Conway Defends Trump and His Statements

The death squad is up to their old and tiring tricks once again as they claim President Trump is a racist. This time around Kellyanne Conway came to the defense of President Trump. Conway was also criticized as she said that the four women represent “a very dark element” in the nation. Conway was not referring to the color of their skin but rather the darkness of their hearts being evil and full of hatred for the country and the men and women of all color that defend the United States.

These four women of the AOC are part of a movement that seeks to destroy the very heart of nations around the world. What was once prosperous nations have been ravaged by their ideology and ways of the socialist movement? And yet the problem with these four women is even deeper than their ideology. Their hearts are so dark and selfish that they cannot even fathom working with other people that do not agree with them.

Many times they all have voiced their disapproval over how people talk about them. They are on a mission to force everyone in the world to agree with them. They are even willing to use force if they have to get the results they want. In the case of the “Mini AOC” where a little girl was threatened by members of the AOC. These four women have a serious problem with people and authority. They even have attacked members of their party for not agreeing with them.

Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley are not the future of the United States. They are the end and destruction of a nation that stands for freedom and equality for all. Kellyanne Conway went on to point out that they do not “respect the military, not respect veterans, not vote for humanitarian aid.” They are an example of a deeper problem with some in politics today. These four women are just the beginning of cancer that is starting to grow in America.

The media gets all distracted by the language used to describe problems. They always fail to see the bigger picture. A reporter at the meeting with Conway asked: “Is that language in and of itself offensive, a ‘dark element’?” This reporter is so self-absorbed with words that he cannot see the meaning behind the words. The reporters of America hear people, but they are not listening. There was no hidden meaning behind the words. It was a simple statement that referred to a much deeper issue plaguing America today.

Conway was very clear with her words and meaning and yet the media is always on the hunt for racist sounding terms that they can tear into. The full statement sounded like this “these four, they represent a dark underbelly in this country of people who are not respecting our troops, are not giving them the resources and the respect that they deserve.”

Only an idiotic reporter could miss the meaning of what Conway was trying to drive home with her speech. President Trump is also a victim of the media’s stupidity as they have recently taken his words and twisted them all up to make people believe he is racist too. If anything, the media is the racist creating hate organization that needs to be shutdown. If they would stop promoting the race card every chance they get, the issue would die out and people would stop seeing color and start seeing humans.

President Trump is a man that speaks his mind. If he were to make some remark about a person’s country of origin, there would be no doubt about what he had just said. The mass media is against anyone of character and people with morals. They want to paint them as bigots and terrorists because in the eyes of the media anyone that has a code of ethics and morals that they live by just doesn’t make an interesting story. It is time for the media to stop playing the race card every chance it gets and start reporting an unbiased and unpolitical side of the news. There are millions of stories out in America that are worth reporting on than the death squad’s latest cry baby episode.