Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Is Building an Empire

Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is truly a force in President Trump’s administration not to be messed with. When someone who is in the office with a one-track mind goes out to get a job done, get out of their way. It is important to know the people who assist President Trump and roll through the barricades of the foolish Democrats.

The first thing Mulvaney did when taking the position as the Chief of Staff was assess the situations, and he acted quickly to get the job done. Alexander Acosta was the first one in the crosshairs Mulvaney went after. He told Acosta bluntly he was on “thin ice” for “dragging his feet” on regulation rollbacks for business. As soon as Acosta was called out by Mulvaney, he picked up the pace. It was not enough to save Acosta because he resigned shortly after last week.

Inside a business or country, any idiot can run it if they have the right people in the proper positions. Government is no different. Last round, we had Obama with his hoodlums running the country. Now, we have the greatest president of all time with the White House Militia running the country.

It makes the person in charge shine when the team knows what to do in all situations. When you have someone as intelligent as President Trump in charge, things can only go higher up, and the sky is the limit. Just imagine how great things would be with no Democrats. The work ethic of the Trump administration is what is making America hop, skip, and jump at this time. President Trump chooses his people wisely, and Mulvaney is no different. Mulvaney’s efforts began showing within a few weeks of him taking the position.

Mick Mulvaney is a lawmaker who was a former tea-party member known for building a senior administration which is called “his own fiefdom” where conservative policies are pushed greatly. So how has Mulvaney become so successful in such a short amount of time working for the President? He stays clear and out of the President’s way.

When the president says jump, he would ask, “How high?” Mulvaney does not question the president when an order is given. It was his predecessors’ downfall when they questioned everything and tried to filter out the president. Reince Priebus and John F. Kelly were the two who had the position before him who clashed with Trump often over his tweets on Twitter.

Mulvaney had his mindset when he took office to go straight to work. He does not need someone looking over his shoulder. Many times he is not with the president. Recently, at a Chicago donor retreat, Mulvaney told the people, “I do not seek to control the president’s tweeting, time or family.” He is a man who gets down to business.

A White House official told reporters, the best way he can describe Mulvaney is he is “building an empire for the right-wing.” Since he was hired in December, he has staffed more than a dozen ideal advisers in the West Wing. The White House now dictates to the Cabinet agencies on spending and policies. Before, it was the other way around.

Charmaine Yoest, a person who served in different senior roles for the Trump administration, and the Health and Human Services stated, “You have a chief of staff with a professional commitment to ensuring that a real policy agenda gets enacted. You’ve got to dig in, chart a path forward, and stay committed to it, and we welcome his serious approach to policymaking.” Yoest now serves on the Heritage Foundation.

Democrats loathe Mulvaney and the feeling is mutual. It is normally this way since Democrats do not do anything for this country and Mulvaney has no use for them since they only contribute division, disrespect, and delusion. Anyone who cannot handle or do their job properly does not like Mick Mulvaney. Democrats are no exception to this rule.

There are two items which stand out more than any other which caught President Trump’s attention, Mulvaney’s star’s with health care and immigration. One of the biggest successes Mulvaney has proven is how hard he pushes to get things done.

Tammy McCutchen, who is a partner at the Littler Law firm stated, “What I am seeing is that Mulvaney cares about the domestic agencies much more than the prior chiefs of staff did. They’re holding the agencies accountable to move forward on regulations.”

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  1. Good that the President finally has someone who knows how to get things done. Now we have to vote Democrats out so the country can keep growing and get rid of the divide that has been created by the Democrats.

  2. This is all a reflection of the brilliance and knowledge of President Trump to choose a man like him for the right job!

  3. kramala harris is a socialist plain and simple.

  4. Kick some ass Mulvaney, My little church has 12 new votes. All aboard we are on the Trump train.

  5. Omar is a Radical Islamic (Fascist) Jihadist and she is IN OUR CONGRESS!!! Same goes for Tlaib!!
    NOT to Your Constituents Back Home where you Came From!!
    That is What Our GREAT PRESIDENT Meant when he tweeted that!
    If they want Their Constituents to Come First then they need to RUN for their STATE LEGISLATURES!!

    TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2032 & 2040!!!!

  6. The Dems. are Commies! My Degree in Social Science assure me so! They have gotten SO BOLD, that they don’t even try to hide that fact! One day, sooner than later, we will have to Run Them Off, or, be RULED OVER in a totalitarian Manner, by Them!

  7. Finally a Chief of Staff that is “A-Doer” not a whiner. That is what is needed to get things done.

  8. As long as the demonturds hate him, we can be assured he is acting in the best interest of American citizens. Its as simple as that

  9. The Dems dislike anyone who is on President Trump’s cabinet not siding with their ideas.

  10. Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney sounds like a man after my own heart. He has many tings going for him and first and foremost is that he is a TeaParty member. and the second is that the D’genrat regressives hate him. Those are two points are in his favor right off the bat. Making agencies accountable to the president is a fantastic step. Agencies were formed years ago so the elected officials could avoid making laws (which is their main responsibility) and being responsible for the success or failure of these laws. Politicians create an agency and then sit back the rest of their term politicking to get reelected.

  11. Just hope that Mulvaney keeps his eyes on the Democrats tactics come election time.
    I fear they will try anything to win the election in 2020. Taking care of the illegal situation
    should help a great deal and keeping our economy going in the right direction.

  12. I am impressed with Mick Mulvaney as I read about his ability and concern for the running
    of agencies in and around President Trump as
    he improves the working of government.
    Good for you and your standards !

  13. Thank God for Trump, Mulvaney, Conway, Pence…..God is showing us that He is in control. …not Dems.

  14. AOC is cocksucker.




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