El Paso Victims are Embracing the Firearms

Even the Latino neighborhoods from El Paso, Texas, are realizing they need to take action as every American citizen should with expressing their Second Amendment rights. Instructors from all around the area have taken note of a large number of people signing up for their gun training classes. They are willing to get certified to learn the safety of the firearms and to learn how to properly handle a firearm.

This is the biggest backfire on Democrats who are pushing to relinquish the Second Amendment rights. Every plan they have to take away our guns has only pushed more people toward them to defend themselves and their families. One lady, Guadalupe Segovia, took the class with her two children. She said she was married to a military man, and he was persuading her to take the course to obtain her concealed carry license. Segovia stated what most people are feeling in the neighborhood after the attack, “I’m still going to be scared, even carrying a weapon.” Everyone feels scared for their lives in those situations, but the chances are better to come out alive being prepared.

El Paso is mostly populated by Hispanics, and Michael McIntyre, who is the general manager at Gun Central, stated, his gun sales doubled over the past week. The Majority of gun sales were handguns, which are easily concealed. Gun Central is the host of the gun course and is the biggest gun shop in El Paso, Texas. McIntyre also stated this has never happened with any other mass shooting in the state of Texas.

McIntyre commented, “I have over 50 for this Saturday class and approximately the same amount for the Sunday class, and I normally have approximately seven. We had two people buy guns here who were actually in the Walmart on the day of the shooting. The other people are just saying, ‘Hey, you know I want to be able to protect myself in the event of something going on.’ This is not the last mass shooting we’re going to see.”

McIntyre teaches his students that even though a person has a weapon on them, they will not be able to fight back in a mass shooting like El Paso witnessed. Students are taught they must run for their lives first before firing off the pistol. Many will be running in their direction, and for safety reasons, it is best not to shoot because another innocent person can get hurt or killed by accident. The one holding the gun in self-defense also stands a high chance of getting trampled over in the crowds. Shooting back should be a last resort only if they are cornered and have no way out. McIntyre stated, “One out of a hundred is a fire, the other 99 will runoff.”

Segovia, who also has military training, stated nothing compares to what is needed to survive an active shooter situation. It is an incident where you can plan for it all you want to, but you never know what you will do in that kind of situation until you are placed in it. She wanted her family to get the training but also wants them to be comfortable with the gun. She said, “I’ve already told them, ‘Let’s go practice. Let’s go practice.’ It’s not just this one time that we have to keep coming to ranges, and so you can feel familiarized with a weapon and be OK with it.” She added, “I think weapons should be a privilege and for safety, not to go and kill people.”

On September first, gun regulations will be loosened in the state of Texas after Governor Greg Abbot signed nine bills into law, and it is backed by the NRA. Two of the nine laws will lift the ban on having guns in churches, and another will prohibit landlords from restricting firearms on their properties. Even the tenants have a right to defend themselves, and a Landlord cannot take away the Second Amendment right away from any person who chooses to rent. These laws came into effect for the reasons for the mass shootings at the Sante Fe High School not far from Houston in 2018 which killed ten, and the Sutherland Springs church shooting. The laws were also signed by the governor with the El Paso shooting in mind as well. Texas will overcome, but the best part is how it drove everyone to realize the meaning of the Second Amendment.

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  1. Thank you Texas for being SMART and pro-active, not RE-active.

  2. In this day and age every citizen especially those that have families should be trained in the use of firearm’s and have one for self defense and to protect their families. I was raised in a family of hunter’s we always had guns around and I was trained by my dad when I was a child in the proper use of a rifle, shotgun and hand gun. I have always had guns. I am seventy four years old and my guns have never shot anyone. Twice over my life time I have had to protect myself with a gun and never had to fire it. Just knowing I was armed stopped the men until the police arrived. Like I always say “When you only have seconds the police are only minutes away”

  3. GUN GRABBERS BEWARE — Even the ‘common’ citizens are becoming aware of a simple FACT — “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”. We’ll NEVER get rid of the mentally deranged ‘kooks’ — AND, legalized “concealed carry” has demonstrated it’s effectiveness. Why has this EFFECTIVE approach been IGNORED ??? (Could it be that those who wish to “disarm American Citizens” DON’T WANT A SOLUTION ???)

