US Flag is Burned at the White House on the 4th

As President Donald Trump was preparing to celebrate America’s Independence Day, protestors gathered outside the White House to make a statement against our government and to burn the US flag.

However, it didn’t go quite as planned and ended with violence and arrests, due to the inference of known Trump supporters.

The leftist protestors were led by Gregory Lee (Joey) Johnson. Johnson is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party. He and a group of about a dozen others linked arms and chanted, “America was never great,” as they burned an American flag on Pennsylvania Avenue in Lafayette Park.

What a disgrace! They obviously don’t know much about history.

Thankfully, a group of nearby Trump supporters quickly came to America’s defense, storming the group of liberal communists and knocking several to the ground in an attempt to put out the fire and get them to shut up.

The secret service quickly intervened and made sure the fire was out.

However, it wasn’t long before another protestor tried to ignite a second flag and began shouting, “burn, baby, burn.” And more scuffles ensued between the two groups.

This one was also quickly extinguished by law enforcement. And two protestors, including Johnson, were taken away in handcuffs, as the rest of the surrounding crowd was forced to dissipate and leave the area.

Two secret service agents, as well one of the protestors were taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries while the other arrested protestor was escorted to the 2nd District Metropolitan Police Department for processing.

The burning of a United States flag is not illegal in the country, as it a form of freedom of expression and speech. However, the secret service says that this occasion went beyond the limits of a permit issued by the National Park Service, as it took place in a public park.

A spokeswoman for the Secret Service, Julia McMurray confirmed to members of the press that one person had been arrested for felony assault on a police officer and malicious burning. The other protestor was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a police investigation.

Johnson had told the press earlier in the week that he would be “going to D.C. on the Fourth of July and I’m going to burn the flag in protest (of his) whole fascist agenda.”

He said, “I’m going to be speaking to the people of the world letting them know that there are people inside the borders of this country who stand with the people of the world.”

The people of the world? What? What does that even mean?

If he is trying to insinuate that the world hates America and hates Trump, he is sorely mistaken. No, we may not be liked by some, but we are not the world’s worst.

And if he loves the people of the rest of the world so much more than his own country, why doesn’t he and his followers just leave. Go to a nation that they will appreciate, apparently a communist one that will cater to their way of thinking a bit more.

Noche Diaz, one of Johnson’s fellow protestors, said “Getting arrested was not a part of the plan,” although he was not arrested.

Whatever their ridiculous plan did involve it apparently was not very well thought out. It’s one thing to make a statement against America and burn her flag, a treasonous act in and of itself, but to do it in front of the White House on Independence Day when thousands of others, including law enforcement, would be present is just not smart.

Are they dumb enough to really think their actions would have been allowed to transpire as they planned? Those thousands of spectators waiting for the celebration to begin are Proud Americans, ones who would defend their nation and her name. They were there to enjoy the freedoms she has given them not to bash her name and history.

No doubt their actions were meant to be seen by thousands who might agree with them and support their cause. However, the only name they have made for themselves now is one of shame and mockery. And good riddance.