President Trump Condemns White Supremacy

It is a shame Democrats have to take a tragedy such this past weekend where multiple people were shot, killed, and injured and turn it into something political. Whether it was gun control laws or criticizing the president, they always turn a situation where people should come together and stand firm into something to fit their agendas.

They criticized President Trump for not condemning white supremacy groups before he could even open his mouth or get the full scoop on what was happening. Monday, President Trump silenced his critics and condemned more than just white supremacy groups. He urged the nation to condemn white supremacy, bigotry, and to combat mental illness over new gun control laws.

President Trump stated, ” In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart, and devours the soul.” A total of 31 were left dead and many wounded in the shootings of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio as both happened in less than 24 hours. The president condemned the attacks calling them, “evil,” and is pressing for action “with urgent resolve.”

There were no questions accepted from reporters, only the president’s statement to the nation with Vice President Pence behind him. The president called for several resolutions calling them “red-flag laws,” which would identify the mentally ill and stop them from purchasing a gun.

President Trump stated, “Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger. Not the gun.” He said this statement to deter gun control activist and Democrats from pushing forward in trying to end the Second Amendment.

Both the NRA and the president stated violent video games are partly to blame. President Trump called for “cultural changes.” He called for the “stopping of the glorification of violence in our society in video games and elsewhere.” A few hours earlier, he went on Twitter and stated, “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform. We must have something good, if not GREAT, come out of these two tragic events!”

It did not take Democrats long to criticize the president after his speech. Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, stated Trump’s speech was “a bull–t soup of ineffective words. This is so weak. We should quickly condemn his lack of a real plan.” That is really working together, isn’t it?

So typical of Democrats to care more about putting down our president than they do for those who went through these senseless acts of violence. Pelosi and Schumer are the worst of the bunch when they stated, “It took less than three hours for the President to back off his call for stronger background check legislation. When he can’t mention guns while talking about gun violence, it shows the President remains a prisoner to the gun lobby and the NRA.” This is the leaders of the dummies who are just as ignorant as the party they lead.

Two bipartisan members of the Senate were working together for a solution and were not pointing the fingers to pass the blame. Senators Patrick J. Toomey, a Republican from Pennsylvania, and Joe Manchin III, a Democrat from West Virginia, both are working on a bill to fix the background check laws. They stated, “The president showed a willingness to work with us on the issue of strengthening background checks. It is past time for Congress to take action on their legislation.” Toomey told reporters, “There’s a new momentum possible, but the bill isn’t going to happen tomorrow. I’m hoping the president will continue to engage. Let’s try to grow support for this so we can actually have a victory for the American people.”

The Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney defended the president Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” Mulvaney stated, “I think we all agree that sick people who are intent on doing things like this should not be able to buy guns legally. The challenge, of course, is trying to identify who is sick when they try and buy their weapons, and that’s the type of discussion we have to have.”

President Trump summed everything up with this tweet Monday morning, “The Media has a big responsibility to life and safety in our Country. Fake News has contributed greatly to the anger and rage that has built up over many years. News coverage has got to start being fair, balanced and unbiased, or these terrible problems will only get worse!”