Carlson Slams Representative Omar in a Rebuttal

Every time a Conservative says something that another person of a different race or background gets “offended” usually a Liberal, they pull the “racist” card. Tucker Carlson of Fox News used his show for a rebuttal which Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, called him a “racist.”

Carlson took a lot of heat after Omar and other Liberal groups were in an uproar about him speaking the truth. He told of her history how she was an immigrant from Somali and rose to an elected official in the House of Representatives. He stated, her story “is proof that American immigration has become dangerous to this country.”

Wednesday morning, Omar told reporters, I believe Carlson is a racist fool. She also went on a progressive Jewish show “Bend the Arc” and called out advertisers who allow “a nightly platform to white supremacist rhetoric.”

All Carson did was he stated the truth as Omar has proven to the American people she is not a true American. She proved it when she spoke of 9/11 and how she used the phrase, “some people did something.” She was speaking about the Muslims when they attacked America on that horrible day.

You cannot get more non-American than that statement. The American attack was the worst in history since the bombing of Pearl Harbor when almost 3,000 Americans lost their lives, and countless were injured. Liberals were even angry at the statement. To support such an act of terror, or even speak of that tragic day in that context is disgraceful and the real “racist” statement.

Carlson said on his show Wednesday night as he was speaking about how the advertisers were going to pull their ads from Fox News shows. He stated, “They didn’t rebut our points, or even acknowledge them. They just tried to silence us. That’s how they operate. And of course, they called us racist. On one level, that’s amusing, given how absurd the charge is.”

Carlson continued, “Racist? No. We’re against racism, adamantly. Omar consistently puts her own race at the center of the conversation, but to us, it’s irrelevant.”

On Carlson’s show, he defended himself by not only saying but showing he is in support of refugees. He brought up Ayana Hirsi Ali who “loves and cares about the United States and believes our country is superior to the country she came from.” He gave a brief documentary on Ali who is also a writer and she stated herself, “Islam fundamentally is incompatible with Western democratic values.”

Carlson stated after the explanation, “Two Somali immigrants. One, among the most impressive people in America. The other, among the least. It’s not about race.” He even slapped the left with this statement. “It was the left who taught Omar that crying racism pays.” He also said, “Democrats as a whole are not patriotic.” Just look at who got her into office, President Barrack Obama, the most non-American president this country has ever had. He caused more division and racism than any other politician in any office. The majority of the Muslims put into office was directed by him.

Carlson also said, “Now it’s routine to hear Democratic presidential candidates question the basic legitimacy of the United States. Even supposed moderates, like Joe Biden, join in. That should worry you. No country can survive being ruled by people who hate it. We deserve better.”

What every American wants to know is why do these people think they are entitled more than “We the People” are to the First Amendment? It is time they learn their place and time for them to learn American History. This country was not built upon one person’s beliefs.

There is nothing wrong with being different or having different backgrounds. It is not about, man or woman, race or creed, it is about giving every “citizen” their opportunity to express The First Amendment.

This is what makes America what she is. It is what makes her great. And to call us “racist” for standing for our beliefs is ignorant. We are proud to be Americans. We do not support Iran and Muslim terrorist as Omar does over our own country. People who do not like what we stand for, need to shut up, pack their bags, and leave America.

This is why, we elected Donald Trump, to take what is rightfully ours back and put America back on top. Because this is what America stands for, and we have had enough of the “racist” card!