Kamala Harris Blames Russia For Kaepernick Taking A Knee

Senator Kamala Harris has decided that she’s going to blame Russia for the whole Colin Kaepernick issue, where he took a knee during the national anthem of an NFL game. Although he took a knee quite a while back, Harris, who is now running for president in 2020, has decided that it’s a Russian bot problem.

The gullible Senator (D-Calif) said that Russian bots are to blame for stirring up the frenzy over what Kaepernick did. She also claims that the bots are now coming after her.

Pointing the Finger

Kamala Harris seems to think that people are incapable of making decisions that are against what she would like everyone to think without Russia getting involved. For her, it’s easier to point the finger and explain that Russian bots were the cause of why people got upset about Kaepernick taking a knee and why she’s now being targeted on the internet.

Harris calls for everyone to know “when we’re being played,” regarding the Russian bots.

Kaepernick took a knee as a way to protest. It was his way of protesting an America that he thought was suppressing him as an African American. Trump blasted Kaepernick for taking a knee when the NFL player did so in 2016, the same time Trump was running for president.

Harris, however, says that the bots turned up the heat. She said that “smart people” know it wasn’t a thing.

Kaepernick went on record for saying that he felt suppressed in the United States as a black male. This is the same man who was being paid millions of dollars a year in a sport that he would only be able to play in the United States. This is the same man who was raised by white parents.

Many people felt outraged for him kneeling during the anthem because it was anti-American. People got offended because it was wrong – not because of Russian bots and not because Trump got offended over it. Harris is forgetting that people have free will and that, sometimes, people get offended over things like not standing for the national anthem.

Can she really represent the black community?

There have been a number of people within the black community who have questioned whether Kamala Harris can even truly represent the black community. Her father was from Jamaica and her mother was from India. Being black and from Jamaica is very different than living as a black person in the United States for their entire lives. This means that Harris is losing touch with literally everyone, though she blames the bots for targeting her.

So, it must be the Russian bots that are complaining about her not being a “real” black person and not the actual black communities who are complaining about her.

Take Responsibility, Harris

Kaepernick went on record to NFL media stating that he wasn’t going to stand in order to show pride in a country’s flag responsible for oppressing black people as well as those of color. Kaepernick started all of this on his own. He was responsible for choosing to take a knee, at an NFL game that was watched by millions. Even those who didn’t watch the game heard about the disrespect because it was televised. His interview following the event went viral, too.

For Kamala Harris to say that the Russian bots were responsible for creating the controversy is just nuts. There’s plenty for Americans to be upset about. If it was just a poor, black man raised by black parents, experiencing oppression every day of his life, it might have been justified. But this was a man who had a contract from the NFL worth millions. He didn’t know what it meant to be oppressed.

Harris wants to blame Trump’s election and people’s indignant behavior on being un-American on Russian bots. Why is it so hard for the presidential candidate to realize that many people get upset by people not acting American?

Harris, who loves to point the finger at other people rather than taking the blame for something, simply cannot wrap her head around why there are negative comments being made about her now, too. As soon as she announced that she was running for the presidency, she had to have known that she’d be a target. But no, apparently it’s Russian bots that are coming for her – and she wants everyone to be aware that it’s the bots and that it’s not actually common sense flowing through our minds.

We hear you loud and clear, Harris. You’re nuts.