Another Liberal Judge Oversteps Their Authority

Abortion is the Democrat’s way to legally murder innocent babies. It is their way to control people and make them believe that they care about them and what they may have been through. When A Democrat claims that abortion should be promoted and legalized it is their way of saying that they believe murdering innocent babies is just fine with them. The Democrats feed off the vulnerable and seek to destroy those that do and may one day stand against them and their crazy beliefs.

What does not help the matter is when crazy liberal judges step into the picture and enforce laws that declare that murder is just fine as long as the victim is a baby. A federal judge, Kristine Baker decided it was his job to block a bill that has been approved by law the majority of lawmakers and people in the state. But the minority of people that believe abortion should be legal and free have cried out in fear and pain and asked a judge to intervene to keep then from losing their right to murder people.

The laws in Arkansas have changed for the better in that they are forcing the only murderous clinic to close. This clinic and others like it do not meet up with the health and safety standards that the state has. The state has a set standard that every medical clinic must meet, or they will be closed. This clinic does not meet up with those standards so it must be closed. But this wacky judge believes it should be left open. In effect, they are saying that this one clinic can perform medical procedures with dirty health instruments.

This judge was appointed by the stupid Obama when he was in office. This judge stands for everything that is wrong with the judicial system in America. The judge believes that everything she rules should become the set legislative standard of what is right and wrong. Judges are there to interpret the laws and not to invent them. They are there to protect the innocent and not kill them because some people don’t want to lose their right to kill people. No person in their right mind would ever think that murder a person is right, but that is what abortion is all about.

The judge has stated that “Since the record at this stage of the proceedings indicates that women seeking abortions in Arkansas face an imminent threat to their constitutional rights, the court concludes that they will suffer irreparable harm without injunctive relief.” The problem with this ruling is that there is no concern for the life of the baby. Abortion laws are one-sided and are designed to kill the other party. It is a way of telling the unwanted child that it was a mistake so it must die. The baby deserves to live at all costs.

Many clinics in the state failed the tests that they must all meet to remain open. The abortion clinic was one of them and it must be shut down. There is no reason to grant an exception for one clinic just because it happens to be the favorite of murderous people. This judge things that she is above the will of the people. She believes that she is the final authority for all people and her word is law. Sadly this is the view of every liberal judge and Democrat that is working in politics.

Sadly the judge thinks that she is protecting women’s health by intervening in the decision to close the clinic. But what she is doing is saying that it is ok for people to go to a dirty clinic and further risk their health by going to a clinic that they can pick up secondary infections. This ruling is not a way of protecting women but is another way to harm them and just pretend to care by the Democrats.

President Trump and Mike Pence and many of the states are not in favor of abortion. They see it as a way to murder innocent people and for others to get away with killing innocent people. Trump needs to replace this liberal judge for acting in a dishonorable way by trying to make up laws instead of enforcing them.

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  1. well then all murder should be legal , then we can rid our selves of these screw balls , why are tax payers funding this crap , how about manditory fix all women when born so they can’t get pregnent , and make them take a test to see if they are fit to have a baby , , i’d like to know how many of these women crying sexual abuse , were sexually active when this acured ,tired of these cock teasing sluts crying wolf , what’s really sick is waiting 20 or 30 years before you complain about it , funny how they only go after the rich , the new scam accuse a rich guy of rape , and get a big pay check

  2. Communism/new green deal makes as much sense as AOC/Bernie and their Commie Demoncrats minions & RINOs do! That’s why it fails every time it rears its ugly head!Stop U.S. from becoming another commie shit hole like all the lib run states!

  3. You know what judge your day is coming you made a big mistake you will be taken care of when you least expect it because God is always on our side

  4. She should keep her big nose out of this disgusting law that her man Obama threw in there. What a dimwit she is!

  5. Abortion is murder! These judges should face charges for being responsible for these abortions! As long as Democrats continue to support murdering babies, I don’t believe their pleas for open borders are honest; Why should we care anything about people from other countries coming into ours, when we have BABY HATERS calling for MURDER TO OUR INNOCENT BABIES!

  6. Abortion is still murder! Hitler tried to build the super race and look what followed. God bless all babies and mothers. A life is a life regardless of it”s in the womb or in ones arms. They deserve to live . Adoption is always available !

  7. Chief Justice Roberts is just as much to blame for allowing activist Judges to be the dictator’s…The courts are way out of bounds of their power. No where in the constitution does it say any ass-hole wearing a black robe gets to run the country to his liking…period!

  8. This is what the liberals have become communist s trying to take full control of our lives and beliefs God helps us if they get control of the Senate and presidency we will become a third world state completely controlled by the liberal nut bags

  9. replace the judge. We need judges that interpret the laws, not interpret them as they want.

  10. Y’all liberal chickenschitt judges just wait until GOD renders HIS FINAL JUDGEMENT ON YOU !!

    “VENGENCE is mine”, saith THE LORD.

