Democratic Presidential Candidates Propose Gun Confiscation

The dead of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton are not yet buried. However, that has not stopped some of the Democratic presidential candidates from proposing their “common sense” gun laws. Prominent among those making such proposals are former Vice President Joe Biden, the front runner, and one of his more leftist competitors, California Senator Kamala Harris. Biden would institute gun buybacks while Kamala Harris would send police to seize banned weapons. Both proposals involve so-called “military-style assault rifles.”

Biden sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and opened his mind about what his buyback scheme would entail.

Mediaite reports that the former vice president said, “Does anybody think it made any sense that someone can walk into a gun store, buy an assault weapon that has multiple rounds or buy an assault weapon that has 100 rounds? Do you want more of them on the street? Do we want to do that?”

When Anderson Cooper asked whether this would entail police knocking on the doors of gun owners and rummaging through gun cases, Biden denied that this would be the case. While new sales of so-called “assault rifles” would be banned, existing stocks would be eliminated under a presumably voluntary buyback program.

Kamala Harris was not quite as finicky about giving gun owners a choice. The Washington Examiner noted that Harris would send police to peoples’ homes who would demand that people turn over their banned guns. Also, she would send police to enforce so-called Red Flag orders, designed to separate people found to be a danger to themselves and others from their firearms. People who have been convicted of a crime would also have their firearms confiscated.

CNBC notes that there exists a difference of opinion over what constitutes an “assault weapon.” The gun industry notes that for a rifle to be classified as an “assault weapon” it has to be capable of automatic fire, which is to say that it continues to shoot as long as the user pulls the trigger.

Some politicians feel that a rifle is an assault weapon if it looks like one, even if it remains only capable of semi-automatic fire, i.e. firing a single bullet with each pull of the trigger. The AR-15, one of the most popular long guns in the United States, is often seen as an example, even though it has no more capability to kill people than an analogous firearm with a wooden stock.

Gun control advocates also maintain that a “large-capacity magazine,” loosely defined, can make a rifle an “assault weapon.”

A gun buyback program entails law enforcement paying gun owners money if they voluntarily turn in their weapons. The idea is that the more weapons that are bought from private citizens, the fewer there will be available for an insane person to kill large numbers of people. Certain local governments have tried such programs, so Biden is proposing to institute it on a national level.

The problem is, as noted, gun buyback programs don’t work.

”Three decades ago local governments launched gun buyback programs in a bid to cut crime. It was a simple proposition: Sell your gun to the city for cash, no questions asked. The events became so prevalent across the country that public health researchers decided to test whether they actually reduced crime. Their conclusion? Not really.”

As Newsweek more recently noted, it is not hard to understand why gun buyback programs have proven to be ineffective.

For one thing, some people try to game the system by turning in broken or older firearms and then turning around and buying newer weapons. The buyback program does not reduce the number of guns in private hands.

Also, people who are most likely to use firearms in the commission of a crime, say people with criminal records and people with mental health issues, are understandably reluctant to interact with law enforcement.

Legal scholars have problems with Sen. Harris’ idea of sending police door to door to take away people’s firearms. The proposal likely would not pass either the 2nd Amendment or 4th Amendment muster. The 4th Amendment prohibits unreasonable search and seizure.

Biden and Harris are making proposals in the spirit of being seen as “doing something” to prevent further mass casualty gun massacres. Whether or not they are effective, as gun rights advocates note, is beside the point.

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  3. These Democrat presidential “candidates” (if you want to call them that) do NOT understand the U.S. Constitution, The 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, or what this Amendment was for (self protection against a government gone bad and those who mean to do us deadly harm). Therefore, NONE of these CANDIDATES are Qualified candidates to be POTUS or ANY OTHER OFFICE, and should vacate it IMMEDIATELY. These Democratic candidates are TREASONISTIC TRAITORS to the S.S. Constitution, the U.S. Citizenry and the American way of life envisioned by our God Fearing Forefathers who founded this nation . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Democrats have total contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why do Democrats want to punish decent, honest citizens for the actions of the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in modern America?

