Bernie Wants to Rewrite the Bill of Rights

Senator Bernie Sanders has always been pinpointed as a socialist. And for decades he tried to hide that from the public, for the most part, sprinkling his very left-wing policies with sugar to make them more palatable for the American people. However, in recent months, he hasn’t had mask his intentions quite so thoroughly.

As the democratic party continues to move farther and farther left, his notions and ideas are becoming quite mainstream, with several other presidential candidates and high-profile members of Congress taking them on as their own. And while these people, and some of their constituents, seem to be perfectly content with rewriting our nation’s history and offering social reform, we can’t help but think Sanders might have just taken it a little too far.

In June, he spoke at George Washington University very passionately about the need for us to completely rewrite the Bill of Rights. He quoted President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union address: “We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.” He then, like FDR, called for an Economic Bill of Rights.

According to the Vermont lawmaker, what we have now no longer fits the needs of the people. He gave evidence to this idea by saying that “despite an explosion in technology and worker productivity,” most Americans don’t make any more real money than they did 46 years ago. In addition, he claims that oligarchs and authoritarians like Trump are dangerous and that if we let them continue to rule, we will have problems.

He points to nations like Cuba, who, according to Sanders, put America’s economic rights to shame. Cubans have universal everything, including education, healthcare, abortion and family planning, the right to unions, a low ecological footprint, and higher life expectancy.

And yet, hundreds risk their lives every year to immigrate to the US. Hmmm. If that doesn’t tell you what a failure a socialist government is, I don’t know what will.

His solution is to create an entirely new bill of rights based on the idea that “Economic Rights are Human Rights.” His proposed bill of rights would include:

  • The right to a decent job that pays a living wage
  • The right to quality health care
  • The right to a complete education
  • The right to affordable housing
  • The right to a clean environment
  • The right to a secure retirement

However, if we are to look closely at this, we can see that this is directly taken from, or, as a historian and political commentator Mark Levin points out, “stolen… from the 1936 Soviet Constitution.” The only apparent difference between the two is that Joseph Stalin doesn’t include the right to a clean environment, as that was not much of a pressing matter in the 1930s.

If this surprises you, it shouldn’t. After all, Sanders has been making claims of social medicine, housing, education, and retirement for some time now. And there has been no shortage of attacks on our current bill of rights. In the past few months, we have seen countless times that the 1st, 2nd, and 5th amendments have been deemed as unfit for America by the Democratic Party.

And even the media has taken notice. After the first round of democratic debates, the New York Times, which is known to lean towards the left, said, “Several of the candidate hopefuls were falling all over themselves in their call for radical change for the Nation – calling for no less than a Marxist Revolution. Their exuberance was on clear display for all to see.”

Furthermore, if we look at the differences between socialism and communism, there isn’t much to find. Socialism is just communism in its teen years, complete with horrible acne, bad decisions, and emotions running wild.

If Bernie thinks that Americans are going to let him and other socialistic communists trade in the social and economic freedoms this nation was founded on for low-quality, government “care” with absolutely no choices, he has another thing coming. And it’s time we stood up and let him know that.

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  1. Old hippy kook! He may like Cuba, many Cubans do not.

  2. I do have something to say if Bernie Sanders in the Democrats want to change the 1st the 2nd and 5th amendments why in the hell didn’t they do it when Obama was in office why now all of a sudden they want to change it

  3. I have 2 words for the Socialists. UP YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sanders is trying to distract the American voters by ignoring the simple fact that 50% of Congress is made up of millionaires like himself, a Communist who did not hold a legitimate job until he was 53 years old when he became a mayor in order to sponge off of a city government…multi-millionaires like Nancy Pelosi worth some $160 Million, Sanders cleverly ignored the fact that ONLY 1% in Americans are “Billionaires”…or he sweeps under the rug that about 10% of the population pay 80% of the taxes…my favorite is how Bernie manages to ignore the 42% of Americans who PAY NO TAXES AT ALL—mooching off of those of us who work hard and pay our taxes—so, adding Free Medical, Free Education, Free Income, Free housing his Socialists scheme will cost over $100 TRILLION in ten years is nothing more than Communists wishful thinking…he somehow managed to live off of 4 wives, one of whom screwed the school she managed and stuffed her pockets with $600,000 forcing the college to go belly up…

    Sanders returned from his Russian honeymoon in 1968 and bragged in the media about how wonder the Soviet subway system was… “Beautiful, clean with incredible art work and chandeliers.” Bernie never mentioned that the subway system in the Soviet Union was built by political prisoners from the gulag…A year later the “Socialists” system collapsed. Much like Venezuela collapsed after Bernie sang Maduro’s praises.