    I’ll just watch .


  12. I pick up my encyclopedia and re-read the U.S. Constitution occasionally. I still haven’t seen anything in the Constitution giving anyone the right to take a life without due process. Exactly where does due process come when a woman wants an abortion? The ultra-liberals argue that a fetus is not a person and abortion is not murder. But then I read where a pregnant woman is struck by an automobile and neither the woman nor the fetus survive. The automobile driver is then charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. If, as the liberals claim, the fetus is not a person how can there be homicide charges?

    I oppose all arguments for abortion on demand. It becomes government sanctioned murder. I do think, however, there must be exceptions. In the case of rape, incest, and danger to the mother abortions should be allowed if requested by the one who is pregnant.

  13. This is absolutely sickening. I put my baby boy up for adoption & I know in my HEART I did the right thing. I gave my child something so much better. He is with a wonderful family. Abortion is MURDER. And that’s a FACT.

    And the 2nd thing ALL these Liberal women should stop and think about is this. This Liberal Judge & the rest of the Democrat Party ONLY want your VOTE. They care NOTHING about you. Why do I say this???

    Think about it for a minute. Do you Liberals think ANY of these Democrats that are in office would let ANYONE they care about go into an abortion clinic where it’s already been proven their standards in these clinics are nowhere near where they should be???

    Even if I did NOT think abortion was murder; I value my BODY & LIFE too much to go into a clinic where they DON’T even sterilize the instruments they use. That’s DISGUSTING. And then to pull that sweet little tiny life out of a woman & sell the body parts they need and then just stick the rest of him/her into a bag and just put it in a dumpster out back.


  14. Where is this communist judges understanding that there is a Constitutional sentence and right that says you have the right to kill people with heartbeats whether they are in the womb or 10 years old or 30 years old. So by this kind of thinking this judge is also legal to be in the crosshairs. I bet his stance would be different if he was the one chosen instead of an unborn child. Has he all of a sudden taken on the roll of God and can make the decision who lives and who dies?

  15. Can you say your fired!!!

  16. I don’t believe there is any right to an abortion in the Constitution of the U.S.A. This should go to the U.S. Supreme Court, where we can get a correct decision. Judge Kristine Baker should be aborted from office!

  17. The judge needs to be replaced! Trump needs to see that this judge is replaced!

  18. Defy this murderer!

  19. Grammatical correction for the headline – Another Judge Oversteps Its Authority

    Judge is singular and when the subject is singular, you say its! If the subject is plural, you say their!

  20. Get rid of this murderous accomplice. Where the hell does she think she get the authority to set aside the voters of Arkansas, on the Abortion issue. She doesn’t ! The whole Goddamn legal system was set up to prevent this very thing. She obviously was emplaced by Obullshit, who just wrote Executive Orders, for whatever he wanted to do! The Trump Administration needs to run her the Hell Off, and tell her to go pound sand, with the rest of the Dimmocraps

  21. THIS IS WHERE THE AMERICANS NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND THROW THIS ASS HOLE OUT(no court hearings ,lawyers,judges etc. costing the taxpayer major amounts of money) it is very clear that this is an abomination legal and human rights period. THESE LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY NEED A REAL COMPLETE OVERHAUL. THEY ARE MOSTLY DESIGNED TO KEEP ALL OF THEM (lawyers,judges,prosecutors,probation officers,social workers etc.etc.etc. and all the way down the line) in business. they are not adhering to do what they were originally designed to do and that was to protect the people and punish the very wrong doers. It has gotten so far out of hand just like the rest of this government especially the Congress. our laws need a complete redo, not a bunch of hearings that’s more bullshit and more cost to the taxpayer and more money for the very same ass holes we need to get rid of. THROW THEM OUT AND START OVER WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE BRAINS, COMMON SENSE AND A WILL TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

  22. What is not said is abortion is not a civil right and never has been. It is a court decision.

  23. What does she think, that she is GOD, again she is a Democrat and they think they are the law. What they say is the rule and if it is not, then they will change the law so it fits them.

  24. This is a perfect example of why federal Judges should be an elected position and with term limits. To justify killing a baby and execute someone for killing an adult is pure hypocritical and should not be. A woman has complete control of her body when it comes to sex except in the case of rape. Never heard of but one woman to get pregnant with their legs crossed and that was Mary the mother of Jesus. Therefore unless you are Mary you have a choice beforehand and should not be allowed to murder your offspring freely.


  26. Please someone tell my when a judge WE did not elect can over rule a President we DID ELECT? What s with that BS?

  27. Abortion is a cowardly process in which those doing the aborting have complete control over the innocent who has no voice, nor any ability to defend themselves. Their only saving grace is that God loves them and they will await their time in heaven. And if these women should repent, they will meet their aborted child in the hereafter. Chuck Adkins

  28. I always read these stories against my better judgement. Every time, I am left feeling so sad for all of the precious lives that continue to be immorally sacrificed on the progressives’ altar. The incredible selfishness….I guess we also need to start killing old people that cannot ‘justify their existence to a panel of these elites’ (thank you Bernard Shaw).

