Hickenlooper Bails on Interview

As the presidential campaign continues and the race heats up even more, it is imperative the participants of the crowded Democratic field engage in as many interviews, speaking events, and public appearances as possible. After all, the goal is to make themselves known to the public and gain voters en mass.

However, it seems that some don’t understand this very well, as former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper exhibited when he suddenly walked out of an interview this past week.

Hickenlooper was asked to participate in a phone interview with Denver radio host Dan Caplis, which he and his staff had agreed to. The interview started out well enough but quickly became tense after Caplis asked the presidential candidate a question about abortion.

In true Democratic fashion, the former governor’s answer explained all that we need to know about the left’s stance of the subject. Hickenlooper, rather than actually addressing the question said, “Look, I thought you wanted to talk about gun safety.”

Caplis replied, “Well, I absolutely do want to talk about that but – “

“Listen, I’ve only got two more minutes,” Hickenlooper interrupted.

Caplis responded critically with, “Two minutes, are you kidding me? I’m sorry, sir, that’s a joke.” And he added, “I ask you a tough question on abortion, which you refuse to answer directly, now you tell me you have two minutes. I’m sorry, that’s wrong.”

The argument continued with Hickenlooper insisting that he had been told the interview would be discussing only gun violence and safety. Caplis, on the other hand, swore that the former governor’s staff had promised that all topics were open for discussion.

However, Caplis tried to put those last two minutes to good use by asking the question again, with Hickenlooper avoiding it still, claiming that it was a hypothetical question that he didn’t need to answer.

Hickenlooper, getting even more snarky, said, “I apologize that you guys can’t be direct about what you want to discuss.”

To which Caplis once again asserted, “Governor, we specifically discussed it with your staff.” He said, “Your staff told us no limits, everything was fair game. If you’re giving me two minutes and you’re limiting topics, then this isn’t a real interview.”

After a few more moments of arguing, Hickenlooper suddenly handed the phone to a staffer and walked out.

At this point, you may be thinking, ‘what was the question?’ Maybe it really was a difficult question.

And while the topic of abortion is a difficult one to discuss or even fully process, the answer shouldn’t be.

Caplis had said, “Let’s say that an infant is born alive after a failed abortion. At that point, should it be required that the infant receive medical care?”

I remind you, the Democrat candidate responded by saying this was a hypothetical question and by saying that he was not “the supreme decider on one issue or another.”

Ummm, quick question here…

What does Hickenlooper think the president does then? Doesn’t he or she get the final decision on just about every issue that goes through Congress? Clearly, the process of getting votes isn’t the only thing he doesn’t understand.

However, what is even more astounding, is that Hickenlooper, like most Democrats, don’t want to admit that this isn’t a hypothetical situation.

As Caplis tells him, “But this isn’t a hypothetical, sir. It happens in America.”

The fact that Hickenlooper avoids the issue like the plague tells us all we need to know. These Democrats that so devoutly allow abortion procedures to be carried out don’t really want to think about the repercussions of them, especially the failed ones.

That’s why they have ultimately rejected the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The legislation would require that health care professionals, who are present for the abortion procedures, do everything within their power to preserve the life of a baby who survives a failed abortion.

They would much rather ignore the entire situation and the life that was born, regardless of their murderous efforts.

But it is most definitely a question worth asking.

What happens to babies, who against all odds, survived and are left to suffer a life of deformity and untold anguish?

It is clear Hickenlooper, and the rest of his party aren’t willing to take responsibility for this. So they just ignore, avoid, and run from the room like a child.