Students Taught A Valuable Lesson By Veterans

Students in this generation tend to be entitled. They don’t go through the school of hard knocks that many adults went through. They’re exposed to more technology than any previous generation. Thanks to social media, too, many of them live in a tiny bubble that is threatened to burst at any moment.

A story has been circulating for a while that showed how one teacher gave her class a wakeup call.

Earn Your Right

A teacher cleared the classroom of all desks. The students had no idea what to think. The teacher announced that they couldn’t have their desks until they told her how they earn the right to sit at a desk.

Grades? Good behavior? None of them could figure out what the teacher was talking about.

By the end of the day, the teacher explained that no one was able to say what they had done to earn the right to sit at their desks. She opened the door so that 27 veterans, in uniform, could march into the classroom. They each carried a desk. As they entered, they sat a desk down and lined up against the wall.

The teacher went on to explain that the students hadn’t earned the right to sit at the desks. Instead, the heroes earned the right for them. They interrupted their lives and their careers and their education in order to fight on the other side of the world. They delivered the freedom that the students of today are able to enjoy. They paid the price so that students could get an education.

The students learned that day that they were grateful. They also learned the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Fighting for Veteran Rights

Veterans need to have their rights fought for. The Department for Veteran Affairs is so back-logged that there are literally thousands of veterans who are homeless on the streets. Many get lost within the system. There are veterans who were injured in WWII and Vietnam that are waiting for years to have their cases reviewed in order to get disability pay.

It took Jon Stewart talking to Dems on Capitol Hill to find out why they wanted to cut funding to those who were injured in 9/11. September 11, 2001, marked one of the darkest moments in recent American history. Thousands of police officers and military members rushed to the aid of those who were injured and lost in the crumbling of the two towers – and yet Dems in the House have the audacity to pull the funding. And where’s that funding going to go? If Pelosi gets her way, it would be to help the illegals who are regularly breaking the laws at the border to enter the country illegally.

Lower Military Enlistments

The enlistments are down considerably across all branches of the military. Many of today’s youth don’t understand the importance of the military. All they hear is “war” and know that it’s bad – most likely because of not understanding why the wars are taking place or the politics behind them.

However, the US military is one of the strongest in the world. It didn’t get there overnight. One of the reasons why there aren’t attacks on US soil very often is because the rest of the world knows the power of the military. It’s an honor to serve as a US Marine or with the US Air Force.

Unfortunately, Dems don’t see it that way. Many would like to cut funding to the military because “it’s not necessary.” It’s a huge mistake. How can we hold our title for being the strongest in the world if funding is drastically cut?

Historically, Republicans see the importance of military service in those who serve in political positions more so than Democrats. Some of the best presidents we have ever had have had a military background. When they don’t have military backgrounds or have served in the military, they lack the understanding, the culture, or the desire to provide funding. After all, why fund something you don’t understand.

Whomever the teacher was who taught her class the lesson with the desks and the veterans understood. She understood that veterans are critical to the country. Military service is important to the country. And, some people have to sacrifice so that we can enjoy freedom, safety, and security.

Each and every one of those students got a wakeup call. They understand. Maybe Trump could go remove the desks from Pelosi and Schumer’s offices and have some veterans march in there. Maybe that could shake things up for the Dems who still don’t seem to get it.