Is Trump’s Asylum Plan The Easiest Solution?

There’s a big problem at the border.

It seems to be getting worse each and every month as people from Central America reach the border claiming asylum. There’s no way that we can allow thousands, each and every month, into the United States.

Some of them are hardened criminals, posing a serious threat to citizens of the United States. That doesn’t even include looking at their lack of vaccines, which can lead to a bigger outbreak of measles among other diseases that have been eradicated years ago.

What is the solution?

With no wall in place, President Donald Trump seems to have only one solution left: Deny asylum.

The Asylum Proposal

The Trump administration has been actively seeking to deter asylum-seekers from coming into the United States. The current proposal would bar asylum for anyone going through a third country. This would potentially escalate deterrence in a big way according to administration.

The proposal is being included in a draft interim rule from the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. It would be a way to discourage asylum-seekers from entering the United States.

Some of the previous moves, including banning asylum for anyone crossing the border between ports of entry, has been blocked by the courts. It is possible that this one would face a challenge in courts, too.

The language throughout the proposal explains that immigrants coming to the United States generally travel through multiple countries where they could seek asylum. However, none of them make themselves available to those countries, only to the United States.

The additional limitation for eligibility would prevent those seeking asylum to be found ineligible if they entered or attempted to enter the United States after failing to apply for asylum in any of the other countries that they passed through.

The Department of Homeland Security has already raised concerns about the policy, due to it being overly broad. It questions whether it would include those traveling through airports in other countries. Additionally, many other countries do not offer a full level of asylum protection.

It is clear that the newest deterrence is focusing on those in Central America.

For example, someone seeking asylum in El Salvador may travel through Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico before reaching the United States. As such, they would not be eligible for asylum if this new proposal were to pass because of passing through so many other countries.

Countries that Offer Asylum

Mexico is one of the countries that many in Central America would have to travel through before reaching the United States. The Mexican government has offered many of the immigrants the opportunity to seek refuge.

However, many of the asylum-seekers are choosing not to apply. They want to move straight to the United States. Too many people don’t see Mexico as being able to provide the level of safety that the United States can.

However, the United States isn’t the only country that offers asylum to international residents. A long list of countries in the European Union does, as does Albania, Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, and countless others.

This begs the question of how many asylum-seekers can the United States realistically take on?

When tens of thousands of Central Americans are at the gates every single month to seek asylum, it’s not realistic that they can all be granted asylum.

What’s next for the United States?

It’s important to look at what the United States can take on in terms of asylum-seekers. The amount of time that it takes to process someone is time-consuming.

When there are thousands coming in every single day, it can be difficult to process quickly, causing a number of problems at the borders.

Other countries have different rules when it comes to seeking asylum. For example, in Germany, they are home to more refugees than anywhere else in Europe. Approximately 1.4 million refugees are living in Germany.

In order to seek asylum, they must to go to an assigned center and apply for asylum personally. The biggest problem happening at the border is that people are trying to cross illegally and, then, allowing the border patrol agents to capture them in order to cry for asylum.

This is, essentially, allowing them to bypass the specific centers that have too many long lines.

By denying asylum using this new proposal, it could potentially prevent people from trying to cross illegally in hopes of being able to claim asylum shortly after being captured.

Any proposal that can slow down the number of Central Americans at the border deserves at least some kind of consideration.

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  1. Great idea, Congress should help the President to make this a reality. We have enough poor and disabled people of our own.

  2. Let them stay home We cannot sfford tpkeep them/

  3. Too many for too long have created an unspeakable burden on the Welfare, Medical, Housing, Law enforcement, & the border patrol system. The enormous financial cost is eventually paid for by the tax paying citizens of the US who overwhelmingly want this INVASION STOPPED.

  4. I do not agree to grant asylum to illegals.
    Americans should not have to be afraid to
    go to a mall, attend church service, or be in any public place.
    No-one knows how many criminals are hiding
    with the ones that truly asylum seekers

