Trump Uses His Executive Powers to Help the Suffering

President Trump is once again showing how much he cares by signing an executive order directing the federal government to change laws governing kidney disease so more people facing this horrible condition can get the home help they need and get kidney transplants faster than they are being done. President Donald Trump cares about the people he serves in the Oval Office.

His order makes it easier for people to receive the care in their homes necessary to keep their bodies free of the toxins associated with kidney disease. His order also increases the number of kidneys available for transplant.

Trump stated that “It’s a truly exciting day for advancing kidney health in our country.” The battles that people used to face just to get the care needed to live will begin to get better. The terrible consequences they live through are about to change as the federal government will now work to ease the financial hardships by reimbursing them for their expenses like lost wages and childcare. This is a big deal and only Trump could have made it better.

Another change that is set to happen is to make it possible for the deceased to be able to donate their kidneys easier. The process of finding transplantable organs is terrible. Now it will be easier for people to help those struggling to survive.

People have to travel to dialysis centers and spend an awful amount of time waiting for treatment. They spend a horrible amount of time hooked up to a machine in a large center for hours when they could be at home getting the same care. One expert has noted that “Right now every financial incentive is toward dialysis and not toward transplantation and long-term survivorship,” There really is not enough to go around to help find new donors.

The cost of Medicare to help those 30 million Americans suffering from kidney disease comes in at $113 billion. This is a lot more money than was needed to fix the border wall. Many of the people paying for the treatments are facing the end of their lives because some care that was needed to survive was not available to them. Only a fraction of the people needing a transplant was able to receive one in order to live.

One doctor who specializes in kidney care has stated: “The longer you’re on dialysis, the outcomes are worse.” This doctor is praising Trump for his actions because he knows that things are about to get a lot better for everyone.

Some things that are ready to change are Medicare payments. There would be a financial incentive for doctors and patients for six months. There will now be someone to start the preparation for a transplant long before it is time for one so when that time does come it can take place rapidly. The other incentive would allow providers to ear just as much money as treating a person in a center than they would be treating a patient in their own home.

Kidney care is essential for millions of people. Any help that can be provided will just improve the way they have cared for the type of care they can receive. Now more people will be able to stay at home while their system is flushed out and their blood is made clean. There is no need to spend countless hours sitting in a chair in a big building waiting for a machine to clean up the mess within.

President Trump has shown the world that he cares more for the people of this country than he does anything else. He has set a new standard of the presidency that will be hard for others to follow. Other past Democratic presidents have been greedy and only in the position for themselves. Obama was an example of this as he only did things to help himself. He would not even deal with the Russians during his tenure because he was almost out of office.

President Trump truly cares about people. Everything he does is for the benefit of others and not himself. He has truly made America great once again.