Trump Gives Promising Update on the Tariff Standoff

The President has repeatedly stated that more tariffs were coming against China and Mexico if they do not cooperate and negotiate in a faithful way. This past week the President reported that the negotiations with Mexico were going well.

However, he is ready to put in place a new round of tariffs to enforce what he stated weeks ago would happen if Mexico did not help solve the border crisis. New tariffs could also be placed on China if they fail to come and negotiate a more fair-trade deal.

It appears that progress was made during the talks with Mexican officials. The President said the other day that, “I think a lot of progress was made yesterday. Something pretty dramatic could happen. We’ve told Mexico the tariffs go on. And we mean it too.”

Mexico could see higher tariffs if they do not help with the illegal border crossings.

Just in the month of May alone there were over 144,000 illegal aliens that were detained at the border. This is 32 percent higher than the month of April.

Officials are saying that this is the highest amount seen in the past 13 years. Most of the total were illegal crossings and 11,000 of them were children that were not being escorted by an adult.

The Democratic House is to blame for the stalemate that is happening with the border issues. They have stood against any and all attempts to change things on the border.

They even have failed to come up with any solutions on their own. The President has stated, “They don’t care what kind of record they have. We could solve this problem so easily if Democrats in Congress were willing to make some changes.”

With regard to China, the President has stated that “a lot of interesting things are happening. We’ll see what happens.” Currently, the tariff rate is 25 percent on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods.

The President has also said, “I can go up another at least $300 billion and I’ll do that at the right time. I think China wants to make a deal badly.” The last deal that came to the table fell through because China would not agree to the terms of the trade agreement.

This coming week the talks with Mexico are scheduled to resume. The President intends to move forward on his plan to impose tariffs on Mexico in they fail to reach an agreement on immigration.

Mexico has admitted that there is a crisis at the border, and they also believe that more needs to be done to fix the issue. The problem is that they feel that they are doing what they can to help. But the President believes that they can do more.

During the meeting with the Mexican officials, the focus of the meeting was on migration and not any of the possible tariffs that could be imposed on them. Mexico did present their plan and what they could help with but officials believed it was not good enough.

The tariff threat has caught the eye of the Senate as they begin to contemplate blocking the Presidents actions. They believe that these tariffs could destroy the economy and the growth that has been seen since taxes were lowered over a year ago.

Some Republicans want the President to find another way to get Mexico to help with the crisis and not impose the tariffs.

The President knows that the only way to get some nations to help out more is to get at them through their wallet. Many people do not want to help out more if it is going to cost them anything.

Mexico has nothing to lose when it comes to the border. The people leave their country and enter into the United States. But should the Mexican government have to pay more if tariffs, then they have a reason to help out more at the border.

Some lawmakers believe that the President will declare another national emergency in order to the tariffs take effect. The idea behind the tariffs is to get Mexico to stop the flow of people coming from the south. More meetings are scheduled with Mexican officials in the coming days.

Many are hopeful that an agreement can be reached before the tariffs take effect.