Warren Lies and Misleads Campaign Staffers

Once again, the left is proving that they can’t stand by their own policies and promised procedures. Democratic presidential candidate and US Senator Elizabeth Warren has done well in her campaign so far. However, it seems that her touts of taking down corporate giants and making life better for the average American worker are just that, hollow words spoken to gain voters.

She and her campaign are being accused of misleading two people who were seeking employment through her, saying that the process of entry as well as the position itself were “deceptive” and “exploitative.”

Both were college students who were accepted into the Massachusetts lawmakers’ campaign thinking they would be paid internships. However, as Jonathan Nendze says, “What was told to me was very different than it actually was.”

Nendze is a senior at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey and was accepted into the volunteer fellowship program. He told the Daily Beast, “They way they always communicated it was always fellow/intern like they were synonymous. Their application kind of took advantage of people who were really eager to get experience.”

He stated that it was a “great scam” to get unpaid volunteers to “function as paid interns,” doing much more work than expected. Nendze said that the campaign’s application process was rather sketchy when talking about how the “fellows/interns” would be paid.

“I had no information about where to go if I was being paid.” And while not confident he would have turned the opportunity down if Nendze had known he wouldn’t be paid, he said it would have made life easier. “If they had told me upfront that I was unpaid, maybe I would have been able to prepare better,” he said.

Another thing that made him think it was to be a paid position was that he was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which according to several sources, including news outlet Breitbart, is an unusual requirement for unpaid positions or volunteers.

The disclosure stated the Nendze was “not to communicate with any member of the press” and to refrain from making any statements or actions that “may impair or otherwise adversely affect the goodwill or reputation” of Senator Warren or her entities.

Another volunteer, known only as Cole from Iowa, claims that the campaign had promised him housing during his time spent with them. According to his interview with the Daily Beast, Cole spoke with Warren’s Polk County field organizer Grace Smith who told him, “There’s this great housing program.” Later the regional organizing director sent out an introductory email to new recruits like Cole. This didn’t speak about housing at all, which concerned him.

However, “About two weeks later, she sent a follow-up note.” In it, she said, “I know you are all anxious to receive your housing details, and I will be sending out emails on a rolling basis based on when you submitted your request from Today-Thursday.” This was on June 10th. She added, “Don’t worry about not having a bed to sleep in, we have enough hosts confirmed and are just putting together the puzzle pieces of folks timeline her in IA, allergies, etc.”

“Once you receive your host contact info, it’s very important that you reach out to them immediately within 24 hours to confirm logistics and details of your arrival!”

So Cole waited. And yet at only six days out from the day he was to arrive and begin his work for Sen. Warren, he still had no idea where he was going or was to be staying. And so he decided to opt-out of the program. He said, “Before you start a campaign, you should have these basic processes done. To be treated the way I was is disheartening.”

For someone who claims to care so much about the American worker, Warren sure doesn’t treat her own very well.

And she isn’t the only Democratic candidate to have been accused of worker mistreatment.

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont has also faced some rather severe blowback for worker staffing issues. Sanders advocates for a firm $15 per hour minimum wage, yet won’t pay his campaign staff that much. Some have even called what he does pay “poverty wages.” In addition, he has been accused of illegal discipline, interrogation, and discharge of several employees.

Just more proof that these liberals follow a ‘do what I say’, not ‘do what I do’ motto.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren is a lightweight among politicians, a featherhead if you will. If she is running for president on her record she will derail soon. As we say in my neck of the woods, she ain’t got nothing to be proud of. For those people who think Obama was a disaster can’t imagine how devastating a Warren presidency would be for this country. She jumps of every ultra-liberal idea of how to destroy America and then tries to go them one better.

    I urge people to think carefully about who you want for president and what they stand for. To your everlasting regret you just might get it.

  2. Ha and anybody expected something different from a socialist ha!

  3. The old saying goes you get hung by your tongue. This will strike three for Warren. Thank God. She has told so many lies that she can even cover them up anymore.

  4. The old saying goes you get hung by your tongue. This will be strike three for Warren. Thank God. She has told so many lies that she can even cover them up anymore.

  5. I read another article that claimed she was paying females less than males. At least SOME of the people are being paid.

  6. not funny how these demo-donkey candidates LIE like the DOG they are, it comes out sooner or later, warren knows she is a loser, but running is a way to make some easy pocket money , and get her senator paycheck, and not earn a dime of if, I personally hope her staff, packs up and walks out, leaving her HIGH and DRY.

  7. And these people want to govern us all !!! ROFL !!

  8. DemocRATS are crooks simple as that. Can’t believe anything they say or anything do. All to line their own pockets at our expense.

  9. Interns don’t need a living wage, don’t cha know. That’s reserved for illegals, exCons and snowflakes that don’t feel like working provided they don’t work for Democrat politicians- that is.

  10. I stand with Elizabeth Warren searching all this crap takes time but it is great when it comes up fake news. That is what you do best lie all day every day and it shows. Great sites out there just clear it all up for me. Trump has told thousands of lies and doesn’t miss a day. Poor slob needs to live in reality instead of his fake world

  11. Unreliable,,,liars and cheaters your Democrat Socialist Party. All Democrats candidates running for election are definitely not Presidential material. This selection of candidates are a bunch of pathetic hypocrites that’s hell bent on destroying this Country with their ideology ,,,Fake BS! Here’s Their Democratic Moto,,,Retake The The Government At All Cost Anyway You Can. American People Are Smarter Then You Think. WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU IN 2020! VOTE REPUBLICAN


  13. When will young adults realize the democrats lie. Warren is one of the biggest liar around. She is a disgrace to America. She will tax the American people to death. But there are fools out there that believe her b.s. When the find out she lied its to late because you help destroy America with your stupidity.