    Thank you for keeping this endless atrocity in plain view!

  29. There is not much to say! Some people are just born dumb and I feel sure he was a bambo appointed judge! Cannot think from A to B. and then to C! I will be glad when we get rid of these useless judges and get some in their whomfollow uthevlew! This is my personal opinion by reading and observing!

  30. You need a proof reader! Or read it yourself before you send it to us.

  31. You may not like what I am about to say. But here goes. I think the government should not a say on abortion. It should be between the woman and her doctor to explain her opinions. I am not saying that abortion is the only answer. But it should be a answer available. Such as. Does she want the child? Will she be able to provide for the child? Was this from rape? Insest? Was it forced without her consent? Yes there are other options such as setting up for foster care. To get the child to someone that cannot have a child. But to me the government should not be in this. Remember it is not a child till it is born.

  32. Terminate this judge, immediately. I

  33. IMPEACH her and disgrace her! Make an example out of her and NEVER allow this individual back on the bench AGAIN! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  34. Tired of the garbage, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, OR SHUT UP. Get the DOJ to prosecute those involved.

  35. Judges need to follow the law not legislate.

  36. There is no provision for replacing a federal judge other than impeachment and with the House of Representatives being controlled by the Democrats there is zero chance of a Democrat judge being impeached. Therefore President Trump is powerless to do anything about this situation. The state of Arkansas can appeal but that is about it.

  37. This can’tJudgeStp another Judges final decision!if this is allowed We don’t have Justice system!

  38. There is nothing in the United States Constitution that promotes nor approes of
    the MURDER of Unborn Children nor of anyone without due process of law an
    the right to defend yourself in a court of law. The Socialist Dim-O-Rats and their
    crazed followers have been lied to, confused and deluded to think such a thing
    could ever be lawful or legal except in the demented minds of crazed individual or
    a corrupt political party and vile complacent judges.

  39. Its not about abortion. Its about the right to fuck who ever you want without responsibility and to hell with having a baby

  40. Killing a human being of any age is murder and this judge is a collaborator in the crime. Can anyone tell me the difference between under the Nazis committed murders and the legalized murder of little human beings? Both call(ed) their victims unworthy life. There is a point to calling such women and their legal child murderers Femi-Nazis; sanctimonious psychopaths without a conscience.

  41. When you publish something like this you should always include their work address, their home address, their home phone number and their work phone number.
    Thanks for all you do.

  42. And you are surprised by this?

  43. Frankly, I would ignore the “ruling” of this judge. He does not make law! The Arkansas legislature and governor do.

  44. They are just lying to us and feeding their God Baal as sacrifices anwe worry about the few lives taken by Idiots with guns, how about the live from abortion killing as they outnumber the guns tremendously. God will punish them.

  45. It is wrong to kill these babies. God will be the killers final authority, including those who rule in their favor. My question to these people: What if YOUR mother had decided to abort you?

  46. If the standards set by the state applies to all clinics there should be no reason to exempt this one abortion clinic. Only a democratic appointed judge would see things any other way. This judge will one day meet the real judge and it will not be pretty.

  47. What is truly sad is this judge one day will face God and give account for every baby murder that his ruling caused. None of us will escape judgment for sins we cause others to do. It’s bad enough to answer for our own sins. Just because something is legal does not make legal with God. The need for abortion today shouldn’t be an issue. It’s bad enough that our society encourages people to fornicate with movies and social media. With all the products on the market for men and women to use to prevent pregnancy, abortion should be hardly needed. Abortion is not birth control. What the Liberal Judges and Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is saying, men and women of all ages are stupid, dumb, lazy and self centered. Men could care less about the women they are having relationships with and the women could care less about killing the baby.

  48. You would think that there would be some kind of self governing, to make sure that “Judges” that develop a Greater than Thou in their judicial capacity, that they are quickly put back into place, or face disbarment for their stupidity. I think President Trump is fully aware of the Left and its (criminal) ability to favor their rulings to meet their political philosophy (agenda). The 9th Circuit court judges, were nothing but maggots, ruling only for the Left. Now they are losing their power, by President Trump recognizing new Judges to rule by the law, not by the political favors they have been used to produce. Some of these leftist lawless judges, should be be found guilty and sentenced to prison, for their turning a blind eye on decisions made while on the dole. The leaders of the rendering butchery shops, Planned Parenthood, should be charged with murder, by taking the legal out of it. But, butchery of the unborn is very much a crime and no one should be able to drive a Lamborguiny (sp) by selling the body parts of murdered children, or be able to vacation with the blood on their hands, destroying babies. Hope President Trump wins this battle, he will not be forgotten. MAGA 2020

  49. This is the major problem with liberals. They say they care but their actions are otherwise.


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