Hickenlooper Bails on Interview

As the presidential campaign continues and the race heats up even more, it is imperative the participants of the crowded Democratic field engage in as many interviews, speaking events, and public appearances as possible. After all, the goal is to make themselves known to the public and gain voters en mass.

However, it seems that some don’t understand this very well, as former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper exhibited when he suddenly walked out of an interview this past week.

Hickenlooper was asked to participate in a phone interview with Denver radio host Dan Caplis, which he and his staff had agreed to. The interview started out well enough but quickly became tense after Caplis asked the presidential candidate a question about abortion.

In true Democratic fashion, the former governor’s answer explained all that we need to know about the left’s stance of the subject. Hickenlooper, rather than actually addressing the question said, “Look, I thought you wanted to talk about gun safety.”

Caplis replied, “Well, I absolutely do want to talk about that but – “

“Listen, I’ve only got two more minutes,” Hickenlooper interrupted.

Caplis responded critically with, “Two minutes, are you kidding me? I’m sorry, sir, that’s a joke.” And he added, “I ask you a tough question on abortion, which you refuse to answer directly, now you tell me you have two minutes. I’m sorry, that’s wrong.”

The argument continued with Hickenlooper insisting that he had been told the interview would be discussing only gun violence and safety. Caplis, on the other hand, swore that the former governor’s staff had promised that all topics were open for discussion.

However, Caplis tried to put those last two minutes to good use by asking the question again, with Hickenlooper avoiding it still, claiming that it was a hypothetical question that he didn’t need to answer.

Hickenlooper, getting even more snarky, said, “I apologize that you guys can’t be direct about what you want to discuss.”

To which Caplis once again asserted, “Governor, we specifically discussed it with your staff.” He said, “Your staff told us no limits, everything was fair game. If you’re giving me two minutes and you’re limiting topics, then this isn’t a real interview.”

After a few more moments of arguing, Hickenlooper suddenly handed the phone to a staffer and walked out.

At this point, you may be thinking, ‘what was the question?’ Maybe it really was a difficult question.

And while the topic of abortion is a difficult one to discuss or even fully process, the answer shouldn’t be.

Caplis had said, “Let’s say that an infant is born alive after a failed abortion. At that point, should it be required that the infant receive medical care?”

I remind you, the Democrat candidate responded by saying this was a hypothetical question and by saying that he was not “the supreme decider on one issue or another.”

Ummm, quick question here…

What does Hickenlooper think the president does then? Doesn’t he or she get the final decision on just about every issue that goes through Congress? Clearly, the process of getting votes isn’t the only thing he doesn’t understand.

However, what is even more astounding, is that Hickenlooper, like most Democrats, don’t want to admit that this isn’t a hypothetical situation.

As Caplis tells him, “But this isn’t a hypothetical, sir. It happens in America.”

The fact that Hickenlooper avoids the issue like the plague tells us all we need to know. These Democrats that so devoutly allow abortion procedures to be carried out don’t really want to think about the repercussions of them, especially the failed ones.

That’s why they have ultimately rejected the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The legislation would require that health care professionals, who are present for the abortion procedures, do everything within their power to preserve the life of a baby who survives a failed abortion.

They would much rather ignore the entire situation and the life that was born, regardless of their murderous efforts.

But it is most definitely a question worth asking.

What happens to babies, who against all odds, survived and are left to suffer a life of deformity and untold anguish?

It is clear Hickenlooper, and the rest of his party aren’t willing to take responsibility for this. So they just ignore, avoid, and run from the room like a child.

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  1. It’s VERY HARD to justify MURDER!! This is why they (the liberals) are so worried about the ‘new’ Supreme Court. They had enough ‘LIBERAL’ support to get a ‘death’ verdict ONCE. However, they know that with a ‘conservative’ Court, such a MISCARRRIAGE of justice COULD NOT BE CONFIRMED. They may try to hide the TRUTH but the basic FACT remains: ABORTION KILLS HUMAN BABIES

  2. Hicky is too sticky to the manager of anything let alone President of the United States? How in the world did the people of Colorado ever elect this dufus to lead their state. Maybe they were all smoking the pipe or on crack cocaine like he endorses.

