Woman Drops Baby for a Fight

The video is graphic and the moment the bay starts to fall time stands still. The most horrible event has happened after two women get into a fight. One holds a baby and the other is yelling comments and making threatening gestures. At that moment anger has pushed all sense of rational thinking from these two brains. At the moment that anger takes over the only thing that matters to a person is self-preservation. When the fight begins the baby is hurt in a traumatic way. The baby is the only true victim in this altercation.

The 26-year-old mother that dropped her baby to fight with another person is being charged will felony murder. She is being charged also with cruelty to children and simple battery. Instead of protecting her child she was more interested in self-preservation and protecting herself.

A selfish motive that turned into a horrible event. Instead of walking away, Karen decided to fight back. She is seen in the video yelling and making return gestures towards the other lady. Neither of these ladies ever stopped to realize what happened to the baby.

During the video, passerby heroes rush in and grab the baby and desperately try to save the baby’s life. The baby is rushed to the hospital where he later died. Karen goes on to lie about the incident as she claims the baby fell out of a Carneata Clark’s arms and was injured.

This sad excuse for a mother could not even tell the truth because she was afraid of what would happen to her. Again, self-preservation is all she cares about. Clark also lied about the incident and has been charged with providing false statements and obstruction of an officer.

Both of these ladies’ had to have conjured up this story in an attempt to hide the truth. No remorse, no worries about the baby, just self-centered preservation is all that is in their hearts. The other lady in the fight has never been charged with anything crime. Just the mother and the other liar that tried to help her cover up the truth.

The other lady is seen in the video hitting the malicious mother over the head with a bag. Instead of running to protect her baby she engages to drop the baby and start fighting with the other person. The other lady involved in the fight should have never struck at a person with a baby. Her sense of ethics and morality are far removed from rational thought. What is even worse about the incident is that it happened in front of a beauty supply store.

A place of vanity. It is a place where people go to buy things to make themselves look better on the outside. And yet, a person’s heart is what truly matters in life. Neither of these crazy ladies or the conspirator has a good heart. They have hearts of stone as they do not care about this baby that has died because of their selfish actions.

This video shows more than just the death of an innocent child. It shows more than just two ladies getting into a fight. It shows what happens when anger takes over. It shows what happens when people lie about events. And it shows just how far liberalism has taken America.

Liberalism does not care about the life of a baby. It tells the mother that she is way more important and that she should do whatever makes her happy. It tells the mother to drop the baby and fight to make oneself look tough. It tells the expectant mother that no longer wants her baby that it is ok to murder the unborn child. Liberalism is a trademark of the Democratic Party.

These are the values that they hold. The devilish Democrats want people to disregard life and to embrace selfish behavior. They want a society that is self-centered and careless. These women are fine examples of liberalistic Democratic ways of life. They are everything that is wrong with America. The only one that was truly hurt was the baby. And all he did was fall asleep in arms that should have protected him no matter what.