Democrats Investigate 4th of July Costs

In what seems like a never-ending assault on the president, Democrats are now seeking an investigation into the costs for this year’s Fourth of July celebration. They claim that the funds to put on the show that included a salute to our military may have been used illegally and that the event was political.

Three members of the Senate Appropriations Committee are asking the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to look into the spending and budget of the event and determine if it was legal and what it will cost taxpayers.

Tom Udall of New Mexico, Chris Van Hollen from Maryland, and the committee’s ranking member Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont are leading asking for a comprehensive cost estimate for all the events of the holiday, including the National Independence Day Parade, A Capitol Fourth Concert, and the National Park Service fireworks display. All three of these events have taken place in the past and have caused no concern in previous years.

However, the trio of anti-patriotic Democrats wants a separate accounting for each event.

In a letter to the GAO’s comptroller general Gene Dodaro on July 5th, they said they were “concerned by the impacts and the precedent of diverting limited Federal resources… to organize and execute unbudgeted events.”

In particular, they are concerned with the costs that it took to implement the “Salute to America” designed by Trump. This event incorporated flyovers representing all five branches of the US military and grounded military equipment such as tanks, as well as heightened security.

According to flight-hour estimates from the Defense Department, the fly-overs alone would cost about $500,000. To help with costs for the event is was reported last week the National Park Service would divert nearly $2.5 million in park fees.

However, these Democratic lawmakers aren’t pleased with this.

Prior to the national holiday and its celebration in Washington, the Department of Interior’s Secretary David Bernhardt was asked by lawmakers to give an account of the nation’s Independence Day plans, including how funding would be allocated and from where.

According to Udall, they were given a deadline of June 28th, which they did not meet. Thus, the department has been accused of not answering.

In addition, the trio of senators says they are “troubled by reports that preferential access to the National Mall was organized by political entities such as the Republican National Committee, which furthers the appearance that taxpayer funds were used to accomplish political objectives.”

While the event was attended by lawmakers, administration officials, and military leaders from both party sides, these Democrats claim that it was a political event to raise awareness for Trump and the upcoming election.

No matter that reporters from multiple media entities all vouch that Trump’s “Salute to America” and his near 45-minute speech had nothing to do with himself and politics but instead was just what it is named. It was a speech that was made to bring honor to our nation and the thousands that have stood for freedom and fought for it over the years. It was a tribute to our armed forces and all those who serve, regardless of political thoughts or actions.

And yet, all these Democrats can see is the smiling faces of their opposition that remind them of their failures. So instead of celebrating with America becoming one with their own nation, they choose sides that divide us and seek to tear us apart from the inside out.

Their own struggles to win the White House protest any unity and force them to try their hardest to find something against President Trump. So now they go after every detail of the finances that are used to support our president. According to the committee, they are asking for cost estimates of security, personnel, production, travel, event logistics, transportation, communications, and any other related costs to the events. They also want detailed records of the same for the last three years “to use as a comparison.”

This is just another example that they will stop at nothing to drag him down. Imagine, getting your hackles up over a party. Absolutely ridiculous.