  3. I live in Colorado. I did not vote for the former Governor nor will I ever vote for him. He was a poor governor and if he attempts to run for the U.S. Senate he should not be elected. Unfortunately in this state the votes are held in the Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Pueblo Marxist/Socialist strongholds and the rest of the state really has no say in who is elected. Case in point, our current gay governor. He has already signed into law an illegal bill that gives our electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote in presidential elections. This is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution. Does he care, not in the least. The Marxist/Socialists are ruining this state. It is looking more and more like California East every day.

  4. I wish the show host had instead asked Hickenlooper, “When you took your mother to see the move “Deep Throat” were you hoping to get lucky?” He needs to be asked that question.

  5. Pro life is the only explanation. All decisions should be made before the intercourse. Think! Think! Even though accidents happen the ultimate responsibility are on the two taking chances. Talk before you do.

  6. Hickenlooper has a zero % chance of winning anyway. Why waste an interview.

  7. These Democratic party presidential candidates seem to have no idea what issues they really stand for. They get asked questions about things they have spouted off about and then get that slack jawed look that tells everyone listening they don’t stand for anything. A questioner probably feels it would be more interesting to interview a turnip. As the old country song says, “you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything”.

  8. sick democrats!!!! murders babies but helps criminals hide in sanctuary cities!!!!!

  9. A Democrat with crap for brains. Soulless creatures. Life and death mean nothing to them. It’s power. Control the American people. A bunch of socialist Nazi puppets for the nazi regime. No thanks.


  11. What we all have to remember is that it is about time the “weeding out” process begins in ernest, and that Hickenlooper is only the beginning of the end for most of the “presidential wannabes” about to face their demise. Should we take a vote to see who falls next?

  12. Poor Hickenpoooper. Poor, poor Hickenpoooper!

  13. Cowards all❗️


  15. Move on! Move on! There’s nothing to see here! Democrats are used to getting a free ride but like Hickenlooper the only thing they have to offer is their name. If your going to vote Democrat you might as well vote for Mickey Mouse, he has better qualifications.

  16. CHICKENSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. What if their mother tried to abort them? If that question were to be put to them directly wonder what their answer would be?

  18. Not one single demoRAT is qualified to be President, nor do they have the ability to answer questions directly. Think about that. If they can’t answer questions, what are they going to tell us, the AMERICAN citizen. I’ve got a pretty good idea …. political lies! And this is how the RATS think. Recall Hillary saying there was two statements to be given; one to the AMERICAN people and another in private.

  19. It is very clear that Hickelooper is not fit for the job of president of the USA. He is easily anguished and made very uncomfortable by a question he does not want to answer. This display of immaturity is a warning to the voters, it means Hickelooper is not fir for any responsible public office, PERIOD. Sincerely, Martin Korab

  20. I am not a female so I guess I have no right to comment on abortions. Having admitted that, I am going to opine anyway. Why is it so many people seem to hold abortions as a badge of honor. In many cases people proudly profess they have had an abortion or even several abortions. Sadly, they do not understand that one of these days they may acquire a conscience and if that be the case they will have hell to live through.

  21. That’s one of the problems, the democrats never take responsibility for anything they do. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Look at the way they have been acting over the past three years. They have done nothing for the American people,they are acting like toddlers who have lost their favourite toy. They are to blame for all the violence we are experiencing, pushing their supporters to commit crimes against those who don’t agree with their idiotic rhetoric and who is to blame not them, oh no, it’s Trump and his supporters. Time to make them take responsibility for their actions. Time to grow up and admit it when you are the problem.

  22. They don’t care about babies only votes and how to get them. They don’t care about victims of shooting that was proven by several Dem’s in texas mass shooting. They will only place blame without knowledge and facts. I wouldn’t want that for my representative. How about you!

  23. Hickenlooper…Just one more occupant of the clown car.

  24. loopy lickenpooper is a hoot but definitely not presidential he should quit now and go home.

  25. This idiot here wants to take guns,never ever give up them guns,pure demonrat trash,vote that _ss out of office,

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