The Role of Entertainment and Sports in Politics

Like it or not, it is a blurred line that has existed for years and it isn’t getting any clearer. The influence on politics from the arenas of sports and entertainment is strong and intentional but what does that mean for the nation, the government, and our leadership? That answer may depend on where you stand and what side you stand on.

To be fair, both sides have used this card and both have at times done so quite well. One article that discussed this unique relationship between politics and entertainment and sports was titled “Politics Made Sports and Entertainment Lose Their Way.” Yes, there is some type of definitive connection between these seemingly different arenas and vocations but who is really influencing who?

If any sport combines athletics and entertainment, it is the Olympic games. That is also one of the first scenes of sport finding its political sway and voice. That scene was about a guy named Jesse Owens, a much younger America and one frightening Nazi regime. This would be far from the last time, however, that we would witness sport and entertainment court with politics.

One of those more recent courtships revolves around the “Kneeling for the National Anthem” issue. In all these cases, it seems as if it is the political using the platform and audience of sports – not the other way around. Maybe that aforementioned article would have been better titled, Sports and Entertainment Made Politics Lose Its Way?

At the onset, our initial question was about this being a healthy and good relationship. Not only for sports and politics but for everyone because politics is about just that, everyone. Is it smart or what taxpayers expect for their dollars, to have political agendas being promoted and to grandstand on issues using these platforms? It is fair to say that most of us would rather have those dollars being spent on research, creating smart legislation and working toward finding solutions for the issues they were hired to help resolve.

That isn’t to say that this relationship can’t prove to be useful, productive and helpful for everyone too. We have seen Pro Sport unite communities and a nation around a cause be it support for Katrina victims or social awareness. The NFL has made a pointed effort to bring awareness to abuse for instance. So when politics address social issues, for example, it has shown it can be a good relationship.

In the end, maybe it doesn’t even matter if the tail is wagging the dog or if the dog is wagging its tail. What matters is how that relationship is being used and why. Although Sport and entertainment are powerful, they are still merely tools.

We have seen candidates rub shoulders with icons of sports, music, and the big screen (or call it the other way around if you like) for influence. We have known the stars of sports and entertainment to be vocal and push candidates and policies. We have even witnessed those who have transitioned from sports and entertainment, into the world of politics. So how that power, and how those tools are used and manipulated will determine the role of entertainment and sports in the political realm. If that is a good thing or a bad thing, depends on you.

We would rather have our officials selected based on fact, not public opinion or popularity. Yet, we aren’t blind and none of us our children any longer. The truth is, public opinion, perception, and popularity have a great deal to do with who we vote for and the issues we vote on. Of course, politics without its relationship with the sport would result in a more honest and transparent political world. As we said at the beginning, ‘like it or not, it is a blurred line that has existed for years and it isn’t getting any clearer.’

Sports and entertainment have a role to play in politics. It that is the role of the winner or the loser, or the villain or hero will depend on who’s playing the part.

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  1. Sports and entertainment has gotten way out of hand. I will not longer watch my favorite sports, that is NFL. They have alienated me and much of my family. Being a veteran with 26 years while watching the disrespect of our flag is apaling. Too many people are trying to change our way of life. I am not for that. I love my freedom. Stars that are slandering our president are out of line. There is even one entertainer saying he hopes we have a recession. That will devastate millions of Americans and their families. Night time hosts are publicly bashing the US. It is broadcast all over the world. Other countries just see that and it gives our people a bad rap. Me and family refuse to watch the NFL, night programs and movies that these people are supporting. I will not give money to support those that spue hatred toward our president and country.


  3. The Olympics is total different monster. Its about country up against country. Sunday football and so on isnt about politics. kapernick cant even figure out what hes protesting. and has people stupid enough to follow him. lets face it,he didnt give a rats ass about nothing besides money and kissing his bi ceps. literally until he got benched. he got benched because it went to his head.and as usual,wants that starts.your playing goes to hell. the disturbing part.absolutely know one seen this. HE DID NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE. UNTIL HE GOT BENCHED.AND KNOWLONGER GOT ATTENTION. How fg stupid are people? look back on it folks,he cared nothing about you. I wish i could get out and be heard. I do need a job.

  4. Politics and entertainment have been in fact a part of life since the beginning of recorded history. Many of the plays and operas of our forefathers were meant to sway the opinions of their audiences in Greek and Roman times, and the original Olympics were for the political gain of individual city states. Whether good or bad depends on your current views more than irrefutable fact

  5. The soccer girl. Being gay isnt anti american. But she stomped on our flag. Another attention getter. After Olympics a couple endorsements. No attention. Just like,the attention will keep coming… still need that a lot more than sports

  6. I do not understand the entertainment and sports people, you have Trump moving the country in the right direction, more people at work than almost anytime in our history. Correcting the trade imbalance against our country to a fair trade that helps all countries. China has been screwing us for many years and other Presidents went along with it and that includes both parties. You have a Democrat Party that is bankrupt on ideas to move the country in the right direction, there platform since the mid 60’s has been raise taxes, more regulations, throw granny over the cliff, open borders allowing the drug cartel in Mexico to make millions maybe billions by charging the illegals a fee to get into the U.S. and if they do not and get caught they are killed. The Democrat Party now wants to give illegals health care, welfare and who is going to pay for it. U.S. citizens. Illegals that do it the right way are put back because of the chaos at the border. This has changed the Democrats into wanting Socialism and in order for Socialism to succeed everyone needs to contribute and here you have all the Democrat candidates out there trying to one up the others in who can give away the most (FREE STUFF) nothing is free if the ones getting free stuff, it is being paid by the rest of the tax payers. If you want Socialism they better check with countries that are successful, one Denmark a teacher said she makes 61,000 equivalent in dollars a year, taxed at 36% not good but not the worst. But they also pay 25% sales tax. She said if you make over 78,000 a year your tax rate goes to 68%, then add the 25% sales tax and you are at 93%. That is not all, if you buy a car the tax is 150% so a 40,000 sales price on a car you would pay 100,000 for that car. She said know one owns cars or houses. Now any of you socialists that want to live that way quit trying to screw our country and get a job and move to Denmark. Yes, that is the only way you get into Denmark is by having a job. No illegals get into that country because there are ZERO FREELOADERS. This Democrat party will destroy this country quicker than Venezuela which took 30 years from the best economy in South America to a rotten dictator and that is really what the Democrat Party wants, no elections and a dictator in charge, the ultimate goal of the Democrat Party.

  7. Sorry truth is more important and I did not make up a thing above. The country should know what will happen under socialism

  8. Simple ! Is Communist Terrorists propaganda’s throughs communicable net works against our principled placed in our entire society’s and nothing else .

  9. Good or Bad ! you be the Judges , post an talkings subject to against your owns words go through many’s communication source in the air is best tools for spreading roomers confuses individual minds for certain dis-satisfies with selfs interests total out of principles can be used to radicals talkings point net works object is a must !

  10. Entertainment and sports should stick to what they do best and stay out of politics where they do not belong.

  11. We pay for the entertainment whether sports or Hollyweird and entertaining is what they should do. I could care less what their political affiliation is and don’t want to hear any of their political rants. They have be become hateful, hypocritical beings that are a waste of fresh air.

  12. As we continue to keep our minds on sports and entertainment, the electorate is thinking less and less on the more important issues as home, government and vocation. If, as you indicated, this continues, we will not be prepared to tackle serious threats which will surely threaten our great nation in the future.

  13. There are some athletes I admire and some actors I admire, however, they NEVER enter my mind when I am in the voting booth.

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