  5. Anyone trying to enter this country illegally should be stopped by whatever means necessary!

  6. It’s a temporary fix. Congress has to get off its a….. I’m tired of supporting these illegals with my tax money

    Carl was the Electronics Engineer responsible for the day to day operations of the entire 911 Emergency System in the County.
    Carl won the County’s Annual Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) top AWARD three (3) times demonstrating how he could HELP ALL 4 MILLION COUNTY RESIDENTS. Carl won the top ESP award 3 times in one 5 year period with his Patented Electronic inventions that helped The Police Dept. one time, The Fire Dept. another time and The County’s General Fund another time!
    His inventions included re-activating the $50 Batteries used in hand held radios For Police & Fire that saves the COUNTY $800,000 every year! Carl’s third great invention relates to Hurricane Katrina that hit the center of South Florida very badly. Hurricane Katrina
    blew the only standing Police & Fire RADIO TOWER down to the ground. COUNTY POLICE & FIRE had NO COMMUNICATION!
    * This SANCTUARY COUNTY allowed an ILLEGAL to enter America to MURDER CARL AND HIS WIFE LINDA, an RN @ Baptist Hospital on her 50th Birthday dinner! Where is the JUSTICE??? Sanctuary Leaders of Cities, States, Counties MUST BE PROSECUTED FOR THEIR INSENSITIVE, ILLEGAL & UN-AMERICAN ATTITUDES AGAINST ALL AMERICANS.

  8. Yes stop the Madness, we must secure our borders and stop this migration of criminals, MS-13 gang members in Congress, Pelosi, Schumer and anyone else involved with this madness needs to be arrested and convicted of Murder, Treason and many other crimes. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. President Trump
    Is doing the right thing
    We just need enough democ rates to do the right thing and support him

  10. I am all for the Presidents new idea about Asylum!! Something must be done and soon, we can not house, feed or support these people, there are just too many, make this a new law and SOON!!


  12. Have you checked if Trump’s ancestors came here illegally? Why did they leave their homeland?
    Did they just want a land of opportunity like our immigrants are seeking?
    God asks us to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes before we jump to any conclusions which are not respectful of others.

  13. Simple Solution To Asylum Seekers

    Gather up all male asylum seekers and put them into a military processing center.

    Give those desiring asylum to earn their citizenship. After 6-8 weeks of Basic Training, you have a chance to weed out or “vett out” all undesirable candidates. Once we have achieved our objectives, these good folks can be sent to Iraq, The Korean DMZ or to the northern border of Israel.

    A 36 month enlistment must be served by our citizen-trainees. During their term of service, they will be paid the same as our enlisted servicemen and women. Fifty percent (50%) of their pay will be placed into an interest bearing account to be given to the discharged service member so he can buy/rent a residence and/or an automobile.

    Two objectives are accomplished. 1-They will have shown loyalty to our flag and learned our language.
    2- They will not be a burden to our economy bolstering the local economy.

  14. There must be a way to bypass the liberal judges who will oppose this brilliant plan. The Dems and their friends want open borders, ignoring GOD’S PLAN. The European Union is another example of the “open borders” policy which is contrary to Biblical Truth. GOD created the various countries and placed BORDERS around them ! AMEN !

  15. When Illegal Immigrants are in Our Country they should be made to Work at 1=Learning how to speak English 2-made to understand the constitution of our gov’t.Then after putting in their time(5 years or so)assuming No legal problems in that time, let them apply for citizenship. We should Not be giving America away.Some people have worked too hard to be passed by.Nothing for Free.Work for it.

  16. Trump has a great idea about making Mexico get tougher on the South America influx of crowds.

    It is only more WELFARE for these people, a hell of a lot more drugs will be run in our country from their connections and them being poor.

    Also, a great idea about only letting EDUCATED into America and absolutely STOP giving them College Grants which are supposed to be used for American children!!!

    Stop giving them “In-State” tuition breaks if they don’t actually live in that state.

    I’m so fed up with so many of these LOOSER WIMPY Republicans who are not standing Firm with Trump because they don’t want to loose any voters from their area——- instead of thinking of Americans —— they are acting like the “Moronic, bizzaire thinking and evil DemonCrats!!

    Get a pair of BALLS—— like Trump!!!

  17. All of the liberal judges are the biggest problems they don’t adhere to the constitution

  18. Get rid of the judges that rule against the US people

  19. This has a good chance of being more successful than tariffs however, the tariffs shld remain on the table of options.

  20. There seems to be no choice. Congress will not help, so our president will have to act alone to solve this problem. He is the only one who cares about the American Citizens and how this out of control crisis is impacting us all.
    Dear President Trump, please continue all of your efforts in solving this terrible problem.
    Thank you and may God bless you and your family.

  21. That is it, just say ” NO ” . now get. go home.
    they might be a terrorist or a cartel member or a gang member, lying their sorry a$$es off

  22. I cannot view this because it keeps flashing. Is this FB not allowing me to view?

  23. No wall = No Asylum. PERIOD!

  24. Put our taxpayer funded US Military right on the river and do not let then put one foot on our soil. Meantime build the fencing. If any foreigner wants any access to our country they must apply at the American Embassy in their country of origin. Anything less then this is surrender and eventually resulting in national suicide. President Trump has the Constitutional authority to do this.
    Interview: Stewart Rhodes talks Southern Border Strategy

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