Kamala Harris Plans To Help Black Families

For any Republicans who were worried that Kamala Harris might actually get the DNC nomination and give Trump a run for his money, it seems as though she has set her campaign in flames with her most recent goal. She has a $100B plan to focus on black homeownership.

As if the country didn’t have enough segregation problems, Harris has decided that the best plan for America is to give $100B to black communities so that the racial wealth gap is no longer as noticeable.

What in the world?

The Senator has decided that investing $100 billion of government money into assistance for housing solely for black families is a good use of government funds. She said that, if she is elected president, it would help to close the racial wealth gap.

The reason for her plan is because of generations of discrimination. She feels that this is the best way to give families who are black a “real shot” at becoming homeowners.

She has a few convoluted reasons as to why this will work, too. She thinks that black wealth will grow when the homeownership rates for blacks go up. She also wants to increase their credit access by altering the credit reporting standards.

Racial Issues in this Campaign

The 2020 presidential campaign has had a number of racial issues tagged onto it, with many of the candidates focusing on ways to address racial wealth disparities. While most want to expand the way to invest in women and minority-owned businesses, Harris is the only one with a hair-brained idea that just gives people the money that they need in order to make the people homeowners.

Different candidates are fighting for the rights of different races within America, including black and Hispanics. The unfortunate thing about this is that none of them are addressing some of the biggest problems.

Blacks and Hispanics have the same access to education that white people do. In fact, some would argue that they have even more access because of the number of scholarships that are available to minorities and those who are in financial need. It’s easier for a black or Hispanic student to get a full ride to a state university than it is to someone who is white.

Further, those who do choose to get educated are the ones who grow up to earn higher levels of income and who become homeowners. Harris wants to make homeownership into a racial issue when the reality is that it’s not.

It Comes Down to How Money is Best Spent

The Dems are all about giving handouts to people who haven’t shown any initiative that they want to work for it. What if the money is given to blacks so that they can become homeowners? It takes money to maintain a home. Just giving them a home doesn’t automatically put money in their pocket to take care of it. They have to want to work for it – and if they could prove that, they could get government aid in the form of being a minority-owned business. However, they don’t want to work for it. They want a handout.

Harris’ idea to adjust the credit reporting standards is absurd, too. Those standards are in place to ensure that people aren’t able to borrow above their means. Making credit more accessible to blacks (or anyone for that matter) is only going to send them into debt. Then what? A payout to them because they were irresponsible with the credit that they were so easily able to achieve?

Harris’ plan is ill-thought and shows that it can contribute to nothing but a downward spiral of endless spending so that black communities can feel as though they’re no longer being oppressed.

Harris needs to wake up and learn that the way to get the DNC nomination is not to cater to one single race. Being president is about compromise. It’s about “we the people” – and we the people is more than just the black communities. By coming up with this half-assed plan, she is creating more of a racial divide.

Let the black communities get the funding in a way that is fair to everyone, not based solely on the color of their skin. If someone wants to open a business and they’re a minority, they can get federal funding. If someone makes below a certain income threshold, they can get monetary help. If someone is financially unable to pay for college, they can get need-based scholarships.

The help is already in place. Harris needs to push the black communities to look at what’s already in place instead of promising something that could never (and should never) be handed to one particular race.