Trump’s Base Is Growing Thanks To Democratic Bickering

Every time you turn on the TV, there’s another example of the Dems bickering back and forth between one another. Pelosi is constantly reminding the House Dems that they need to respect one another. Meanwhile, there’s routinely someone from “The Squad” who is out stirring the pot.

They can keep it up, too. Trump’s base is growing rapidly as a result of people looking for a party that isn’t constantly divided.

Trump’s Reelection Campaign

Much of Trump’s reelection campaign is actually depending on the squabbles between the Dems and the highly liberal stances of the current presidential candidates.

There are a lot of moderate Dems. Those are the Dems who are turning to Trump. The president saw the opening as soon as he watched all of the current presidential candidates raise their hands in response to wanting public health insurance to cover undocumented immigrants.

When he sees moments like this, he jumps on them. It’s what Trump believes will get him into the second term. While there are plenty of people who are wary of Trump, they’re even more concerned of the Democratic Party that is racing towards the extremist left with people like Sanders and Warren at the helm.

Policies Detrimental to the American People

Tim Murtage, the communications director for Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign has said that Trump is the clear choice when the Democrats are openly displaying policies that are detrimental to Americans as a whole. This includes everything from paying for illegal immigrant healthcare to opening the borders entirely.

“They’re all the same” is the current ad that Trump’s campaign headquarters is running, with footage from the June debates. The Dems want to endorse getting rid of private health insurance and proposing a “free” taxpayer-funded healthcare program for the illegal immigrants. However, they’re not realizing that “free” and “taxpayer-funded” are contradictory – and many Americans, independent and otherwise, are realizing that Trump is right – what the Dems are looking to do is dangerous.

Trump in the Polls

Trump is becoming more popular in the polls with all that’s happening. While people may like to openly criticize him because they don’t dare show their cards in front of leftists, the polls are showing that he’s leading. His job approval rate is on the rise – with 47 percent approving of the job that he’s doing.

As many of the Dems go on, making a mockery of America and being anti-American in their tweets, more and more of the independent and moderate Dems are going to move towards Trump. It’s better to go with someone they already know than to guess at an extremist that could enter power.

Many of the Dems are simply mirroring one another. They all raise their hand in response to what they believe should happen. They’re talking about Medicare for All and they’re talking about wiping out college debts. However, they’re not using real funds to do any of this – the plan would be to raise taxes.

Then, there are people like Gillibrand who come up with ridiculous ideas to spend $10 trillion on climate control. Seriously, the Dems just keep coming up with one idiotic idea after another – and there are too many voters who are simply done with it all.

They can continue to bash Trump because it’s only helping him. He’s able to stay in control despite the opposition. Who can say that for Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris, or any of the other presidential candidates?

When the Dems can’t even get along with basic civility during House meetings, what chance do they have of uniting the country? They can’t get along with one another. They can’t speak to others using the least amount of respect. Yet, they still think that they have a chance of getting the vote when it comes to the primaries.

The Democratic Bickering Continues

The good news is that the Dems have shown no signs of letting up with their bickering. They don’t know how to agree with one another. They’re also dim-witted enough to get on stage to do it in front of all of America. Political analysts have told them to stop raising their hands to show a vote on particular issues. What do they do? Raise their hands some more.

The bickering is nonstop. Trump and his reelection campaign have begun to use it to their advantage since there seems to be a never-ending stream of bickering caught on TV. With several more debates scheduled by the DNC, that should create enough fodder to secure Trump’s position for a 2020 win.

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  1. Give them enough rope and they hang themselves. Stupid is as stupid does. Watching the Democrats is like an old Monty Python shoe. Ghastly stupid! If America elects any of these idiots then they deserve it!

  2. In America, we might be Republicans, Democrats, Independents, or others. But, when we go to the polls to vote we usually put aside party differences and select the candidate whose views will keep our economy strong, our country safe, and our personal liberties secure. This doesn’t always happen, of course: Obama is a case in point. He was created out of nothing by the media and the people were sold a bill of good about what a great person he was. A disaster. But, in 2016, we rectified that mistake and elected a strong president whose love for this country is paramount and he has done great things for the people.

    Now, we are again in the season where candidates are campaigning for the presidency. There are many, many Democrats running to become the nominee and it is hard to differentiate one from the other except for their sex. But, if brains were ammunition there isn’t enough power to blow their brains out. All of them want to regress to the dark ages with their economic theories and policies which, in time, will destroy this country. On the other hand, re-electing President Trump will almost assuredly mean four more years of growth and prosperity.

  3. Democrats – Keep it up! just keep up your bickering and infighting . . . We conservatives LOVE it. All you are doing is proving what you aren’t – Leaders of ANY sort. and hopefully you’ll be replaced by some REAL patriotic, America loving conservatives who will be there to serve OUR country and NOT your self serving political interests . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    AND 2024,2028, 2032>>>>>>>


  6. All of these Democratic candidates have shit for brains. Dumb ass motherfuckers. Democrats eat shit.

  7. keep up the good work dems.

  8. Yes I switched from Democrat to Republican because of all the lies and cover ups. Then came the Racist squad led by racist people

  9. When it comes down to Democrats, None can be Trusted.
    There all Liars.
    Just the Left Wing Squad should make America, and it’s Citizens Scraded. To think we have citizens that would even vote these Radicals in, is Frightening.

  10. The Democratic Party is gone to hell , just look at the large number of radicals , racist and America hating socialist that are in that party. Really and you have the nerve to call yourself Americans. LOL funny

  11. I’m with the Republican Senator, that said, the Democratic party isn’t into solutions! They just want to keep wasting tax payer money, instead of opting to follow the laws and Constitution of the US. Ask yourself. They could, if they wanted too. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of this. Now I’m reading that the Democratic Party is seriously considering impeaching Trump. REALLY! They sound like a bunch of snake oil salesman to me. Especially Beto O’Rourke, He’s like let’s give all illegal immigrants the right to vote! (Hey,that’ll give me the Mexican vote!). Oh, wait a minute, By the way my family had slaves, let’s pay all Afro Americans reparations! (Hey, that’ll get me their vote too!). My people were immigrants three generations ago, they came before the ACLU, and all the fancy lawyers. They were farmers, and share croppers, and none of my family was ever rich enough to own a slave. My great grand daddy on my mother’s side of the family was from Moors. Off the coast of Africa, he must have been pretty light, because he came off that big boat a free man. I’m sorry but after years of hard work by immigrants Mr. O’Rourke, you have nothing to offer me? After I became white? That’s ok. I’m from Texas and I want my country to move forward, and my votes not for sale!…I will vote for Trump!I’m

  12. You are dangerous foolish democrats. Donald Trump is one of if not the best President our country has ever seen. He is a true patriot and a remarkable , loving human being.

  13. The DEMS are digging their grave deeper. The GOP is enjoying their stupidity.

  14. Keep up the good work DEMS!

  15. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  16. As long as the Democratic party is acting like children they will lose the house and also loose more seats in the Senate! Maybe the Democratic party will be finally be quite and the news outlets will also be quiet. Then the President will be able to make America better!!

  17. Democrats eat shit. Sorry ass motherfuckers.

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