  6. Both of you idiots would be violating constitutional rights of each gun owner . Your buyback ideas are nothing but another big scandal exercised by you moronic demomrats ..All they want too do is take control of the American people..We would be living in less than normal conditions ..waiting on the government too house and feed the people.

  7. It is my right under the Constitution to have a gun(s) & I will fight to keep that right. Taking our guns is just another grab at power for eventual domination. The citizens Democrat or “Republicans” that are already polling as being in favor of gun confiscation do not have the common sense that GOD gave a GOOSE. It makes me mad when we have people with so little intelligence that do not stop to analyze the real problem & the resulting catastrophe if this were to become a reality. Like the old saying goes “There is no cure for stupid!!

  8. The dumocrats are absolutely out of their minds with these suggestions. They all need to receive mental health evaluations as to their sanity. GO TRUMP

  9. The demoncrats are taking there ideas straight from the communist and Nazi handbooks and we know what happened there.

  10. I am not giving up my guns or selling my guns to buy back programs the Democrats have supplied too many guns to terrorists and their mobs and brought the terrorists into our country the Democrats are only trying to disarm the American people so we can not defend ourselves against their terrorists and mobs so they can try to easily take over our country and that is not going to happen the American people is not stupid as Democrats think so you can forget taking our guns we will defend ourselves and our country

  11. I am a combat Vietnam Vet. The Government gave me a rifle to go and kill people. Now they want to come and take my guns. OK, they can have them when they come pry them from my cold dead hands, BTW I firmly believe everyone should invest in “Ghost Guns”. I have several myself.

  12. To get the best gun control is to ENFORCE the current laws on the books. if the current laws are deemed unworkable then repeal them before making new laws that will be ignored like the current gun laws are ignored and unenforced.

  13. Let’s see now if Harris ever should be elected as our president we can count on at least a fourth of our population being employed in law enforcement since it would require, at any rate, that many people to take guns away from a willing public. It would also take at least one full four-year term of her presidency, during which time nothing else would be done for our nation except to confiscate all our weapons. In the meantime, there would also be a rampant crime with other guns against defenseless people who gave up their weapons that were to be used for their self-defense. And of course, there is the extreme possibility of being invaded by a foreign power since they would know we were now defenseless as a nation [the reason for the 2nd Amendment, to begin with], not to mention the more serious possibility of a national coup of our own government, with all our people now totally defenseless because we elected some nut who had a bright idea to protect us from some other nuts that enjoyed shooting other people, when all we had to do was change the laws which blocked police from holding this last group in custody long enough to check them out when they showed signs of irrational behavior. A much simpler solution than those being proposed by the far left today. Chuck

  14. Democrat,s are trying to start a war, A CIVIL WAR.

  15. Common sense is totally lacking in ALL liberals!

  16. No, they don’t want to take away your guns. But there in no need for ANYONE to have semi automatics and large clips. These are killing machines of war. We are not at war, only with each other. Regular guns with regular clips are fine. You blame the killings on mental illness, but if these guns were not available, these large of killings would NOT happen.

  17. First off – there is no such thing as a government sponsored gun “buy back” because the government never owned those weapons to begin with and you can not buy BACK anything that you did not own and sell. The best they can be called would be partially compensated confiscation. I say partially because no way are you going to be paid market price for your gun. In full disclosure, I have read one story where if I remember it correct a city was paying a certain amount that happened to be MORE than the price of a particular gun brand new which of course is exactly what the citizens were using the money for. The city immediately shut down the program and never did it again.

  18. No guns, no revolt. DemocRATS are headed for a big revolt. British tried this BS on us and it did not work out for them and will not work for democRATS.

  19. Taking guns away will not reduce the number of guns in the hands of the bad guys.

  20. There’ll likely be a lot of dead gun collectorts.

  21. The gun grabbing people haven’t learned anything from the 9/11 attacks that taking gun’s out of law abiding citizen’s is not the answer to mass killing’s because if you take the gun’s away from law agiding citizen’s you only pave the way for mass killing’s through terriost through no defense angains their attack’s

  22. Biden and Harris are stupid assholes with shit for brains. Hey, dip shit Biden, AR-15s sold to the public are not assault weapons. Assault weapons are fully automatic. The AR-15s that you can buy are not. You have to pull the trigger to fire each bullet. Just like any .308 hunting rifle that you can buy, and those are much more accurate than an AR-15. What a dumb ass motherfucker. And Harris is a lying whore. Fucking bitch sucks.