    Joining the Communist lunatic in our Senate is the village idiot in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to do away with “cow farts,” but, she is too stupid to do any research to learn that according to the USDA, there are about 32 million beef cows and 10 million dairy cows in the United States…she is so illiterate on the subject that she ignores the fact there are 330 Million Americans WHO FART EVERY DAY TOO…is AOC planning to stop human farting with a cork up our ass unless we pay a 20% FARTING TAX ?…

  5. OLD bernie is way past his usefulness to society, he is a senile demented HAS-BEEN, and his ideas are just like his talk, SCHITT, he just TALKS SCHITT, to stay in the game so he thinks. he will never get elected, he is on the downhill slide of his political life

  6. I think many families have a crazy ‘Uncle Bernie’ hidden somewhere in the background. Most people have enough sense to keep these black sheep of the family out of sight. Why the people of Vermont turned their ‘Uncle Bernie’ loose in public is beyond me. Sure wish they would round him up and stick a sock in his mouth so he won’t be able to spout his radical ideas.

  7. Why CERTAINLY, the ‘socialists’ would find it FAR EASIER to take over the United States IF we let them “just trim a little off the Constitution”. How STUPID do they think we are?? Of course it doesn’t help when we PAY college professors to “indoctrinate” our children with socialistic ideas. Everything ‘free’ sounds so good to the adolescent mind — they have yet to face the grim REALITY that there is NO FREE LUNCH. Someone HAS TO PAY !!!

  8. No he doesn’t, your retarded WH occupant is trying every day to break the constitution of the USA

  9. If that’s truly his goal, Bernie Sanders should be committed rather than being allowed to continue campaigning as an outright Socialist Democratic presidential candidate! Once the 80 million Baby Boomers pass on, there might be some hope of convincing fully brainwashed Millennials and totally indoctrinated Generation X’ers to buy into the economially disastrous Socialist Agenda, but by then Bernie Sanders will likely either be residing in a nursing home or in his grave.

  10. benie is a moron!

  11. Bernie is just a crazy old man.

  12. He truly is in early Alzheimer s & has NO PLACE in politics or anything that takes simple common sense!!!!

  13. This buffoon belongs in a home.

  14. This Delusional Crap coming from a Cretan that has lived off the Taxpayer for 50 years and couldn’t find his Posterior with both hands. He’s a One Trick Pony!

  15. The Democrats have all lost their minds if indeed ever had one including Bernie !!

  16. Hitler has been born again.

  17. Sander’s the worthless retarded pos will never be our President he is nothing but DEM TRASH AND A LIAR and a big time loser

  18. If he wins, which I doubt, he will be unable to change the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He can’t do that because he wants to, it has to pass Congress and it will most definitely be shot down!

  19. Crazy Bernie is at it again. It appears the Left does not want to win in 2020. That’s just as well as no one, especially me, will vote for such complete and utter BS.
    Everything is FREE! I want a new car, so I will go to the dealership and TAKE one. It’s FREE. Fill it up at the gas station, it’s FREE. Drive to the grocery store and load it up with everything you want. It’s FREE. Do the same at any jewelry store. Hey, it’s all FREE. And no one has to work or do anything, IT’S ALL FREE!!! How long will that last?
    The next day everything is GONE. No gas, no food, no one will do any work for FREE. Deliver groceries to the store, for others to take, for FREE? Not me! Drive that fuel tanker and supply gas for others to use, for FREE? NO WAY!!
    So there you have it. The USA is destroyed in a matter of a few days. By IDIOTS that think everything should be FREE.
    I have one thing to say about that: F you! And you can quote me on that!
    TRUMP 2020!

  20. Why doesn’t he just throw out all of the American people’s guaranteed freedom and just make us slaves of the democratic politicians. That’s what you want anyway. You’re nothing but a communist. We don’t need you in our lives.

  21. Bernie must think he has found a way to put more money in his pocket at the expense of the people. WHAT AN IDIOT!

  22. Screw that Douchebag Sanders ………he’s lost hi F—in’ mind

  23. This goofy fucker should change his underwear.

  24. Bernie is a very dangerous person. Wonder who he will send to the gulag when they disagree with him. We are not Russia, China, Cuba or any other country but The United States of America with a Constitution that is the envy of the world at large. Please, Bernie, let us live our lives and solve our own problems. You go live in the country of your choice and leave us in peace.

