DNI Will Give Trump the Intelligence He Wants

From the beginning of President Trump taking his rightful place in the White House as President of the United States of America, he has put in place an administration like no other. Like a game of Chess, he has also moved, removed and added the ones he feels can get the job done. Many feel now he has the stronghold and upper hand on national intelligence when he put in place Representative John Ratcliffe as the nation’s spy chief. There is no place for unloyal administration officials in President Trump’s cabinet.

Since President Trump has announced he was running for president, he has criticized the U.S. spy agencies who have worked on the Russian election interference and the Saudi Arabian Journalist who was murdered. With Attorney General William Barr, John Ratcliffe will work closely with the president to finish cleaning house or as we all know it, “draining the swamp.” This will give the president more power over the two pillars of government, which has been the most troublesome to his presidency.

Those who are in favor of the president’s pick of spy chief know what is coming, better days. The Left is now on thin ice, and they know it because their days are numbered and their power in Washington D.C. has been limited by this awesome move from the president. A former CIA official who worked under both Democratic and Republican administrations, Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, stated, “This is clearly an effort to bring together the powers he needs in the hands of loyalists.” This is what the president needs to get the job done, people who are loyal to the president and not bashing him for everything he says and does. With two and a half years in office, the president is moving closer to having the perfect administration as he sifts through weeding out the bad and planting the good seeds where he sees fit.

The worst was when the intelligence community tried to smear a campaign against the president winning the 2016 election. It angered President Trump and wasted so much time and money, Trump took to Twitter and said, “One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?” The president was rightfully angry because it underscored his legitimacy and electoral accomplishment of defeating Hillary Clinton.

Having both Barr and Ratcliffe in place will eliminate these stupid allegations from happening again. President Trump and his administration can continue to focus on “Keeping America Great” without the worry of the stench the Left puts out. Trump will have two of his greatest allies overseeing both the CIA and FBI.

Sunday, Ratcliffe was interviewed on Fox News where he endorsed the president’s view and put out the statement, “The Russia investigation led by Robert S. Mueller III had been led by lawyers close to the Clinton Foundation, and there were crimes committed during the Obama administration that should now be investigated.” And that is where Attorney General Barr steps in to work out the kinks as he has already started.

With the former director of national intelligence, Daniel Coats, there was always a “butting of heads” because Coats always would question the president’s authority on any topic. This led to Coats having to step down from his seat. It was almost like he was working with Democrats to have the president impeached starting with the 2016 elections. Coats publicly insisted the collusion was real with the Russian interference and he also went against the president on North Korea and Iran. Trump insisted Iran was dangerous, but Coats went against the president. Back in January, Trump put out the tweet stating the intelligence should “go back to school,” and they were “extremely passive and naive when it comes to the danger of Iran. They are wrong!”

Ratcliffe leaves little to no indication he will fight the president every step of the way. It takes a team to work together, and Ratcliffe will get the job done. Coats was not the only senior official to be removed. Jim Mattis, who was the secretary of defense, and Rex Tillerson, who was the secretary of state, were removed by the president for the same reasons.

Tillerson was replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who agreed Russia did meddle in the elections but stated, “the Russian meddling that took place did not affect the outcome of the election.” Being a team player, it led Pompeo to his position, and so did Ratcliffe rise to the occasion.