Trump Advisor to Receive Subpoena

The Delusional Democrats have done it again. They have spotted their next victim in an assault on President Trump and anyone that has ever worked for him or spoke to him. Kellyanne Conway, who is a top advisor to the president, has been subpoenaed to appear before the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The committee voted 25-16 to bring her and grill her with questions that are not going to make a bit of difference in the grand scheme of things.

Conway is being targeted for her tenacious spirit in dealing with the crazy media and the laughable left. The OSC has recommended that Conway be fired because they believe that she is trying to use her influence to change the course of an election. The OSC is claiming that she has initially violated the Hatch Act.

Conway has responded with a very strong and correct reply when she stated: “If you’re trying to silence me through the Hatch Act, it’s not going to work.” She also stated, “Let me know when the jail sentence starts.”

The loony left has made it their mission to scare people associated with President Trump into silence. The Democrats do now want people telling the truth or even hinting about the successes that the president has been having recently.

Conway speaks her mind and that is what is scaring the OSC and the rest of the liberal loonies. The recommendation by the OSC to remove Conway is an attempt to violate her First Amendment rights.

The OSC is more concerned with how others will view them after Conway stands up to them than doing the right thing. They want to make an example out of her in an attempt to scare other federal employees into silence.

The OSC tells people that they respect Conway’s First Amendment rights, and they are saying that they want her to be able to speak out. But she can only speak what they want her to speak. That is not First Amendment rights.

Graciously the president has mentioned over and over again that Conway is an effective proponent of the policies that he has put forth. The OSC has mentioned that they do not want to “deprive the president of that assistance” speaking of Conway’s service to the president.

But that is exactly what they are doing by telling her to stay quiet or else face the consequences. The OSC has been digging into her past trying to find any and all violations of the Hatch Act. This is nothing more than another attempt by the lusting liberals to harm the president. The left is so drunk with power that they are stooping to new lows in an attempt to control President Trump.

Except their efforts are failing badly.

All the White House staff and aides know that President Trump is watching out for them as much as they are shielding him from the crazy Democrats. The Democrats do not like the family atmosphere that has risen over the past several years at the White House.

Working there is more than a job. It is being a part of a large family that works well together and it’s a place where safety and security matters.

Many of the complaints against Conway are coming from people that have had their feelings hurt by her and now they want to cry about it. Some Democratic candidates have complained that the words she is using are hurtful to them.

Yet, they can go around speaking even worse things about other political figures and get away with it. This is nothing more than a double standard. Something the Democrats do very well is living up to their own double standard.

The attacks on Conway have not gone without notice.

Jim Jordan has pointed out the two of Obama’s advisor acted worse than Conway ever did and nothing was ever said or done about their actions. The Democrats are attacking every person they can in an attempt to take power from the president.

Conway, according to Jordan, is a “strong-willed Republican helping President Trump.” The Democrats see that mix of personalities as a problem, and they want to do away with it.

Really what this comes down to is that Conway is effective at her job and the Democrats are jealous.

They want to silence her and put her away from being able to do her job for President Trump. Conway will come out victorious and the Democrats will once again have embarrassed themselves.