  25. He’s lost his marbles. No one has “the right” to anything. We do however, have “the right” to form our own destiny thru Democracy.
    By all means, move to Cuba and take the rest of the left wing socialist with you!

  26. Bernie Sanders wants to make the Bill of Rights compatible to life in 2020…meaning our founders created a government of and for the people, what we have in America are big corporations, bankster/gangsters, for profit insurance companies, credit card companies run amouk, cable television charging so much money the working class cant afford and on and on. Bernie is for making the working class, the middle class equal and fair, pushing the corporations who care nothing about workers and their families to their demise…so we the people have a fighting chance at equality and justice. FDR one of the greatest presidents ever…for the people. We are already a socailist nation: social security, medicare, medicare, bets care, police, firemen, libraries, unemployment, ports, highways etc etc…we have a capitalist economy…..calling Bernie a socialist without the word democratic socilism is a big fat lie. The pukes in this country have ruined our county, our rights to privacy, and right to collective bargaining. 75% or JEWISH folks vote democratic, trump is a pathogical liar .

  27. BERNIE you are a LOSER we will not have socialism in America. America is the land of the free be cause of the brave.
    Just say NO to Bernie. Simple so easy NO HELL NO.

  28. Cuba does have a universally low standard of living.

  29. Bernie can go to hell! His COMMUNIST ideals are past tense already. The USSR failed along with a dozen others who followed the “Karl Marx” principles. If you want everything for free, good luck with that. There is no place like that still in business. Marx NEVER ran a country. Socialism/Communism takes away people’s rights to prosper, all incentive to do better is crushed. It goes against human nature. WE ALL WANT MORE NOT LESS. There is NO financial equality in ANY country. Some people KNOW how to make more money and gain more power and some do not. That is reality. Even China has dozens of “minimum and maximum” wage rates. Look it up.

  30. That is the way old people get. They forget the Stalin’s and failed ways.

  31. Bernie is too shallow a thinker to realize that the increase in productivity over the past three+ decades is due to automation, robotics, and effective computerization – the internet for example. The depressing effect of jobs migrating overseas to intelligent and motivated workers are paid as little as $12 a day cannot be underestimated. But the fact remains that productivity is NOT due to worker diligence and effort here in the U.S.

  32. I hope I’m not wrong, but something like that (I honestly believe) requires a vote of the PEOPLE, not by a stroke of the presidential pen.

  33. When Bernie was being born and shot out of his mothers Gina Hut, how many times was he dropped on the concrete floor? It sounds like it was permanent damage, that left him with his “ism’s”, where was the help from Planned Parenthood to help out the country, how did they miss baby Bernie?

    Bernie, claims to being a fair socialist, or of that ilk, he had 20 employees that were complaining of wages, that they were to meager. Bernie agreed to double their wages, which he did, then announced that he did not want his workers to be over worked and cut their 40 hour week to 20 hours without taking away his raise. Now thats a honest POS soviet thinker taking care of his people!

  34. It is quite clear Bernie was on board with “Sour Face” crowd (i. e. AOC and others) when Trump stood before the legislature during his last State of the Union address and adamantly told the Dummie Crats, “We Will NOT become a socialist nation.

  35. I’ve always said, while listening to Bernie; forget Socialism, that’s just one side of the same coin. And, of course, the other side of the coin is communism.

    And that’s truly what Bernie is, a communist. The leaders of such an economy of despair, are always rich; right, Bernie?!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bernie is a SOCIALIST MORON

  37. Bernie Sanders is un-electable due to the fact that Americans would not want to hear the nastiness of an obnoxious Bolshevik malcontent.

  38. send more information

  39. Bernie your a socialist a enemy to this Country,it’s actually very funny you even thought we would Let You near Ourbill Of Rights Or Our Consiitution!We Don’t Accept Your Socialist Wa yof Life!

  40. Who does he think he is? Commie old dirtbag will not get to rewrite anything, much less our “Bill of Right” ! Time for him to go into the wild blue yonder!

  41. Bernie Sanders you are an old dried up fool to think the true American people are going to let you do this to our country this will never ever happen you want to take away everything this Country stands for and what it was build on. So asshole go peddle your shit along with all the other democrats that think the same way you do and go to hell. I am a true American and I stand proud and I know there are many Americans that will stand proud with me.

  42. If things are so good in Cuba, why isn’t Bernie living there? Maybe he wouldn’t be able to keep the millions he’s made here off his book deal? I think he’s an opportunist and a hypocrite.

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