A Leading Democratic Candidate Offering to Give Away Taxpayer Money

Kamala Harris has been viewed as smart, very smart. Is that why she is offering to give away our taxpayer dollars? She even has a book she wrote regarding her career as a prosecutor entitled: Smart on Crime. She also happens to be one of the most viable Democratic candidates available to challenge President Trump. Some consider her the Democrats best chance to unseat Trump. Honestly, the Republicans might be wise to hope that she is the Democratic nominee.

It appears, as one story reported, regarding her debt forgiveness plan for college students that she could also be her own undoing. If the Republicans and President Trump just give her enough dead air and space she will talk herself right out of contention. If Trump can get her to talk enough (and few are better at baiting the hook), she will prove how smart she isn’t.

The aforementioned story is about Kamala Harris looking, acting, and sounding Presidential, until you hear what she has to say. What she said via tweet was this:

“Yesterday I announced that, as president, I’ll establish a student loan debt forgiveness program for Pell Grant recipients who start a business that operates for three years in disadvantaged communities.”

Let’s begin with the obvious, the blatantly obvious – this is a grant. Everyone may not know this but many do and a hopeful future president better, grants don’t have to be paid back. It is free money, a gift, an award for college students to help them pay for books and tuition. That’s right, that means there is no money to pay back on a grant, so that debt forgiveness plan is supposed to forgive what exactly? If we dig just a little deeper, there are also some other glaring mistakes in this statement, the kind of mistakes that don’t scream smart!

Just one example of this is that according to this “plan” that zero debt forgiveness will be available to anyone who starts a business after graduating college and operates that business for at least three years. Well, that should quickly narrow the potential recipients down to about 1% of the population. Most college grads, like the ones who have to work a night job or live on mac n cheese, have student loans (not grants!) to repay and simply don’t have startup money. It also goes without saying that if you have a surplus of funds to start a business, it isn’t likely you even applied for a loan or grant.

Could you imagine if Trump had said something like that? He might be accused of lying or misleading the public. Heck, that could be grounds for impeachment, couldn’t it? Maybe someone should investigate these no debt relief plans, spend a few million dollars and countless hours hashing, rehashing and reviewing the same exact details?

So there she is; the Democrats greatest hope and best chance at capturing the Presidency. Somewhere, there has to be more than a few Republicans saying under their breath, “let it be her.” In all fairness, it isn’t likely that Kamala Harris is dumb, she just isn’t as smart as she thinks she is. No research. Clearly not understanding the difference between a grant and a loan and nobody to blame it on either. Yes, this was her words, no speechwriter or team, it was from the mind and mouth of Kamala Harris.

This is also a very sad state of affairs for the Democrats on a larger scale as well. It was this very same Kamala Harris who dominated the Democratic presidential primary debate and it begs the question, who do they have left. A guy named Bernie or some young hotshot politician with a far-left agenda from the “squad?” Yes, if this is the best the Democrats have to offer as opposition, how does Trump lose? The slanted media took their best shots. The witch hunt appears to have finally ended and Kamala Harris looks like the best of the Dems?

Trump in 2020? The Republicans can’t wait to hear what Ms. Harris has to say about that.