Hope Hicks is Facing the Democrats – Again

The Democrats are looking to question Hope Hicks about certain events that took place during the 2016 presidential elections race. They want to know about five things that Mueller went over in his report about Trump and Russia. The thrust of their questions will center around whether President Trump obstructed justice regarding the interference from Russia in the 2016 race.

Pat Cipollone seems to be derailing their plans to question her because of a letter that he sent to Jerry Nadler, who is the House Judiciary Committee Chairman. The letter mentions that she “Is absolutely immune” from having to face questions about her time at the White House. The time frame that the Democrats are trying to question her starts at the time she started working as part of the campaign staff to his inauguration.

Cipollone also included in the letter “The longstanding principle of immunity for senior advisers to the president is firmly rooted in the Constitution’s separation of powers and protects the core functions of the presidency.” This means that staffers can do their jobs without having to fear any questioning from lawmakers.

Democratic lawmakers want to bring Hicks into a question and answer time that is shut off from public ears. They want to know about any money that the president could have paid to people seeking to accuse him of wrongdoing. They are also seeking information about any details surrounding the firing of James Comey. And they want to know any details about Mueller being hired to serve in that capacity.

It was reported by Mueller that Hicks had hinted that the president did not like the investigation because it downplayed the president’s victory in 2016. Some Democrats believe that Trump interfered in the investigation by trying to restrict Mueller from getting the information he needed to write the report.

The meeting is supposed to take place in private and some are wondering when the transcript will be available for viewing. The House committee is looking to release the finding within two days of the question and answer time. One can only wonder why the House is looking into what is being called the hush-money payments because there is another entity within the House that is looking into the matter. This seems to be a redundant issue.

It is thought that Cohen was the one who arranged the payments. Mr. Cohen is now behind bars because he had lied to Congress and was guilty of other crimes related to money.

Cipollone has also stated that a lawyer will be present during the interview “in order to preserve the president’s ability to assert executive privilege” regarding any statements or information about Hick’s working in the White House. The House was quick to respond by claiming that the president needs to put the executive privilege in writing. If the president fails to do so, then the House is not going to listen to the lawyer that is scheduled to be present.

The House believes that the idea of executive privilege has been forfeited because Hicks has already testified to the matter in front of Mueller. She was given free rein to talk about anything relevant to the questions she was being asked.

The Judiciary Committee will be reviewing the transcripts and pulling any information from it that is vital to their case. Hicks has been cooperative and has even turned over documents that were once requested by the House. She turned over the documents even when the White House requested that she not turn anything over to them.

The Democratic Party is on a mission to try to discredit President Trump in any fashion they can. The timing of these events has been dragged out so long that it is almost a new presidential race year. House Democrats will answer for their deeds in the coming election year.

They have struggled to produce any changes or bills that have been of a benefit to the nation.

Instead, they have tried to accuse the president of any kind of wrongdoing that they can find.