President Trump Shaking up the Border Patrol

A week after the reelection campaign, after the promise of large amounts of deportations, President Trump is shaking up the agencies who handle immigration by moving people around like a true businessman to get the job done.

He started out with replacing the interim border chief John Sanders with Mark Morgan.  Morgan was appointed the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the beginning of June and will take his new position as the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.  A legislative staffer and two Departments of Homeland Security officials have confirmed the move to reporters.

President Trump’s term as president has the worst situation possible when it comes to immigration and keeping illegals out of America.  There have been so many problems over the last decade with illegals coming in by the groups and caravans, it is hard to manage a situation which seems almost impossible because it has been happening for so many years.

But the president is taking his business experience and putting it into effect even with this massive situation.  It is going to take moving people around in high offices and realizing everyone’s talents while putting them to good use along with everyone working as a team.  This is the only way to get the job done, and President Trump knows this.

The shakeup comes at a time when it is crucial to place the right people in the right places.  Running this issue like a business is the only option we have left because politics haven’t worked, promises have failed, and if the Left would get out of the way more than half of all these problems would be resolved by now.

It is hard for one man to do something right when ten thousand plus liberals are blocking the path to getting the job done.  Since April the president has been moving top officials around at DHS as he is searching for “greater toughness” from enforcers.

Hardcore immigration enforcers are demanding the president remove Kevin McAleenan, the DHS secretary.  It has taken too much time for policies to move forward, and they are just beginning but at a slow pace.  These are the people in the crosshairs for removal.

McAleenan challenged the timing and feasibility of the raids and was more concerned about the backlash of the Democrats than doing his job.  When a military man is taking orders from his or her superiors, they don’t question the order.  They just follow through with it.  This is what set off a lot of the agents and critics alike.

Policies need to move quicker, and it takes people in charge like Mark Morgan to push through the red tape.  Liberals will always find something wrong with anything the president does, and this move is no different.  They are claiming all he is doing is moving people around.

They do not look at the business side of what Trump is doing, and if they would open their eyes, they would see these situations with a business mind and perspective can solve the problem.

Morgan pushed for the operation to move forward and was ready at a moments notice to follow through with President Trump’s orders.  This set very well with the president, and it made him feel he made the right choice.  Rumor had it the president heard from Stephen Miller, a senior immigration advisor, that “everyone at DHS is weak.”

The president made the move whether critics agreed with it or not to put Morgan in charge of the operation.  President Trump wants to see the wall built and immigration numbers drop before the elections at all cost, and the only way to do this is to have the wall built.

One advisor summed it up with this statement, “It is basically just throw everything at the wall at this point.”

The president has ideas for others as well. He wanted to name Tom Homan, the “new border czar.”  At this point in time, Homan is still weighing his options on if he will accept the position or not.  Homan stated he “could not disentangle himself from private interests to go back into public service.”

Officials who speak on these conditions and who make some of the president’s announcements have confirmed this statement.

Before Morgan’s arrival, Matt Albence was in charge before Morgan.  Albence will resume his position as the acting ICE director.

With all the moves and shakeups, there is no doubt the job will get done.