  4. I guess the anti-gun/anti-2nd Amendment push back fired. Know the population of pro-gun members just grew.

  5. Oroke needs to resign!

  6. Many of us never used a gun until we either joined the service or was drafted and then we were trained how to use a weapon for self-defense or to protect our unit from enemy fire. Many of us never had a use for carrying a weapon after then. But with all the craziness in our nation today, it would not be unusual to see many people who never had a use for a gun, owning one now. And I’m glad the framers of our Constitution were far-sighted enough to placed this 2nd Amendment right of the people to carry and protect themselves and our families in our bill of rights. Do not let anyone talk you into believing they know what is best for you or our nation. These same people are sworn to honor and defend this same Constitution they are trying to dismantle piece by piece when they take the office they have sworn to uphold. By removing any portion of this sacred document, they are violating the very oath they have taken and sworn to defend, making them traitors to the nation they pretend to serve. If they seriously want to change any part of the Constitution, it spells out the exact method in which it can and must be done by an act of Congress and then voted passage upon by 2thirds of the states to become law. Any other means would be treasonous. Chuck Adkins

  7. FINALLY SENSIBLE GUN LAWS THAT EVERY AMERICAN CITIZENS SHOULD HAVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND FAMILY. Thank you Governor Greg Abbot of Texas, for taking that first step forward in sensible gun reform for the protection of your citizens.Our Great Senators And Representatives Need To adopt your Policy For The Rest Of The Nation To Follow. Hope Governors Of States can have the same great vision as you. SAFETY OF THE PEOPLE COMES FIRST. We are a Nation of Law and Order NOT disorder and mayhem. I Agree With You 100% That Every American Citizen Wishing This Training Should Be Afforded The Opportunity To Participate. EVERY LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS SHOULD BE AFFORDED THE OPPORTUNITY TRAINING IN THE USE OF A FIREARM TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. NOW IS THE TIME TO WEED OUT THE GOOD FROM THE BAD.

  8. In 1854 California, the Mexican population stood with the firearms against the tyrannical Mexican government and fought for their freedom. Japan did not invade in 1941 because Californians had more firearms than their armies. Today we have lost most of our freedoms to bare arms.
    Socialist take over of California’s government leave the people without the ability to defend ourselves.
    Now is the time for the federal government to resolve the issues and re-enforce the “Bill of Rights” – of the people and for the people.

  9. Lock up the criminals and crazies. Decent, honest citizens keep their guns. Problem solved. The Demoncrats want to take guns away from decent, honest citizens and let the criminals and crazies run loose.

  10. Why won’t you publish my post? What’s wrong with it?

  11. The people in El Paso are smarter than some others. They are standing up, and they will win. Much to the chagrin of some who think that all guns are always bad. Freedom isn’t free

  12. it is great time to oppose every 3 years,wicked government who ban guns for their only own benefits,every citizen of USA have right to posess weapon,not only against criminals,but also against American government who hate 2 nd amendment,constitution,and a lot of time,they are also enemy of American freedom, sorry

  13. That’s our Constitutional right of freedom in action, it makes me proud to be American

  14. This article stands as proof positive that people aren’t buying into the b/s the democrats and other gun control nuts are trying to ram down our throats. Many people are waking up to the fact that in a random shooting such as this you need to be able to take whatever action is necessary to save your life. We all must realize that law enforcement officers cannot be everywhere and once the shooting has started it is too late for them to take action.

  15. If you are a Citizen of the US and not a criminal or a NUT….You are protected by the 2nd amendment to purchase and bear a firearm….A person of good standing knows that they have this right but always remember – it is a heavy responsibility to carry a firearm but even a heavier responsibility to KNOW WHEN AND HOW TO USE ONE….

  16. This is very dangerous! The more guns there, the more people get shot. about half of the shooting victims own guns and about half do not own guns.

    After a person is shot, the person is usually not able to get a gun and shoot the original shooter.

    A person who does not have access to a gun, cannot shoot what is not available.

    (I have never heard of a person, who was killed by a gun, being able to shoot the killer.)

  17. Totalitarians (leftists, Islamists, Rightists, RINOs, liberals, socialists) are dead flies.

    Biblical 2nd Ammendment, If you don:t own a sword, sell your cloak & buy one. Luke22;38.

    Ecclesiastes10:1-3, “As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom &honor. The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense & shows everyone how stupid he is.”

    Leftists are traitors & losers from start to finish even when they act nice or appear to win, they lose.

    …AND Frank Zappa for President 2024::
    “Socialism produces bad art, bad music, social stagnation & really unhappy people.” …and satanists.

    Leftists seem to have full spectrum narcissistic psychosis & inflict PTSD on opponents by using verbal abuse & lies of every kind as well as other terroristic underhanded tactics of the dedicated psychotic-natcissist. See for yourself on YouTube:
    Narc ology unscripted.
    Surviving Narcissism.
    Michele Lee Nieves.

    For real news go to OANN (One America News Network).
    Also: THE EPOCH TIMES, Truth & Tradition. Dedicated legitimate legal Xtian immigrant patriots who escaped commie China & know they are finished unless they continue to fight the commie HORROR regardless of consequences.
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