Gowdy Unveils Mysterious Evidence That “Changed” His “Perspective” on Entire Mueller Probe

Like most of his colleagues across the aisle, former U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy, Republican – South Carolina, initially supported special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. But, last week during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gowdy revealed that his stance changed when he saw a mysterious piece of evidence.

According to TheBlaze, the former Representative, and man of multiple hairstyles informed Bartiromo, “Some of us have seen transcripts of those conversations. And I was supportive of Mueller. I was supportive of the idea to initiate, to investigate what Russia did.”

Continuing, Gowdy stated, “But when I saw this transcript, it actually changed my perspective, because you want to think of law enforcement as being unbiased and disinterested in the outcome, as long as we just find the facts.” He remarked, “This really matters. When you have exculpatory information, and you don’t share it with a court…then your bias begins to impact the investigation.”

During the sit-down, Gowdy inferred the FBI provided preferential treatment to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 while advising the two presidential contenders about how to deal with the threat presented by foreign entities. The Washington Examiner reported that Gowdy referenced how both Clinton and President Donald J. Trump, a candidate at the time, received counterintelligence “defensive” briefs.

Intriguingly, Gowdy insisted the two briefs weren’t the same. The former South Carolina Representative maintained the FBI gave “two different kinds of defensive briefings to candidates depending on who you like and who you don’t.”

Due to this tidbit of information and the way the FBI kept transcript documents from the FISA court, Gowdy said, “your bias begins to impact the investigation.” Before Gowdy’s blockbuster revelation on “Sunday Morning Futures,” no indication that Clinton’s brief was different than the information Trump received existed.

In October of 2017, the assistant director of the FBI’s Office of Congressional Affairs, Gregory Brower, wrote U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican – Iowa, the former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, in order to confirm that “an experienced FBI counterintelligence agent” gave a defensive brief to Trump In August of 2016 that “focused on the broad range of threats posed by foreign intelligence entities.”

The missive stated that “[s]imilar briefings” were also given to Clinton and the two vice presidential candidates before the 2016 election. The letter contended that the campaign staff had also been briefed.

This wasn’t the first bombshell allegation Gowdy has revealed about the Mueller investigation in recent days. In an earlier interview with Bartiromo last month, the former chair of the House Intelligence Committee insinuated that the FBI intentionally kept “game-changer” evidence from the FISA court at the time a surveillance warrant was secured against the President’s campaign associate Carter Page.

According to TheBlaze, “It is widely believed the transcripts Gowdy referred to are exculpatory evidence. Some Republican lawmakers believe the government withheld the transcripts from the FISA court because they would have hurt the government’s case for obtaining a warrant against Page.”

Gowdy revealed to Bartiromo that a release of the transcripts might persuade the public in the President’s favor. He commented, “There is some information in these transcripts that I think has the potential to be a game-changer if it’s ever made public.”

With the fake news media running rampant, many Americans would likely never hear about the transcripts if they were ever made public. Calling out the media for their wall-to-wall coverage of Democrats insisting on the impeachment of Trump on an airing of Fox News’ “Hannity” earlier this month, Gowdy remarked, “I hope you, even you, have realized now that duplicity and relativism with which Republicans are covered versus Democrats.”

The former South Carolina Representative lambasted the media for playing a crucial part in keeping the Russian collusion hoax going.

Gowdy said, “This story, they wanted to get it started right after the inauguration. And they want to keep it going until November of 2020. And even having pathetic, sad hearings that don’t benefit anyone other than the folks advertising on television, that is part of this effort to keep it alive.”

Referring to the biased media, Gowdy alleged, “At some point, they need to ask themselves, I wonder why we are not trusted. I wonder why people think we are in the tank with the Democrats.”

The former Representative’s recent revelations lend credence to the President’s repeated claims of corruption at the FBI. In light of the unfair, biased treatment he reportedly received, Trump’s 2016 election win seems even more remarkable.

If the transcripts Gowdy referenced are revealed before the 2020 presidential contest, and that’s a big if, the President might have even better odds of sailing to victory on election night again.