Another Liberal Judge Oversteps Their Authority

Abortion is the Democrat’s way to legally murder innocent babies. It is their way to control people and make them believe that they care about them and what they may have been through. When A Democrat claims that abortion should be promoted and legalized it is their way of saying that they believe murdering innocent babies is just fine with them. The Democrats feed off the vulnerable and seek to destroy those that do and may one day stand against them and their crazy beliefs.

What does not help the matter is when crazy liberal judges step into the picture and enforce laws that declare that murder is just fine as long as the victim is a baby. A federal judge, Kristine Baker decided it was his job to block a bill that has been approved by law the majority of lawmakers and people in the state. But the minority of people that believe abortion should be legal and free have cried out in fear and pain and asked a judge to intervene to keep then from losing their right to murder people.

The laws in Arkansas have changed for the better in that they are forcing the only murderous clinic to close. This clinic and others like it do not meet up with the health and safety standards that the state has. The state has a set standard that every medical clinic must meet, or they will be closed. This clinic does not meet up with those standards so it must be closed. But this wacky judge believes it should be left open. In effect, they are saying that this one clinic can perform medical procedures with dirty health instruments.

This judge was appointed by the stupid Obama when he was in office. This judge stands for everything that is wrong with the judicial system in America. The judge believes that everything she rules should become the set legislative standard of what is right and wrong. Judges are there to interpret the laws and not to invent them. They are there to protect the innocent and not kill them because some people don’t want to lose their right to kill people. No person in their right mind would ever think that murder a person is right, but that is what abortion is all about.

The judge has stated that “Since the record at this stage of the proceedings indicates that women seeking abortions in Arkansas face an imminent threat to their constitutional rights, the court concludes that they will suffer irreparable harm without injunctive relief.” The problem with this ruling is that there is no concern for the life of the baby. Abortion laws are one-sided and are designed to kill the other party. It is a way of telling the unwanted child that it was a mistake so it must die. The baby deserves to live at all costs.

Many clinics in the state failed the tests that they must all meet to remain open. The abortion clinic was one of them and it must be shut down. There is no reason to grant an exception for one clinic just because it happens to be the favorite of murderous people. This judge things that she is above the will of the people. She believes that she is the final authority for all people and her word is law. Sadly this is the view of every liberal judge and Democrat that is working in politics.

Sadly the judge thinks that she is protecting women’s health by intervening in the decision to close the clinic. But what she is doing is saying that it is ok for people to go to a dirty clinic and further risk their health by going to a clinic that they can pick up secondary infections. This ruling is not a way of protecting women but is another way to harm them and just pretend to care by the Democrats.

President Trump and Mike Pence and many of the states are not in favor of abortion. They see it as a way to murder innocent people and for others to get away with killing innocent people. Trump needs to replace this liberal judge for acting in a dishonorable way by trying to make up laws instead of enforcing them.