Voters Doubt Impeachment Will Happen

Ever since the House Dems won the majority, impeachment has been on their lips. Even though Pelosi promised that it wasn’t a consideration at the time, it absolutely was. If time has taught us anything, it’s to not believe anything that the two-faced majority leader says. However, even with the Mueller report coming out and many House Dems yelling to impeach Trump, proceedings haven’t started.

After a Fox News Poll, it shows that most voters doubt that impeachment will ever happen with Donald Trump.

There’s This Thing Called Evidence

One of the main reasons why people don’t think that President Trump will be impeached is because he doesn’t have enough evidence against him. The Mueller report showed that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to say that he did or did not conspire with Russia. Even Mueller himself said that there wasn’t enough information to go on.

Since we live in the United States, people are innocent until proven guilty. Although it would be hard to explain that to Pelosi, it is one of those things that work in favor of Donald Trump.

Even with more people in the House calling for impeachment about foreign intel remarks, it’s still not enough to warrant impeachment.

What the Polls Show

The Fox News Poll showed that 48 percent of voters said that they don’t think he should be impeached at all. 43 percent show that he should be impeached and removed. Those are the Democrats who obviously have no idea how politics work.

In order for Trump to be both impeached and removed from office, the Democrats would have to vote to impeach him. If the vote goes through with a majority, he is impeached. However, it then moves to the Senate, where there is a Republican majority. It is highly unlikely that they would vote to remove him. This means that he would stay right where he is, only proving further that the House loves to waste time and go on a witch hunt.

There was another 7 percent who said that they thought he should be impeached but not removed. These are the people who are realistic in the fact that the House may be crazy enough to impeach him but know that the Senate would never allow it to happen.

What Pelosi Wants

Pelosi has been very honest about what she would like to see. Although she continues to get pressure from her fellow Dems in the House about impeachment, she’s focused on the end game. She would like to get enough evidence on Trump to see him put behind bars. However, she’s been wasting a lot of time to get that evidence. In two years, she’s spent a lot of money to order reports and investigations in order to get enough to put him behind bars.

What’s come of that? Nothing but debt and time lost. She’s made it obvious that she hates Trump and won’t stop at anything until she sees him out of office. However, she has made one mistake. She’s let the entire country see her blind hatred for Trump. She’d rather make a move to spite Trump than to do what’s right for the country. That was obvious when she wanted to draft another version of the bill that the Senate passed for aid to the wall. In the end, the Dems forced her hand and it had to go onto the floor as is.

Since more and more people are learning who Pelosi really is, they’re noticing that Trump really isn’t the bad guy that the Dems want to paint him out to be. He may have a different presidential approach than past presidents, but that was part of his platform. He told everyone he was going to take a business approach instead of a political approach. It’s why he won. It’s also why people are criticizing him: because it’s different.

Focus on Something Other Than Impeachment

Imagine what could happen to the world of politics if the Dems thought about something other than impeaching President Trump. They could focus on all of the bills that they promised the American people would be put to vote, as they promised in their election speeches. They could stop wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars on expensive investigations.

There are about 15 House Dems that can’t get impeachment off of their mind. However, the American people have already spoken. They don’t think that Trump should be impeached. Shouldn’t the House Dems listen to that, then, since their very job is to represent the people?