House Gets Their Way or Taking Toys And Going Home

The Democrats in the House are failing once again. President Trump is leading the way in fixing the nation’s border crisis. His only obstacle to fixing the problem for good is having to wait on the Democrats in the House to get off their thrones and start working with him.

So far the liberal left has done nothing tangible in helping make this nation better for everyone. They have only stood in the way and caused major problems.

The House is set to go on vacation soon, and they are struggling to come up with a plan to meet President Trump’s deadline of mass deportations. The president has made it very clear that unless the House takes action and come up with a real solution to the problem or the deportations will begin.

The Democrats are divided on how to proceed.

Some Democrats want to throw money at the problem and see if it will solve anything.

Ilhan Omar has stated, “We cannot continue to throw money at a dysfunctional system.” She wants to see a real change made to the bill that the Democrats are trying to push to the President. But Nancy Pelosi only wants to make minor changes.

Omar stated again “We are not just asking for simple changes to be made into this, but to go back to the drawing board and really address this from a humanitarian issue.”

The problem is that every Democrat in the House has a different idea on how to proceed. Not one of them is willing to back another liberal with their plan because they want to be the hero that solves the border issue.

In reality, none of their plans will ever make it to the president because they do not consider what the president wants to see as a solution. The liberal left is not willing to listen to any Republican on the issue because they are seeking to control all the power.

Many Democrats are crying over the deadline that the president has given them to act before the deportations begin. What the Democrats fail to realize is that they have almost a year to act since they took control of the last midterm election.

But they are so hung up trying to incriminate Trump on charges that do not exist that they are missing their opportunity to help solve problems.

The way that President Trump has chosen to deal with the Democrats is not a new strategy. This same strategy was seen when he dealt with Mexico. He threatened to impose tariffs in they would not help with the border crisis.

Mexico came running and gave a plan that works for everyone. Now it’s the Democrats turn to bow to the President. If the Democrats do not want to be responsible for mass deportations, then they better get their act together and work with the president to solve the problem at the border.

Some Democrats are not taking him seriously as they feel that they have not been given enough time or that the president is bluffing. They believe that he will back down long before the deportations begin.

The question is whether they have the guts to call his bluff that they think he is presenting. The president has been seeking for the House to cough up the money needed to fix the broken border crisis. But they have been more interested in thinking they are in charge.

The Democrats are going to struggle with their job over the next few days. Many progressive lawmakers want to see certain things addressed in the proposed legislation are they plan to walk out.

That’s right, they are going to run away if they do not get what they want. Like children throwing a fit.

Nancy Pelosi still expects a vote to take place later this week. But there is a strong chance it will be voted down because it does not cover issues that need to be solved. The bill needs to do more than just provide money. It needs to deal with illegal aliens living in America now, asylum laws, the broken border wall, dreamers, and many other issues.

The President is not going to back down from his position. He has taken the security of this country seriously and will do what he needs to protect the people from all threats. It is time for the lawmakers of America to stand up and support their president instead of fighting him at every turn.