Bernie Wants to Rewrite the Bill of Rights

Senator Bernie Sanders has always been pinpointed as a socialist. And for decades he tried to hide that from the public, for the most part, sprinkling his very left-wing policies with sugar to make them more palatable for the American people. However, in recent months, he hasn’t had mask his intentions quite so thoroughly.

As the democratic party continues to move farther and farther left, his notions and ideas are becoming quite mainstream, with several other presidential candidates and high-profile members of Congress taking them on as their own. And while these people, and some of their constituents, seem to be perfectly content with rewriting our nation’s history and offering social reform, we can’t help but think Sanders might have just taken it a little too far.

In June, he spoke at George Washington University very passionately about the need for us to completely rewrite the Bill of Rights. He quoted President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union address: “We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.” He then, like FDR, called for an Economic Bill of Rights.

According to the Vermont lawmaker, what we have now no longer fits the needs of the people. He gave evidence to this idea by saying that “despite an explosion in technology and worker productivity,” most Americans don’t make any more real money than they did 46 years ago. In addition, he claims that oligarchs and authoritarians like Trump are dangerous and that if we let them continue to rule, we will have problems.

He points to nations like Cuba, who, according to Sanders, put America’s economic rights to shame. Cubans have universal everything, including education, healthcare, abortion and family planning, the right to unions, a low ecological footprint, and higher life expectancy.

And yet, hundreds risk their lives every year to immigrate to the US. Hmmm. If that doesn’t tell you what a failure a socialist government is, I don’t know what will.

His solution is to create an entirely new bill of rights based on the idea that “Economic Rights are Human Rights.” His proposed bill of rights would include:

  • The right to a decent job that pays a living wage
  • The right to quality health care
  • The right to a complete education
  • The right to affordable housing
  • The right to a clean environment
  • The right to a secure retirement

However, if we are to look closely at this, we can see that this is directly taken from, or, as a historian and political commentator Mark Levin points out, “stolen… from the 1936 Soviet Constitution.” The only apparent difference between the two is that Joseph Stalin doesn’t include the right to a clean environment, as that was not much of a pressing matter in the 1930s.

If this surprises you, it shouldn’t. After all, Sanders has been making claims of social medicine, housing, education, and retirement for some time now. And there has been no shortage of attacks on our current bill of rights. In the past few months, we have seen countless times that the 1st, 2nd, and 5th amendments have been deemed as unfit for America by the Democratic Party.

And even the media has taken notice. After the first round of democratic debates, the New York Times, which is known to lean towards the left, said, “Several of the candidate hopefuls were falling all over themselves in their call for radical change for the Nation – calling for no less than a Marxist Revolution. Their exuberance was on clear display for all to see.”

Furthermore, if we look at the differences between socialism and communism, there isn’t much to find. Socialism is just communism in its teen years, complete with horrible acne, bad decisions, and emotions running wild.

If Bernie thinks that Americans are going to let him and other socialistic communists trade in the social and economic freedoms this nation was founded on for low-quality, government “care” with absolutely no choices, he has another thing coming. And it’s time we stood up and let him know that.