Israel Banning Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from Visit

Thursday, Israel said two United States Democratic Congresswomen will be barred from entry into their country.  Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, two of the Four Horsewomen, are supporters of Palestine and Israel’s rule states all Palestinians and those who support them will not be allowed entry.  The two congresswomen who were scheduled to go to Israel for a visit were denied and President Trump tweeted shortly after that it would “show great weakness” to let them into Israel.  “They hate Israel & all Jewish people, & there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds.”  He also called them “a disgrace.”

Both women are outspoken against Israel on their treatment of Palestinians.  They both were planning to go to the West Bank where Tlaib’s family still resides and to Jerusalem.  The trip was meant to highlight the Palestinians but it is not known if they were going to meet with officials in Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel said the country is “open to critics and criticism” but not to those who cause trouble.  He stated, “Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar are leading activists in promoting the legislation of boycotts against Israel in the American Congress.  Their itinerary revealed that they planned a visit whose sole objective is to strengthen the boycott against us and deny Israel’s legitimacy.”  David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel seconded that decision and stated, “Israel has every right to protect its borders against promoters of boycotts in the same manner as it would bar entrants with more conventional weapons.”

Naturally, the Left is furious about the decision from Israel.  Democratic minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer stated, “It was a sign of weakness instead of strength and will only hurt the U.S.-Israeli relationship and support for Israel in America.”  One other freshman colleague of Omar and Rashida, Ayanna Pressley stated, “Israel’s move is bigoted, short-sighted and cruel.”

Israel passed a law which permits a ban on any activist who wishes to enter the country who “knowingly issues a call for boycotting Israel.”  Last month, Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. stated they would not deny a member of Congress from visiting Israel.  That was until these two knuckleheads decided they wanted to go.  Thursday, a statement was put out by the interior ministry stating, “The state of Israel respects the American Congress, in the framework of the close alliance between the two countries, but it’s unacceptable to allow the entrance to the country of those who wish to harm the state of Israel, especially during their visit.”  Israel did say they might consider Tlaib to visit her family only on “humanitarian grounds.”

A Palestinian organization, MIFTAH, was going to host the two Congresswomen in the West Bank, and they put out this statement, “Israel’s decision was an affront to the American people and their representatives and an assault on the Palestinian people’s right to reach out to decision-makers and other actors from around the world.”

Republicans have continuously used Omar and Tlaib to amplify over the loudspeakers what the views of the Democrats are when it comes to Israel.  They also used “The Squad” or the Four Horsewomen of Congress to show the division within their own party.  It shows how unstable the Left really is when it comes to running this country.  Democrats fought back in their statements on how they say they support Israel, but their actions show otherwise.

Ayman Odeh, who is an Israeli lawmaker who seemed confused, stated, “Israel has always banned Palestinians from their land and separated us from other Palestinians, but this time the Palestinian is a U.S. Congresswoman.”

Dan Shapiro was the U.S. ambassador to Israel when Obama was president, and he claims he knows nothing about barring any American official from entering.  Maybe he needs to get up with the times because we as citizens knew about this right to protect their country just as any other country would.  He said, “There’s no reason to prevent members of Congress, including critical ones, from coming, seeing and learning, offering them every possible briefing.  By refusing them entry, it will only fuel the very things that Israel claims to be unhappy about when it comes to calls for boycotts.”  Actually, it will keep the peace because everyone with common sense knows they are going to start trouble and have mouths that could start up Armageddon.  They have shown America this countless times.

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  2. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  3. I support Israel in their decision ! These women are troublemakers and badmouth our President and Israel many times. They show no respect for anything or anybody .They are openly anti-Semite by their own admission.

  4. Good for Israel !! I wish for those four to never be allowed in any

  5. The Israeli government was gracious enough to grant that one towel head permission to enter the country and visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds. But, she has decided that she couldn’t stop berating the state and government of Israel during her visit. Now, the muslims, democrats, and other idiots want the Israelis to weep crocodile tears for their little darling. I think that towel head decided against a visit because our government might not let her back into the country. Some of us have high hopes, anyway.

  6. Bernie Sanders has full on dementia!!

  7. whorever what position represents those 2 women,if they have enough of guts to demonize I zrael,,Izrael also have right to refuse entry people who are not their friends but rather enemies, mostly women after high position lose brain,common sense,run their wicked mouth not realize consequences tomorrow, sirry,such people even not suppose to represent America and their people, I sharply condemne those two women for their anti semitic rethoric and anti American republican president Trump political views.

  8. The “four horsemen of Congress”?
    More like the”Four horses a sses of Congress”!

  9. The Four horsemen of Congress”?
    More like the”Four horses backsides of Congress”!

  10. Screw this conservative sensoring site! I am out of here.

  11. The ban was no affront to any American. Furthermore when it was decided that the one could go who had an elderly grandmother, the US should not have in any way paid for her air-fare, nor one penny of the entire enterprise, only meant to hurt Israel. The ban supported the United States in its friendship with Israel.


  13. I agree that Israel should NOT allow these Democrat Activist Congress members into their country. They
    are certainly not in agreement with America’s view of Israel being an ally of our country. They are obstinate
    un-American idealists who have caused chaos in our own government.

  14. And they were founded by a terrorist group! I would, without kind words, have told them to go to hell, and burn in it!

  15. I am proud of Israel for denying these two Muslims entrance into their Country because those two women were going to protest against Israel. The one who said she wanted to see her grandmother but declined even Israel was going to allow her but she was not to hold any protest, she was going to be allowed to only visit her grandmother. In refusing to go, she showed clearly that b she was not interested in visiting her grandmother, she was only interested in protesting against Israel. What an arrogant, detestable person she is.

  16. Good for Israel for closing the doors on these WORTHLESS HYPOCRITES.

  17. Pelosi is WEAK!!! She’s afraid of these four Left Wing Nut Jobs! They are trying to destroy America as we know it. The “Dog Squad” Needs to be Censured NOW!

  18. Pres Roosevelt denied Jews entry in World War 11 and they were sent back on the boat that instead of bringing them out of harm, sent them to be murdered. So Talib Omar thinks Israel is bad, why is it if she was invited to see her grandmother who is elderly. She now throws the invitation Israel gave her for humanitarian reasons back in their face. It’s her loss

  19. Other countries ban people from entering! Israel was within its rights! Tlaib and Omar could have gone on the AIPAC trip with the other congressmen!

  20. Other countries ban people from entering! Israel was within its rights! Tlaib and Omar could have gone on the AIPAC trip with the other congressmen! They need to stop playing the victim!

  21. praise be thank goodness that ISRAEL DENIED THOSE SKANKS FROM ENTERING ALL THEY WANTED TO DO WAS CAUSE PROBLEMS and show their HATE FOR ISRAEL as tlaib was granted entry to see her grandmother but she refused to go as under their terms in which she refused which means that she didnt give a damm about see granny and granny is a AMERICA HATING P.O.S. JUST LIKE TLAIB so the rotten fruit doesnt fall far from the tree

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