New Intel Shows Iran Seized A Tanker

Tensions are high again with regard to the terrorist nation Iran as it is believed they have seized control of a Panamanian oil tanker. The tanker was making its way through the Strait of Hormuz when it was taken over by the Iranian naval forces. Iran has been threatening other nations because of their failure to abide by the treaty that they signed in 2015.

Many people are blaming President Trump for the issues with Iran but Trump saw through Iran’s lies and pulled the United States out of the agreement to expose what Iran was truly doing under the treaty. Iran has been skirting their agreement and not living up to their end of the deal. They wanted out of the treaty, so they could continue their threats to other nations and begin their nuclear programs once again.

But now they have crossed a line that will end with their destruction. The Iranian naval forces had pushed the tanker into Iranian waters. This gave Iran the legal right to seize the tanker. The problem is that they forced the tanker into the very waters it was trying to stay away from. In an interesting twist, the tanker was thought to have been owned by the UAE. They later denied owning the tanker. They also mentioned that none of their people were on the said ship.

President Trump is seeing through these lies once again. The taker did not emit a distress call so it can only stand to reason that they wanted to get caught. This is all a cover for Iran to get its oil to market because of the sanctions that they have been placed under. Of course, some still believe that Iran seized and tanker in response to the United Kingdom catching Iran trying to smuggle their oil on a tanker that violated sanction laws.

The United States and allies are on the hunt for illegal oil and are watching for any type of Iranian pressure on the shipping traffic in the region. Iran is indoctrinating their people to hate the west and the nations of Europe because they are to blame for all Iran’s problems. If Iran would grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child, then maybe the nations of the west would be more available to talk with them.

Iran believes that they have somehow been robbed of its oil. They believe that the west is just picking on them. But Iran is the only nation making threats to other people. They are the ones that have killed innocent people with their bombs and have sought to destroy oilfields that do no belong to them. These kinds of activities will not be tolerated.

President Trump has had to call on the nations of the world to send their naval ships to the area to protect their investments and citizens from the crazy Iranians looking for away. President Trump is ready to go to war if the Iranian government does not stop terrorizing people. The Iranian people do control the Strait of Hormuz, but they can lose control of it if the United States decides to take it by force to protect the people traveling through the region.

The American people have long been troubled by Iran and it is time for someone to do something about it. Past presidents have failed to defeat the nation in fear of what would come out of a weaker Iran. But at this point, it no longer matters. Iran has become a world threat, and they need to be dealt with.

It is time for a more democratic government to take over. Many of the people in Iran do not like their current leader as he oppresses them to do things that they do not want to do. The people are forced into silence and submission for fear of their lives. Iran terrorizes every single person and nation that they come across. They have seized and tanker for unknown reasons and they must answer for their actions.