  23. Does anybody think it makes sense for somebody who has only a vague idea of what they are talking about, based on what they have been briefed by an equally ignorant staff member and decades of Hollywood Storytelling Myth should be making laws on ~anything~?
    Just one example of the Hollywood Myth Machine: How many times does a car involved in a Hollywood chase-scene crash catch fire? In my observation, nearly always.
    How many times does a car involved in a crash in real life catch fire? In my experience, quite rarely.
    The same level of myth making is involved in everything Hollywood does related to firearms, from nigh impossible trick shots that are pulled off 99+ times out of 100 to the use of full on military weapons to portray civilian scenarios.
    Do you think that people who can’t spot the difference between Hollywood Fakery and Real World Action should be anywhere near the controls of the Levers of Power?
    Personally, I don’t.

  24. More people save themselves with guns .

  25. What the Democrat supremacists are doing is following orders from their handlers, the globalist financiers who control the banks in every country on earth. The top Dems and the top republicans are owned by these banksters. Their goal is to enslave every person on earth. The process of elimination has already begun years ago with wars, famines, weather extremes, poisons in the food, water, air that we breath. There is a plan to use the nuclear option should the conventional methods fail. Too many well intentioned people have been duped by the news media into believing this is a “left/right” fight. It is not. Since these globalists also own ALL of the news media networks, they have the ability to control us with what and how they report stories as is evident by what is happening right now in this country. If people of all persuasions do not wake up to this manipulation then it is all over but the crying.

  26. Hitler and his regime started by getting tacit, “innocent” gun registration.

    A couple of months later, now that they had all this information, they went ARMED door to door and “collected” all the weapons.

    Now, that the population was disarmed, Hitler’s “army” went door to door, collecting people: kids to indoctrination camps, adults to labor and military, and “undesirables” – like Jews, gypsies and the like – to concentration camps.

    It all started with “innocent” gun registration.

    Washington stated that “the right to bare arm” was specifically intended as protection from a GOVERNMENT turning on the people!

    President trump and the republicans will do well to remember these historical facts. And so will the people. Please pass this historical reminder to everyone you know.

  27. I’m sure that’ll work. It worked for prohibition, didn’t it?
    Boy, the foreign gun makers and local gangsters are going to be so rich!!

  28. The Democrats run off at the mouth about gun control…gun control…gun control. In their babble the mention enhanced background checks, banning high capacity magazines, etc. as ways to reduce mass killings. All they are doing is preaching to the amen corner. What they really want is confiscation of our guns. Naturally , they don’t tell us they plan to take all our guns from us. They will get their foot-in-the-door with background checks and banning high capacity magazines. Then, of course, that will not be enough to satisfy them. They will then push to ban large caliber weapons. After this is accomplished. the next phase will be a requirement that anyone purchasing a gun will have a legitimate need for such a weapon and there will be few reasons for granting the request. Ergo, a gun ban will be in effect.

    It is exactly this scenario that causes even law abiding people to distrust the government. Everything is never enough for them. What they want is total control over our lives. How else can one explain the welfare for all, free everything including college, guaranteed income, guaranteed jobs, the green plan in which our means of transportation, heating & cooling would be severely curtailed, food resources no longer available (cows fart), and wealth confiscation being advocated by the Democrats.

    People must realize that few things in life are free. In my many years about the only thing free I have received is unsolicited advice and it was always worth every penny I paid for it.

  29. Maybe they should step up and turn theirs in with their body-guards mandatory. See who steps up first. set example, Yeah? Right?

  30. When will the idiot democrats realize that confiscation and buy backs will not stop gun violence. All the bad guy has to do is go down to the corner to the illegal gun dealer on the street.

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