fairness of each company.

It would not be without reason that the White House would approve of such investigations. The idea to split up the investigations is a strategic move to make sure that each company is investigated thoroughly and to eliminate the possibility of overlap.

Amazon has been accused of becoming a monopoly, and they have been accused that they have been using their size in an attempt to eliminate their competitors and even harm the sales of third-party companies. Of course, Amazon claims that other companies such as Walmart and others are huge parts of the same market.

The size of Google and Amazon are proof that anything is possible within the United States.

A free market gives people the opportunity to dream and invent things and ways of making life better for everyone.

Any attempt to stifle the imagination and freedoms of people to excel and grow should not be allowed to exist.

When a company becomes too large and powerful and it starts to harm the American dream, then it might be time to investigate and help the company down a different path.