  14. Once a liar, always a liar,
    “Native American ancestry” she used that line for college grants! Let’s make her pay it back!

  15. Wow now thats a shocker, poor lil Demrat. He goes to work for the campaign of a proven liar and race appropriator, what did they expect? Ethical treatment, LOl!! Demrats a scuzballs plain and simple.

  16. This is NOT surprising at all………….lmao, who would thunk it?? both sanders and warren are tighter than a knats ass stretched over a rain barrel!!!

  17. Obviously Warren is dishonest.She promises all kinds of favors to get votes,hoping her ignorant audience buys her pitch.So,if she’s dishonest with voters,it’s sure that she would lie elsewhere.

  18. These young people most likely lost out on opportunity to work for real pay this summer and they deserve to receive some sort of payment for their loss. All of us, young and old, are tired of lying and misrepresentation. Why would anyone vote for a liar?

  19. Empty words from a morally bankrupt politician. She knows that if she goes after them, they will go after HER. Anything that she says is suspect anyway, and I wouldn’t believe anything that a Lying Left Wing Liberal says. All she wants is votes and she’ll say ANYTHING to get them. Hopefully she will be replaced after the 2020 elections . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  20. she’s a demonCRAP! Of course she lies! Can’t wait for her to meet her maker ( satan ), and the surprise reserved for her and her kind!

  21. The reason Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders act this way towards their own staff is that they believe they are the plantation owners and their staff are slaves that will accept bald faced lies! They have treated people this way in the past and will never mend their ways! So “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and so forth!

  22. This fake Indian has lied all of her life while stealing benefits from “real” Indian minorities.

  23. Why would anyone in their mind trust this person who has lied about her heritage about her work at the agency. about her education and played herself as an indian to get financial help with law school! she is a thief!

  24. While I an not a fan of Ms Warren at all since she is hell bent for socialism in this country, I must mention something I noticed in the Nendze account . He had responded to a notice for VOLUNTEER fellowship. Volunteers are NOT paid by anyone perhaps he just didn’t read the add correctly or carefully enough. However considering the other complaint . If housing was part of the deal then arrangements ,
    should certainly have been more or less sealed in stone Before notification of acceptance was sent out.

  25. Once a liar always a Liar.

  26. E.Warren.Once a Lier Always a Lier!!!!!What else can one expect from someone who would Lie about her Heritage to gain access to a prestigious college.Wake up America!!!!!

  27. Man – I hope they do take over the WH – Senate and House….The US will be totally destroyed and what’s left will learn to speak russian – chinese and arabic….

    The founding fathers SAW this coming and were right to create the 2nd amendment.

    Mueller was set-up but ALLOWED himself to be set-up…weissman ran the show the ENTIRE time…..

    It IS a hit list – all dictators have them and pursue them….Hitler and his nazi’s were pioneers when it came to tagging people with the star of david on their clothes – businesses and homes…..They all ended up with tattoos and I guess they’ll tattoo everyone later….


    Texas will flip to the dems who are pouring millions into the state to get control of all that oil and money…..after that the jobs will go – people will NEED the reparations – hand-outs and welfare…

    Castro violated the civil rights of everyone in San Antonio when he doxed them on twitter and notice IT wasn’t removed by tweeter….Both MUST be held accountable under the “No One is Above the Law”. BS spoken by every dem out there….

    Any harm that comes to these people and businesses WILL be charged against this POS

    as an accessory (remember the term) and everything he and they OWN will be attached as compensation…..

  28. Who is surprised? Seriously. Anyone?

  29. If a democrats lips are moving one should know they are lying.

  30. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  31. Anyone surprise, that’s what happens when you deal with dishonest people! Welcome to the Left! Profits go the leaders! Aren’t intercity residents promised goodies, by their Overseers, that never arrive!Cummings, Pelosi, the revs, Sharpton & Jackson, among others are getting quite rich while preaching and promising! Hopefully they will stop listening to the Dems and will now take the opportunity of a lifetime and side with Trump!!

  32. Warren is a dumb ass cocksucking bitch with shit for brains. This asshole ain’t gonna win shit. She’s useless.

  33. Can she ever tell the truth?

  34. 6 words, no threats and you ask for moderation, asked a simple question. I am never going to respond on this site, in fact I am going to delete you from me getting emails, you lie your not right side of the country!

  35. An internship is a quality word for GOPHER. You work hard learn little and often do not get paid. This is supposed to give you experience to enable your latter success in life. Bernie’s looking for cheap labor and guess what he found YOU!!

  36. Well I guess these people should come away with the idea that DEMONRATS SUCK, AND COULDN’T RUN A BROTHEL, THEY COULD LITTERALLY FUK THAT UP.

  37. What would you expect from someone who lied about her ancestry to get help in college? Once a liar , almost always a liar, has her nose started to grow yet?

  38. Warren and Biden continue to lie look at their comments on the President’s speech where he spoke of peaceful protesters as being good people on both sides. Warren and Biden both said speeches that the President said this about neo-nazi’s . It was a lie and they knew it was a lie. They both count on the belief that Americans are so stupid they will believe anything they are told and never investigate the factual basis. As far as Sanders and his socialism what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The green new deal, he still flies around in private jets. He promises free everything with no way to pay for it, other than extreme taxes on Americans. I think it’s interesting when many college students are asked about everything free it’s awesome. However, when they are asked who will pay for it and they answer the government and are then asked where does the government get it’s money. They seem shocked when they are told from you, your parents, family, friends, everyone who pays taxes. This can’t be covered by the top 1%. In fact the cost couldn’t be covered by 100% taxes on every American. It will bankrupt the country.

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