Liberals and the Common Similarities of Declining Catholicism

When we look at Liberals, we tend to wonder what the hell happened to humanity where morals are not a priority anymore.  There is a saying that goes, “Evil thrives when good men remain silent.”

Conservatives have held up this country since the day of Independence.  Liberals have always been there to tear it down.  It reminds me of the Ying Yang, good and evil.  Our Founding Fathers set up this country based on the belief of God and the freedom of religion.

A lot of that freedom has died over the last few years.  Obama almost killed patriotism and religion in the eight years of his foolishness.  People who walk away from religion and the Higher Power, to most known as God, are like the Liberals.  They are ready at a moments notice to drop morality and righteousness in heartbeat to fulfill their own greed and lust for power.

There is one religion in particular which seems to go through the rockiest roads, the Catholic faith.  I am not putting down any religion, especially the Catholics, but there is something to take into notice.

Catholics have had more people walk away from the faith than any other religion.  The majority of Catholics do not believe there is a devil, but yet they believe there is evil all around.  It is said the greatest thing the Devil has done was make the world believe he does not exist.

That sounds a lot like the devilish Democrats.  They pass the wool over everyone’s eyes so they cannot see the evil acts they do, and then tell the world everything is good.  There is something wrong with this picture.

Believe it or not, there are Conservatives who stopped believing in morals and principles and have turned their backs on the Republican Party and this country.  They went over to the Liberal side thinking the grass is greener only to find there is hell to pay.

What is funny is politics is very much like religion because there are a bunch of Liberals who opened their eyes to the truth and came over to the Conservative side or at least the Independents.  It is a picture-perfect portrait of good and evil, everyday life whether you believe in it or not.

If Conservatives who are wishy-washy stop believing their own principles, then they will falter just like the religious.  The Liberals will come in and take over what is left if the Conservatives let them.  The same applies to a person’s faith.  If the person does not stand up for what is right, then evil will come in and fill the void.

In Catholicism, the Church’s stance is they believe Satan exists.  Now, when you take the belief of the faithful, and you look at the statistics of only one out of four still believe this.  It says two things, some are ignorant and just do not believe while others believe, they just do not care.  Sounds familiar?

Look at the Liberals.  Is that not how they are?  “Like sheep led to the slaughter.”

There is another religion similar to the Catholic faith, Judaism.  There are many who call themselves “Catholic,” but they do not follow or accept the teachings.  A U.S. poll showed many who are Catholic do not believe or participate.

There is no way I am comparing President Trump to God, but the principles go along this line.  Many call themselves “Republicans” or “Conservatives” but do not support the President.  Either you do, or you do not.  There is no in between.  The same applies to religion, either you believe, or you do not.  It is common sense and plain and simple.

During Obama’s two terms from hell as president, he pushed for Islam to become the national religion and tried to take God and religion out of everything.  When President Trump took office, it was like a breath of fresh air came across the country.  It felt like we were free to believe whatever we wanted again.

Many people who believe in God, believe President Donald Trump is God’s anointed and chosen one.  I am not one to say, but the things he has done in the short amount of time, there has to be some kind of divine intervention backing him up.

Obama left too much of a disaster for anyone to clean up, but President Trump is not just trying, he is actually doing it, and doing it better than anyone else.