Obama’s Mass Deportation Is Haunting Biden

Former VP Joe Biden has made it as high in the polls as he has because of his connection with Obama. Although Obama has been silent on any kind of support for Biden, he was the Dems’ golden boy. Most Americans who loved Obama feel as though they’ll love Biden just as much because of being his right-hand man.

While there have been a number of things that have helped Biden thanks to his connection to Obama, like race, Latinos are now up in arms about the mass deportations that happened under former President Obama. They want answers to why there were three million people deported – and they likely want assurance that it’s not going to happen again.

The Obama Defense is No Longer Working

Biden has been using Barack Obama’s name a lot lately with reporters, especially when they ask him questions about race or civil rights. This isn’t a defense that will work any longer.

The VP of the Midwestern region of League of United Latin American Citizens recognized that Biden needs to be held accountable. According to the VP, Joe Enriquez, Biden needs to ask for forgiveness as well as to show that he’s compassionate to what happened.

Biden has to figure out how to navigate his own path now since using Obama’s name on this particular issue is actually hurting him. When he was asked about the deportations last month during a debate, he said that [Obama] “did a heck of a job.” That’s not exactly what the Latinos want to hear – and he has to change his tune before he loses all of the Latino votes.

Obama had actually earned the nickname, “Deporter in Chief.”

Lies, Lies, Lies

Domingo Garcia, LULAC President, said that the Obama/Biden admin acted terribly within their first term. They had a great platform that got Latinos excited, only to lie and not follow through on a promise. While it’s not surprising for a Dem to lie in order to get votes, the Latino communities have not forgotten.

Garcia said that Obama had promised for an immigration reform bill within the first year but never did. As a result, they want Biden to explain why it never happened.

Julian Castro Sees an Opening
Since Biden seems insistent on staying true to his bonds with Obama, Julian Castro has decided to take this as his opening. The 2020 candidate served as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Obama administration. He could easily allow the Obama tie to hurt him in the polls. Instead, he turned against Obama to say that the administration went too far. He also went on record for saying that he learned the lessons and cited that VP Biden has not.

Castro has said that it’s inevitable that Biden will have to answer for what happened during the Obama administration.

Biden is in Trouble

Biden has been experiencing some problems during his campaign tour, especially when activists are showing up. Movimiento Cosecha protesters showed up to his campaign headquarters in Philly this week, too. Many brought family members who had been deported during the Obama presidency, expecting answers.

One of the protest organizers said that they are aware of the current immigration crisis being Trump’s fault. However, he also said that they can’t ignore Democrats who choose to embrace Obama’s legacy as opposed to dealing with immigration in a humane way.

Biden’s senior adviser, Cristobal Alex, tweeted about the event, saying, “Brilliant!” he talked about how they’re storming the wrong office and suggested going to Trump headquarter. He also talked about VP Biden being over 140 miles away. This probably wasn’t the right way to handle things – it didn’t address the problem that they clearly have with Biden and it insulted their intelligence.

Empty Promises?

Biden assured a group that he “absolutely” is going to spend capital on passing immigration reform as soon as he takes office. He went further by saying that within 24 hours of his inauguration, executive orders rescinding Trump’s actions.

He can’t guarantee to be able to pass immigration reform bills. This promise is as empty as the one that Obama made that never happened.

Further, him promising to make executive orders within 24 hours has to be some kind of joke, considering Dems gave Trump such a hard time for passing executive orders himself so quickly. Biden is simply proving that he’s planning on behaving the same way as Trump as soon as he gets into the office. The only reason he thinks it will be different is that he’s a Dem.